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Specialization in Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Securities Law, Hi-Tech and Life Sciences, Capital Markets, M&A, Internet and Mobile Activity, International Transactions, intellectual property Commercial and corporate Litigation


Founding Year 2007
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Einat Katzenell, Founding Partner, Katzenell Dimant

Einat Katzenell

Founding Partner

Ran Dimant, Founding Partner, Katzenell Dimant

Ran Dimant

Founding Partner

Hagai Shternberg, Partner, Katzenell Dimant

Hagai Shternberg



The Israeli law firm of Katzenell Dimant offers a unique approach coupling expertise, knowledge and experience in corporate and commercial law together with unparalleled specialization in capital markets, hi-tech and life sciences, commercial and corporate litigation, mergers and acquisitions international transactions.

We think of ourselves as our clients’ business partners and strive to offer custom made solutions to their various challenges that are equally efficient, professional and practical. Katzenell Dimant represents public companies (listed in Israel and abroad), private corporations, VCs and investment vehicles, technological incubators, investment banks and financial institutions, private investors and individual entrepreneurs.

Practice Areas
Hi-Tech & Life Sciences: Katzenell Dimant is widely regarded as one of Israel’s leading law firms in the hi-tech and life sciences arena. We offer practical and effective advice through the entire lifecycle of technology oriented companies, both privately owned and publicly traded. Through our deep involvement in the startup ecosystem and a true understanding of the business and operation of technology based and innovation based companies, we have pioneered many niche practices such as bitcoin, open-source, crowdfunding, forex, privacy, online gaming, data protection, cybersecurity, pharma and medical device export control, and more. From incorporation to exit – hi-tech is one of our fortes.

Securities Law and Capital Markets: Our vibrant capital markets practice acts for companies issuing capital, debt and structured securities, investment houses and brokers. We advise on all stages leading up to issuance, including leading IPOs, and represent public companies with respect to ongoing legal issues, including all reporting and filing obligations. We also have particular expertise in structured securities and ETFs and have acted in preparation of suitable prospectus and issuances. When need arises we represent clients in hearings and proceedings before, and maintain constant contact with the Israel Securities Authority and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Ltd.

Corporate Law and Corporate Finance: Katzenell Dimant offers comprehensive and ongoing legal advice to corporations to address all regulatory aspects pertaining to corporate activity and governance. We also act on behalf of clients with respect to financing activity and transactions, including private and public equity, debt financing, structured financing and crowd funding. Our corporate law and corporate finance clients stem from various industry sectors such as technology, communications, media, entertainment, insurance, investment houses, brokers and financial institutions.

Mergers and Acquisitions and Strategic Transactions: Our firm represents clients on a broad range of international and domestic mergers and acquisitions transactions, both for the buyer and for the target side, bringing to bear our rich multidisciplinary experience in corporate law, antitrust, securities law, labor law etc. Over the years the firm has amassed extensive experience advising on M&As, joint ventures and other strategic cross-border transactions. Katzenell Dimant partners have lead negotiations and closed transactions in Israel, the US and Europe (including Eastern Europe), valued anywhere from several million to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Commercial Law: Our firm provides ongoing advice on a broad range of commercial issues related to our clients’ routine and strategic activity. In this respect we are involved in drafting agreements and conducting negotiations towards international or domestic engagements, over a wide range of industries and sectors.

Intellectual Property and Licensing: We advise clients on commercializing and protecting IP, sale and licensing agreements, commercialization of patents, registration of copyright and trademarks, technology transfer, export, service inventions, distribution, joint development and other arrangements.

Commercial and Corporate Litigation: The firm’s litigation and dispute resolution team represents our clients before all instances of court and dispute resolution tribunals, from the Magistrates Court all the way up to the Supreme Court of Israel, including the Labor Courts. In our litigation practice we focus on commercial and corporate disputes, which for the most part revolve around complex and precedential issues involving technology, securities, corporate governance, insolvency and labor law. We are accustomed of acting on behalf of clients in large scale and high profile cases such as class action and derivative action, and tirelessly work towards providing customized solutions based on integrative and creative approaches, combining strong business acumen and fine-tuned legal skills. Our litigation team stands ready at all times to serve the immediate and pressing needs of our clients.

Insolvency and Corporate Recovery: Katzenell Dimant has unique experience and knowledge in handling financially distressed companies, acting for clients in instances of corporate recovery and debt restructuring as well as in instances of liquidation and receivership. The services offered by our insolvency and corporate recovery practice include formulizing recovery plans and creditor arrangements, as well as administration of companies under stay of proceeding orders. We draft recovery plans based on financial and/or operational reorganization, as well as on selling the distressed company to third parties. Our team applies strong business and financial acumen, together with the specific training, skills and experience necessary for formulating such plans while maximizing value for creditors and shareholders. Our insolvency and corporate recovery team is often appointed by the Courts as officers to distressed companies and have been involved with some of the major insolvency proceedings in Israel in recent years.

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