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Torts, Health Insurance and Medical Malpractice


Founding Year 1978
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Eran Yakubovitz, Managing Partner, Zvi Yakubovitz  Law Office and Notary

Eran Yakubovitz

Managing Partner

Zvi Yakubovitz, Founder and Owner, Zvi Yakubovitz  Law Office and Notary

Zvi Yakubovitz

Founder and Owner

About Zvi Yakubovitz Law Office and Notary

Zvi Yakubovitz, Law Office and Notary was established in 1978 and is one of Israel's leading insurance and tort law offices, specializing in the management of insurance and tort claims in a variety of areas, in particular - personal injury (all aspects), property damage, life and health insurance and long-term care claims. The Firm specializes in legal counsel to insurance companies, health maintenance organizations, and private individuals, with legal representation at all judicial instances.

The Firm has proven expertise in torts and insurance and is considered a pioneer, considering the essential legal rulings which it has secured. The Firm’s work exposes its legal staff to complex and challenging legal issues in insurance and torts, along with litigation at various courts. Over time, the Firm has received recognition as one of the leading firms in Israel in torts, insurance, medical malpractice, and health, according to BDI and Dun & Bradstreet ratings.
The Head of the Firm and its Founder, Adv. Zvi Yakubovitz serves as a mediator and arbitrator in many of the Firm’s direct and indirect fields of expertise.

Volunteering and Community Involvement
Working for the community, at such forums such as the Michael Levin Center for Lone Soldiers.
Mediation and Arbitration
Zvi Yakubovitz, is a distinguished figure in the world of law, insurance, and torts, and for many years has been a leading mediator and arbitrator, mainly in the fields of insurance, and medical malpractice torts. Adv Yakubovitz has been involved in over 5,000 mediation cases, between insurance companies, and between insurance companies and insured parties, and over 85% of the mediation cases where Adv. Zvi Yakubovitz acted as mediator ended in a compromise agreement.

Practice Areas
Personal Injury – The Firm has many years of experience on behalf of the Harel Insurance Group in tens of thousands of claims for compensation for bodily injury filed against Harel or its insured parties. As a result, the Firm’s advocates, in their familiarity with both worlds, with their advantages and weaknesses, possess exceptional expertise in the field and have the tools to handle the claims of victims against insurance companies or parties, that are not Firm clients. The Firm’s staff is one of the most senior in Israel and the field and includes advocates with professional seniority of 15, 18 and 25 years, with extensive experience in handling legal representation issues in personal injury claims, all of which is available to the Firm’s clients.
Medical Malpractice – The Firm handles medical malpractice claims on behalf of all health maintenance organizations operating in Israel and on behalf of hospitals such as Rabin Medical Center (Beilinson), Ha’Emek, Soroka, Yoseftal, Meir, Geha, and others. The Firm also represents specialist doctors and independent dentists who are parties to lawsuits filed against them for medical malpractice. In addition, the Firm specializes in medical professional liability insurance and represents claimants in medical negligence claims.
Insurance Claims – The life insurance team of the Firm is one of the largest and leading in its field in Israel, and represents insurance companies and agencies in handling claims in the life insurance sector at all levels, including work disability insurance, life insurance (risk), disability insurance, long-term care insurance, critical illness insurance, pension insurance, and more.
Among the Firm’s clients are Harel Insurance Company, Dikla Insurance Agency, Harel Pension, and others.
Property Damage – The Firm represents Harel Insurance Group in hundreds of claims filed against Harel or its policyholders for damages caused to the property of the Harel’s insured parties or third parties, and to claims by private individuals seeking to sue various insurance companies. The Firm has a wealth of professional knowledge and significant advantages, which are made available to clients.
Arbitrations – In recent years, Adv. Yakubovitz has managed several arbitrations that have been referred to him because of his being one of Israel’s most experienced lawyers specializing in insurance and tort law. Most arbitration proceedings are between insurance companies, agents, and the insurance companies and agents alone.
Litigation – The Firm has extensive experience in representing clients in thousands of cases in the courts. The Firm’s advocates appear daily before many judges throughout the country, and many resources are dedicated to representing the clients in the best manner possible.

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