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Founding Year 1989
Address Azrieli Center, 1, The Round Tower, 17th Floor Tel Aviv 6701101 - View Map
Phone 972-3-6015000
Fax 972-3-6015001
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Nathan Lerer, Attorney Partner Planning and Construction Law Litigation, Gilead Sher, Talhami & Co., Law Offices

Nathan Lerer

Attorney Partner Planning and Construction Law Litigation

Noah Klau-Levin, Attorney Partner - Real Estate Urban Renewal, Gilead Sher, Talhami & Co., Law Offices

Noah Klau-Levin

Attorney Partner - Real Estate Urban Renewal

Gilead Sher, Attorney Founder and Firm Head Head of Commercial and Administrative Law, Gilead Sher, Talhami & Co., Law Offices

Gilead Sher

Attorney Founder and Firm Head Head of Commercial and Administrative Law

Rimon Talhami, Attorney Managing Partner Head of Real Estate Infrastructure and Project Financing Commercial Litigation, Gilead Sher, Talhami & Co., Law Offices

Rimon Talhami

Attorney Managing Partner Head of Real Estate Infrastructure and Project Financing Commercial Litigation

About Gilead Sher, Talhami & Co., Law Offices

Gilead Sher, Talhami & Co. Law Office, founded in 1989, handles all aspects of commercial, civil and administrative law in Israel and abroad. The Firm has extensive experience in complex transactions and cases with national and international aspects, negotiation strategy and the representation of leading clients from the business, public and governmental sectors.

The Firm’s offices are in Tel Aviv’s Museum Tower, in the heart of Israel’s business district. Partners and attorneys work in teams comprising members of the various departments, in commercial law, corporate law, intellectual property, commercial and administrative litigation, arbitration and mediation, constitutional law, real estate, planning and construction, project financing, hi-tech and biotech, international transactions, tenders and labor law.
The Firm has unique expertise in constitutional and administrative law, including petitions to the High Court of Justice. Attorney Gilead Sher, who heads the Firm, specializes in international negotiations, whether business or political; commercial law; administrative and constitutional law; and litigation.
Attorney Sher served as Prime Minister Ehud Barak’s Bureau Chief and was one of the leaders of negotiations with the Palestinians between 1999 and 2001, including negotiations that led to the Sharm el-Sheikh Agreement, the Camp David summit and the Taba talks. Attorney Sher was also a member of the Rabin Government’s 1995 Interim Agreement delegation. Alongside his legal and business work, Attorney Sher deals with political-security issues, and the promotion of peace in various frameworks.

Practice Areas
Commercial and Corporate – The Firm provides ongoing legal guidance to international and local companies in various commercial law areas. This support is reflected in, inter alia, partnerships, corporate formation, investment agreements, executive compensation, fundraising, acquisitions, government grants, knowledge transfer, international clients and agreements, intellectual property and technology.
Real Estate, Planning and Construction – The Firm is ranked as a prominent leader in real estate ratings. Attorney Rimon Tahlami, the Firm’s Managing Partner, specializes in complex real estate transactions, combination transactions and projects in Israel and abroad. The department he heads provides a full-service platform for entrepreneurs contractors as well as buyers and investors in income-yielding commercial real estate, as well in the construction, acquisition, sales and rental fields. advises with its clients from the planning and development stages, marketing and sales agreements, income-yielding real estate, provides legal assistance to contracting companies, urban renewal procedures, planning and construction (Claims under Section 197), registration and classification of contractors, land sharing and real estate litigation.
Administrative Law, Tenders and Project Financing – In administrative law, the Firm advises public bodies, including municipalities and local councils. In this context, the Firm works with the various fora of these organizations, such as executive management, elected management bodies, and tender committees. The Firm has in-depth knowledge of municipal entities, government and mixed-government companies, municipal corporations and quasi-municipal corporations and deals with regulations that apply to these entities in their unique legal fields. The Firm also offers administrative litigation vis-à-vis tenders, planning and construction, and class actions against municipal bodies.
Commercial Litigation – The Firm has extensive experience in a variety of large-scale complex cases. The Firm offers its representation in all civil and administrative instances, including the courts, arbitration proceedings (including international), mediation and quasi-judicial proceedings. In addition, representation in commercial claims, second opinions in the appeal stage, unique temporary remedies, real estate claims, local authorities, class actions, libel cases and character defamation.
Labor Law – The Firm provides diverse and complex legal advice in labor law, from employees lawsuits against their employers to complex collective disputes. The Firm counsels individuals, as well as representation in labor courts and other judicial instances.

Among the Firm’s Clients and Legal Consulting Work – Past and Present
Elezra Group, Afridar, Albar, Solel Boneh Infrastructures, Almog Psagot Urban Renewal, A. Epstein & Sons Ltd., Gadish Engineering Company, Darkenou, Shenkar – Engineering, Design and Art, University of Haifa, INSS (the Institute for National Security Studies), Israeli Architects and Urban Builders Association, Anima Biotech Ltd., Strigo Ltd., B.S.T. Construction, Molad-The Center for the Renewal of Israeli Democracy, as well as various hi-tech and biotech companies.
The Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of homeland Security and Ministry of Transport.
The Municipalities of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Haifa, Be’er Sheva, Nazareth, Rishon Le’Zion, Ashdod, Rahat, Ar’ara, the Neot Hovav Industrial Council and Fureidis.
The Jerusalem Light Rail Project, Tel Aviv Suburban Railway Project – Petah Tikva – Kfar Saba, Ayalon Highway, Tel Aviv Light Rail Project, the Cross Israel Project, BOT Tenders for water desalination projects, the Israel Center for Energy and the Environment, water purification facilities and more.
The Association of Foreign Journalists in Israel, writers, poets, artists, public and senior figures.

Community Work
The Firm has received accolades, including from the Israel Bar Association. The Firm has represented the family of kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit and has counseled “Bizchut” organization for the disabled since its formation. The Firm accompanies other civil non-profit organizations such as the Israel, the Battalion Commanders Forum.


Attorney Rinat Laniado,
Partner – Hi-Tech, International, Commercial, Corporate Law

Attorney Eitan Tocker
Civil-Commercial Litigation, Administrative Law, Higher Education and Commercial Law

Attorneys Oren Bermi and Haim Goldfarb
Municipal taxation in all aspects, with a focus on reducing the burden and property tax overheads, development fees and levies (paving, canalization, open public spaces, etc.), construction fees, and various other fees (security, signage, etc.)

Attorney Noam Yablon
Civil-Commercial Litigation, Construction and Infrastructures

Attorney Guy Zamir
Intellectual Property, Higher Education, Real Estate and Project Financing

Attorney Rebecca Lapid
Real Estate, Urban Renewal and Infrastructures

Attorney Limor Ozer
Civil Litigation and Labor Law

Attorney Sandra Schneider,
Hi-Tech, Intellectual Property, International Issues

Attorney Simone Begeab
Real Estate Urban Renewal and Infrastructures

Attorney Elad Eliyahu
Commercial-Administrative and Civil Litigation

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