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Founding Year 2006
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Matat Plesner, Founder and Owner, Matat Plesner, Law Office

Matat Plesner

Founder and Owner

Sharon Elisar, Office Manager, Matat Plesner, Law Office

Sharon Elisar

Office Manager

Rinat Solimany, Advocate, Matat Plesner, Law Office

Rinat Solimany


Yael Lichtenstein, Advocate, Matat Plesner, Law Office

Yael Lichtenstein


Dalia Shaul, Advocate, Matat Plesner, Law Office

Dalia Shaul


About Matat Plesner, Law Office

Matat Plesner Law Firm is one of Israel's leading and most recognized law firms in family law and divorce. The Firm, established by Adv. Matat Plesner is a boutique firm that deals only with personal status issues and specializes in litigation in the civil courts and rabbinical courts, as well as in mediation and negotiation proceedings. The Firm handles large and complex and significant cases, for which the Firm's professional team provides a comprehensive package of solutions. The Firm has an exceptional reputation for representation in the courts as well as for accompanying negotiations and mediation proceedings.

Service Consciousness and Values
Clients of the Firm benefit from personal, professional and discreet service, which is precisely tailored to their needs. The Firm’s uniqueness lies in its high service consciousness, the extensive professional knowledge earned from representation in thousands of cases and extensive experience in managing complex cases, including cases with financial aspects, and lengthy legal proceedings in several courts simultaneously. The Firm’s professional team affords its clients personal and warm counsel and close accompaniment during the legal battle, while maintaining maximum sensitivity. The Firm’s uniqueness lies in its uncompromising professionalism, determination and constant pursuit of excellence alongside value and creativity.

About the Firm
The Firm was founded in 2006 by Matat Plesner, a member of the Israel Bar Association since 1999. Matat Plesner is a veteran advocate with proven experience in achieving exceptional legal results and extraordinary success in the Firm’s areas of practice. From its founding, the Firm has earned precedent setting and groundbreaking legal rulings. Matat Plesner has extensive experience in building a winning strategy and unique tactics.

Representation in the Courts
Adv. Plesner has developed a unique method for representing and accompanying cases in her fields of expertise in the management of legal proceedings, which includes in-depth and unique preparation for hearings in the judicial instances. The Firm’s representation includes strategic planning, which leads to the achievement of the client’s goals, while understanding his needs, with maximum effectiveness. In managing the cases, the Firm is assisted by a team of experts in various fields, including experts in finance, actuaries, private investigators, accountants, appraisers, psychologists and more, to build a comprehensive package of solutions according to the client’s needs.

Managing Negotiations and Mediation
Matat Plesner has been a certified mediator since 2005, with extensive experience in managing mediation proceedings and complex negotiations. Advocate Plesner has high success rates in resolving disputes in mediation and negotiation proceedings. She has also taught advanced mediation courses at various mediation institutions, including Bar-Ilan University, and in 2014 established Harmonia–A Home for Mediation, a divorce mediation center and a school for the study of mediation and advanced family mediation.

Firm Clientele
The Firm’s clientele includes businessmen from Israel and abroad, doctors, hi-tech professionals, engineers, senior members of the intelligence community and the IDF, senior accountants, leading lawyers, economists, capital markets people, educators, journalists, actors, celebrities and more.

Contributing to the Community
The Firm’s staff handles several pro bono cases, thereby assisting the less able. Adv. Plesner considers this as an important contribution to the community.

Matat Plesner
Adv. Matat Plesner holds a LL.B in Law and Management from Tel Aviv University. She is a member of the Israel Bar Association since November 1999 and a Certified Mediator since 2005. Adv. Plesner volunteered for five years with the Association for the Protection of the Child, and was even employed in Boston from 2003 to 2004 in the Massachusetts umbrella organization to prevent domestic violence, after being trained as part of a dedicated training program.
Adv. Plesner was part of the teaching staff in the Positive Psychology course at the prestigious Harvard University, where she received a certificate of excellence in teaching. Adv. Plesner served a full term as a full member of the Tel Aviv District Ethics Committee of the Israel Bar Association. In 2019 Adv. Plesner was certified as a trilotherapy instructor upon completion of her two-year certificate studies. Matat Plesner is a sought-after lecturer in her field of practice as well as at business forums and business panels dealing with success.

Areas of Expertise
Property Cases – The Firm has significant expertise in managing complex property portfolios. The Firm manages cases in which property smuggling has taken place in Israel and abroad and is assisted by a team of experts, including private investigators, assessors, actuaries and financial consultants.
Pre-Nuptial Agreements/Divorce Agreements/Parenting Agreements – Thanks to a humane and professional approach, the Firm’s professional team was chosen to lead mediation and complex negotiation proceedings between married or publicly known (common law) spouses, to the satisfaction of the parties and without being dragged into lengthy legal proceedings.
Alimony Cases – Over time, the Firm has handled countless alimony cases involving children and women, and has had outstanding success in family, district and rabbinical courts. The Firm also has extensive expertise and experience in alimony reduction cases.
On July 1, 2018, the Firm was successful in the first case of its kind in Israel in the field of child support reduction at the Family Court in Petah Tikva, before the Honorable Justice Oved Elias.
Custody and Parental Alienation Cases – The Firm manages custody cases and parental alienation cases that are known to be particularly complex and sensitive, and has had significant success, including the renewal of contact between the parents and their children, even after a long break. The welfare of the children is the overriding principle that guides the Firm’s team in handling these cases.
Agreements for Same-Sex Couples – the Firm also deals with preparing pre-nuptial agreements, parenting agreements and separation agreements for members of the same sex.
Publicly Known (“Common Law”) – The Firm has extensive experience in managing alimony, custody and property cases of publicly known persons both in court and in the framework of conducting negotiations and reaching agreements outside the courts.
Wills and Inheritances – The Firm is involved in drafting wills and managing inheritance files.
Child Abduction – The Firm has experience in managing international abduction cases, in which the Firm’s team is mobilized for fast, accurate, sensitive, and professional treatment, leading to success.
Media Appearances – Matat Plesner frequently appears in the media, on television, and her publications appear in the digital and written press – The Marker, Yedioth, Calcalist and more.

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