Naama Shabtay Bahar


Bahar - Shabtay Law Firm

Attorney Naama Shabtay Bahar has over 15 years of experience in labor law- specializing in representation of employers, being involved in complex procedures with a high media profile. Due to the sensitivity and complexity of labor law issues, Attorney Shabtay Bahar regularly works with the Firm's clients, while providing creative solutions to various issues emerging in this dynamic field. She also represents clients in all judicial instances- known for her thoroughness, professional courage and in-depth knowledge of labor law issues. Attorney Shabtay Bahar has a reputation for being an excellent litigator with the perfect combination of wisdom and charisma.

Moreover, her extensive experience in the field makes it possible to bring parties to settle out of court.

Without any doubt, Attorney Shabtay Bahar is a "rising star" in the labor law field and she is regularly invited to lecture before leading companies and organizations (such as the Israel Bar Association, the Institute of Certified Public Accountants, etc.) and to participate in professional panels.