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Founding Year 2002
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About Orlansky, Eisenberg, Mozeson & Co., Law Office

Orlansky, Eisenberg, Mozeson & Co. was founded in 2002 and is a boutique law firm specializing in infrastructure, real estate, litigation, planning and construction, expropriation and loss of value (impairment) proceedings, commercial law, defamation law and sports law. The Firm currently has fourteen lawyers with extensive professional experience in the practices noted above.

For several years, the Firm has been ranked in both BDI and DUN’S 100 rankings as a leading firm in project financing, energy, and infrastructure, real estate, litigation, torts, defamation, and sports.

The Firm Has Four Main Professional Departments:
Infrastructure and Energy:
The infrastructure department has extensive experience providing comprehensive legal assistance inter alia to public authorities, in various infrastructure projects.
As part of its practice, the infrastructure department, headed by Adv. Eisenberg, provides comprehensive legal assistance to various government companies, including Israel Roads Ltd., in respect of some of its significant projects throughout Israel (such as the Ayalon Fourth Lane, the Krayot Bypass Road, Road 531, the “Mesilat HaEmek” project, and more), from the stage of preparing the tender, promoting the availability of the land and accompanying the expropriation team to clarify any contractor’s claims after completion of each project. The Firm closely advises the project managers and accompanies the relevant departments at the client at all stages of each project implementation. Furthermore, the Firm represents at the various judicial instances and all proceedings on the specific project, including contractor claims, (including arbitration claims) administrative petitions, claims for expropriation compensation, claims for impairment and more.
In addition, the infrastructure department has a sub-specialization in the field of energy. The Firm counsels energy projects, including legal support for the construction of power plants fed with natural gas, biogas and projects in the field of green energy (in various projects to construct power plants and garbage recycling).

Real Estate, Planning, and Construction:
Real Estate – The real estate department, headed by Adv. Mozeson, handles various real estate transactions, from representing contractors in the sale of new apartments and selling second-hand apartments for private clients, to the purchase of land plots, TAMA 38 projects, evacuation-reconstruction projects, registration of condominiums and complex combination transactions. In addition, the department has gained expertise in recent years in construction defect claims (representation of apartment buyers and contractors), in claims for receiverships and complex dissolutions.
Planning and Construction – The Firm counsels its various clients, including Netivei Israel Ltd. and Israel Railways Ltd., in statutory procedures for planning and licensing, from the planning stage to the actual execution. In addition, the Firm represents in expropriation and compensation claims, representation concerning improvement levies, representation in administrative petitions in the field of planning and construction, and more.
In the scope of this department, the Firm represents Netivei Israel Ltd., Israel Railways Ltd., Trans-Israel Ltd., and the NTA Metropolitan Mass Transit System Ltd., Prashkovsky Investments and Construction Ltd. and its Subsidiaries, Prashkovsky Buildings Ltd., Zantkeren & Sons Ltd., Eshkolot Energy and its Subsidiaries, as well as developers and other contractors in real estate transactions, on various planning and construction issues.

Litigation Department:
Civil and Commercial Litigation – The Firm’s litigation department is headed by Adv. Orlansky and deals with diverse civil litigation issues. The Firm’s attorneys represent clients at all judicial instances, including companies (government, public and private), monetary claims, injunctions, various contractual claims, corporate litigation, directors’ claims, and derivative and class actions.
Administrative Law – The litigation department team has many years of experience managing administrative petitions and petitions to the High Court of Justice on various issues, including tender law. The Firm also has extensive experience in representing public authorities, including local authorities, in defending the nullification of various types of administrative decisions and managing various administrative procedures.
Defamation and Privacy Protection Law – The Firm specializes in defamation and privacy protection. Adv. Eisenberg is an expert in defamation and has handled many cases in this field, both advising and conducting legal battles to prevent the publication of articles and filing defamation lawsuits.
Torts – The litigation department team has extensive experience in handling tort cases, including unique tort claims against state authorities. The department, headed by Adv. Orlansky, represents Ayalon Insurance Company and many private plaintiffs in lawsuits against the Institute of Forensic Medicine, Israel Police. and lawsuits for road accidents, medical malpractice lawsuits, the National Insurance Institute (work accidents and more), lawsuits against the Ministry of Defense (Remuneration Officer), claims for property damage, claims for insurance policies, and more.
Criminal Law (White Collar) and Military Law – The Firm has a specialization in criminal law (white collar) and military law. The Firm represents defendants in unique criminal cases, primarily in white-collar offenses. The most prominent of these is the acquittal of “Capt. R.” in the “Dead Checking” issue. The Firm also accompanies army and police officers suspected of committing offenses during operational events.

Commercial – Civil Department:
The department’s lawyers regularly advise various managers and boards, accompany business negotiations and due diligence precedures, and handle multiple commercial contracts. The department also accompanies several start-ups in all their business activities, from the establishment stage to the Initial Public Offering, and investors from Israel and abroad in various types of investment transactions.
Inheritance Law and Property Management – The department has a specialization in all aspects of inheritance law, including drafting wills, managing estates, filing objections to inheritance orders, will execution orders, and more.
Sports Law – The Firm has a specialization in the field of sports. Adv. Eisenberg and Mozeson serves as legal advisers of the Beitar Jerusalem Football Club since 2006, and the Firm handles all legal matters of the club (including in legal proceedings at FIFA Courts). The Firm also represents individual athletes, including engagements with sports teams, advertising and media bodies, as well as legal proceedings against sports teams.

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