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Founding Year 1962
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Paz Moser, Senior Partner, Lieblich-Moser-Gluck Law Firm

Paz Moser

Senior Partner

Tamir Gluck, Senior Partner, Lieblich-Moser-Gluck Law Firm

Tamir Gluck

Senior Partner

Tal Lieblich, Senior Partner, Lieblich-Moser-Gluck Law Firm

Tal Lieblich

Senior Partner

Mibi Moser, Founding Partner, Lieblich-Moser-Gluck Law Firm

Mibi Moser

Founding Partner

About Lieblich-Moser-Gluck Law Firm

Lieblich-Moser-Gluck has, for the past 50 years, represented the most significant media and communications entities in Israel and is a leading firm in Israel in defamation, intellectual property, copyright, media, internet, and privacy protection issues. The Firm also specializes in commercial litigation, class actions, torts, insurance, real estate law, and labor law.

Other Partners

Advocate Shira Brik-Haimovich

Advocate Omer Ziv Ashkar

Advocate Yaron Hanin

Particular Expertise – Defamation, Intellectual Property, and Internet Law
The Firm represents Israel’s most significant and leading media entities and internet sites in defamation proceedings, privacy, intellectual property, and copyright issues. The Firm regularly counsels media entities in the print, broadcast, and online fields. Over its fifty years of service, the Firm has been involved in many landmark decisions in Israeli law, including those considered the most trailblazing of Supreme Court decisions, all of which have helped to shape communications law and practice.
Intellectual Property
As noted, the Firm also specializes in intellectual property laws and represents both defendants and claimants in the various aspects of the field, relating to copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, franchising, commercial agreements, etc. On a regular basis, the Firm also represents various book publishers and writers. Over time, the Firm has recorded notable accomplishments in its unique areas of expertise and has handled many breakthrough legal precedents in communications and the media.
Commercial Litigation
The Firm has also achieved outstanding achievements in litigation and has established its leading position in this field. The Firm has been involved in many groundbreaking legal precedents in media and communication laws. The Firm provides legal advice to public and private entities also in the areas of commercial law, franchising and agency agreements, tenders law, and more. The Firm’s advocates have extensive experience in complex commercial litigation in various matters, including injunctions, administrative petitions, arbitrations, and mediation.
Class Actions
The Firm specializes in class action suits regarding consumer protection law, tort law, labor laws, national health insurance, regulations in the areas of communications, health, and more. The Firm has successfully managed many complex proceedings and has contributed to the formulation of new legal rulings in the field of class actions.
Real Estate and Tenders Law
Since its inception, the Firm has been active in real estate, while providing counsel with regards to construction entrepreneurs, contractors, public entities, combination agreements, purchasing groups, TAMA 38 agreements, and evacuation-reconstruction projects. The Firm also has the requisite expertise in tenders law, including the preparation of tenders, regular counsel for tenders committees of large public bodies, and representation in legal proceedings dealing with tenders.
Labor Law
The Firm is also active in labor law, restrictions on business, proceedings with the Ministry of Economy, class actions, and more. The Firm represents trade unions in collective disputes, inter-organizational disputes, petitions to the High Court of Justice, and employers in collective agreements.
Torts, Insurance, White Collar and the Military
The Firm represents several insurance companies as well as private clients on tort and insurance issues, professional liability, elementary insurance, medical malpractice, personal accidents, water sports, and road accidents. Recently, the Firm opened a new department dealing with representation in white-collar and military law issues, headed by Col. Ran Cohen (Military Reserves), who previously served as the IDF’s chief military defense attorney.
The Firm regularly represents Israel’s largest and most senior media groups – newspapers and journalists, publishers, television franchisees, leading internet sites, writers, artists and more. In the commercial field, the Firm represents large corporations in Israel and abroad, building companies, insurance companies, health maintenance funds, and key people in politics and the economy, international companies, start-ups, agents and franchisees. In the class actions field, the Firm’s clients include healthcare entities, telecommunications, the internet, newspapers and more, and in the labor law field the Firm represents large workers’ organizations and employers.

The Firm’s Founders
The Firm was founded in 1962 by the Late Shlomo Lieblich. In 1973, Mibi Moser joined the Firm.
Mibi Moser graduated of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, (LL.B.), and Tulane University of New Orleans, (LL.M.). He also holds a diploma from the International Peace Academy in Austria. Served as Chairman of the Board of the Association for Human Rights and has lectured on media studies at Bar-Ilan University. Advocate Moser has also served as Head of the National Disciplinary Court of the Israel Bar and as a Member of its National Council. Currently serves as representative of the public on the Helsinki Committee, and at Tel-Ha’Shomer Hospital. Specializes in media law and serves as consultant to and representative of Israel’s major media entities.

Senior Partners
Tal Lieblich – a graduate of the University of Reading, England, (LL.B.), and a member of the Israel Bar Association. Chairperson of the National Committee of Defamation of the Israel Bar and serves as academic coordinator of the Israel Bar in the area of defamation. During 2008-2012, lectured at Sapir College on defamation laws. Advisor to the Corporate Social Responsibility team at the Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law. Participated in a research group to amend the Privacy Protection Law in accordance with the GDPR requirements. Counsels media entities. Prepares marketing agreements with foreign companies, intellectual property, etc.
Tamir Gluck – a graduate of Tel Aviv University (LL.B.) and the University of London (LL.M.), with a specialization in commercial law. Member of the Israel Bar, since 1989. Practices in the Firm’s core areas of media representation, specializing in intellectual property issues, class actions, and commercial litigation. Serves as a member of the Bar Association’s Intellectual Property Committee and previously served as a member of its Inheritance Committee.
Paz Moser – a graduate of Tel Aviv University (LL.B.), and a member of the Israel Bar, since 1990. Practices in the Firm’s core areas of media, with particular expertise in complex commercial litigation, class actions, employee organization representation, health law, insurance company representation and employers.

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