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Commercial Litigation, Hi-Tech, FinTech, Cryptocurrencies and Medical Malpractice


Founding Year 2010
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Eli Pillersdorf, Partner, Zioni, Pillersdorf, Phillip Advocates

Eli Pillersdorf


Ohad Phillip, Partner, Zioni, Pillersdorf, Phillip Advocates

Ohad Phillip


Shaul Zioni, Partner, Zioni, Pillersdorf, Phillip Advocates

Shaul Zioni



Zioni Pillersdorf Phillip Advocates is a boutique law firm in Tel Aviv, specializing in commercial litigation, Hi-Tech, FinTech, cryptocurrencies, and medical malpractice. The firm was established in 2010 and has three partners and four associates. The partners - Attorneys Shaul Zioni, Eli Pillersdorf, and Ohad Phillip, have extensive experience in a variety of legal fields and are personally and deeply involved in each of the cases that the firm represents.

Why Us
Our firm is committed to the highest and stringent standards of the legal profession. We have a unique working method that aims to provide excellent, creative, and in-depth legal representation. After a thorough and rigorous study of the legal issues, a “brainstorming” session is held, followed by a strategy for handling the client’s legal issues. The firm’s partners lead and handle all the cases and are involved in every aspect of the case, both at the macro and micro levels.

Our Specialties
Litigation – Our firm adheres to top-level representation in litigation issues, and accepts each year a small number of cases, which deal with substantive and complex legal issues. The firm’s partners, Shaul Zioni and Eli Pillersdorf have over 17 years of litigation experience.
Our firm has extensive experience and expertise in counseling for a wide range of issues in all judicial instances, including arbitration and mediation, administrative, civil, and other quasi-judicial proceedings. Areas of representation include, inter alia, commercial matters such as breaches of agreements, shareholder disputes, corporate law, intellectual property, international law, and a wide range of civil lawsuits, including representation of foreign companies in Israel.
Our firm also represents plaintiffs and defendants in complex class actions in a variety of fields, such as technology, banking, insurance, medicine, and more.
Hi-Tech, FinTech, and Cryptocurrencies – Our firm has unique expertise in the Hi-Tech, FinTech, and cryptocurrencies sectors. Our firm represents leading companies in these areas, including companies operating in finance in the EU markets. We advise clients, inter alia, in the fields of online payments, digital currencies, money transfers, electronic money, and banking and government regulations, in Israel and abroad, with an emphasis on the EU. Our firm works in collaboration with leading law firms abroad, to enable the firm’s clients to operate safely and legally efficiently outside of Israel.
Ohad Phillip leads the Hi-Tech team and advises companies from the early stages of entrepreneurship in the field. Our firm assists start-ups with fundraising, formulating executive compensation plans and employee benefits, intellectual property management, various commercial arrangements, and other joint ventures.
Medical Malpractice – Our firm has a rich and diverse experience representing leading medical institutions and medical staff in medical malpractice claims in all areas of medicine: gynecology and obstetrics, oncology (delayed malignant tumor diagnosis), neurosurgery, surgery, family medicine and more. Our firm also appears regularly in all judicial instances and participates in mediation proceedings.
Eli Pillersdorf and Sharon Fecher have extensive experience in the field, and they work with the best medical experts in Israel with thorough consideration of the details and relevant medical and legal questions of each case.

The Partners
Shaul Zioni holds an LL.M. from New York’s Columbia University (2004, Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar), and LL.B. with honors from the College of Management (2002). Shaul is a member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2003, and the New York State Bar Association since 2005. Shaul has expertise in complex commercial litigation issues, in the regulatory-legal aspects of digital and blockchain currencies, business and corporate law, labor law, tenders, administrative law, and class actions.
Eli Pillersdorf holds an LL.B. with honors from the Hebrew University (2002) and is a member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2004. Eli has extensive experience managing disputes in various judicial instances. His areas of expertise include, inter alia, representing medical institutions in medical malpractice cases, representing in complex litigation cases and administrative petitions, and providing ongoing legal advice, including crisis management, to international companies and entities.
Ohad Phillip holds a B.A. in Law and Economics from Tel Aviv University (2008) and an MBA in Finance from the Hebrew University (2014). Ohad is a member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2009 and specializes in Hi-Tech, FinTech, and cryptocurrencies, as well as commercial and corporate law and litigation of debentures and capital markets. His experience includes, among others, representing and advising start-ups and venture capital funds, as well as representing clients in commercial agreements in a variety of fields, in Israel and abroad.

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