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Founding Year 1993
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Attorney Liane Kehat, Advocate Firm Founder, Liane Kehat Law Office

Attorney Liane Kehat

Advocate Firm Founder

Ruth Miran, Office Manager, Liane Kehat Law Office

Ruth Miran

Office Manager

Gilor Nahum, Advocate Partner, Liane Kehat Law Office

Gilor Nahum

Advocate Partner

Ira Mualem, Attorney, Liane Kehat Law Office

Ira Mualem


Iris Rochell, Attorney, Liane Kehat Law Office

Iris Rochell


Shelly Favel, Belgian Jurist, Liane Kehat Law Office

Shelly Favel

Belgian Jurist


Liane Kehat, Attorneys and Notary is a boutique law office dealing with family and inheritance law issues. The Firm focuses on the representation of nonresidents and new immigrants, mainly French speakers, along with a wide range of other clients, including businesspeople, public figures, and senior employees. The Firm was founded 25 years ago and is managed by Liane Kehat, one of Israel's most prominent and experienced attorneys in her field of expertise.

The field of family law, the Firm has the requisite expertise in representing nonresidents and new immigrants, as well as in the division of property between spouses and the economic aspects of divorce issues between spouses, including the division of real estate, businesses, companies, options, shares, social benefits, goodwill, and career assets. In its early years, the Firm gained extensive experience in counseling for real estate transactions, and since 2000, the Firm has focused on family and inheritance law issues. The Firm attaches great importance to client-focused service values and is a dedicated, reliable, and committed partner always being available to its clients.

The Legal Team
Attorney Liane Kehat is also a notary and certified mediator. Attorney Kehat graduated from the Faculty of Law at Tel Aviv University and was called to the Israel Bar Association in 1985. Attorney Kehat is an active mediator, receiving her appointment from the Israeli Courts and is also a member of the National Forum on Family Law and the Committee on Matters of Inheritance of the Tel Aviv District Bar Association. Her extensive experience helps the Firm’s legal teams to manage cases involving high-income spouses and to represent them efficiently at all judicial instances in Israel.
Attorney Kehat is studying for her LL.M., at a university in France, with an emphasis on individual-issues in international private law.
Attorney Gilor Nahum – has ten years of experience in the field, holds an MBA degree, and has extensive legal knowledge in family and inheritance law issues.
Attorney Ira Mualem – practiced previously in the public sector.
Attorney Iris Rochell – has 18 years of legal experience, graduated from the Faculty of Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with an LL.B., and from the Faculty of Law at Bar-Ilan University with an LL.M. Attorney Rochell has extensive legal and practical know-how in the fields of trusts for public and private funds, the management of complex estate issues, family law, inheritance, legal qualification status and guardianship.
Shelly Pavel – is a Belgian Jurist.
Ruth Miran – has served as the Firm’s office manager for over 25 years.

The Firm’s Areas of Expertise
Family and Divorce Law:
• Division of property between spouses in the framework of divorce proceedings, claims under the Hague Convention (Child Abduction) and immigration laws
• Alimony – spousal support, child support.
• Divorce – divorce claims, “ketubah” claims, matters of divorce refusal, marital harmony, asset segregation, child custody, joint custody, visiting rights, parental alienation,
• Domestic violence – protection orders, the right to live peacefully, annulments, paternity, guardianship, common law issues, “agunot,” adoption, personal status issues (residency, citizenship).
• Mediation: Attorneys Liane Kehat and Gilor Nahum also serve as mediators in family law. Besides its litigation practice, the Firm manages many mediation cases in its areas of expertise.
• Preparation of agreements – divorce agreements, prenuptial agreements, marriage agreements, cohabitation agreements, marital harmony agreements, cancellation of agreements in relevant cases.
• Irrevocable power of attorney and medical power of attorney, under the Legal Capacity Law.
• Guardianship – requests to appoint a guardian for the body and property, representation of the elderly in guardianship proceedings. Attorney Liane Kehat also serves as a guardian of protected parties, by court appointment.

International Family and Divorce Issues:
• Representation of nonresidents and new immigrants in family law proceedings, involving issues of international law regarding individual issues, such as marriage agreements signed abroad and their enforcement in Israel.

Inheritance Law:
• Wills and mutual wills, applications for inheritance orders, applications for probate orders, agreements between heirs, disputes over inheritances and wills, handling or submission of oppositions to a will, procedures for the revocation of a will, international inheritance disputes, representation of foreign residents in inheritance disputes

Family Capital Management:
• Management of family assets of nonresidents and new immigrants.

Real Estate:
The Firm handles the purchase and sale of various real estate properties. As well the Firm manages real estate properties for nonresidents.

Extensive International Activity:
The Firm represents its clients in family disputes and inheritance issues, in international scenarios along with professional colleagues abroad, prepares and manages inheritances and wills for hi-wealth nonresidents, including the management and protection of their assets and properties in Israel. Under this framework, the Firm cultivates extensive relationships with leading law firms in France, England, Belgium, and Switzerland. The Firm has also opened its internet site –, which focuses on family and inheritances law issues, in French for the benefit of French speakers in Israel.
Attorney Kehat also publishes Frenchlanguage opinion articles in magazines and other media directed to French speakers, in various channels such as the Jerusalem Post, and Israel Magazine. She is also Member of the France-Israel Chamber of Commerce (“La Chambre de Commerce Israël France”), she is regularly invited to speak before French audiences on Radio Qualita and lectures frequently before French speakers on issues of family and inheritance law in Israel.

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