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Founding Year 2011
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About Zeevi Battash Law Offices

Zeevi–Battash is a boutique law office specializing in commercial and economic law, focusing on tax law and commercial litigation. Its philosophy is that in a competitive legal and commercial environment, a law office's relative advantage will be reflected in creative and original thinking, alongside professionalism and familiarity with the legal field. The Firm's associates have extensive experience in their practice fields. This experience and proficiency allow them to provide their clients with the best legal advice to deal with the legal and commercial challenges they face.

The Firm’s Clients
Due to the firm’s reputation in the business industry as a leading law firm, derived from the founders vision and constant striving to provide practical and innovative legal solutions to each client, the Firm has a wide range of clients and provides a variety of services to businesspeople, International enterprises, local well-known corporations, entrepreneurs and emerging corporations as well as Individuals, both residents and foreign citizens. The firm also advise to public sector entities and public figures.

Primary Areas of Expertise
Taxation: The firm’s tax team, led by Yaron Zeevi provides legal and tax services with respect to both national and international activities. by acknowledging that that every transaction and commercial activity embodies a variety of tax aspects, and that the tax considerations often have a crucial impact on the initial decision whether or not to execute a transaction, the firm’s tax team will analyze each transaction according to It’s unique circumstances and will provides clients with creative solutions that fits their specific needs and goals.
The Firm provides a wide range of legal services in the various tax fields, inter alia, income tax, real-estate taxation, and indirect taxation (e.g. VAT). The Firm specializes in tax planning for commercial transactions and ongoing consultation and representation in international transactions, family unit tax planning, comprehensive legal tax advice for departing or returning residents and new immigrants, foreign residents and foreign corporations which conduct business activity in Israel. The Firm provides opinions in various tax areas to a wide range of clients such as corporations and individuals, both local and foreign. The Firm also handles voluntary disclosure proceedings, frequently attend discussions with the tax authorities, tax authorities investigations, filing requests to withhold, abolish or reduce penalties, and representation in tax-related proceedings in civil and criminal cases, both In front of the ITA and in court.
Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution: The Firm has extensive experience and proven success in resolving a variety of commercial and corporate litigation, including strategic representation in commercial disputes, frequent appearances before a wide range of courts and judicial instances, including in mediation and arbitration proceedings. The Firm also counsels and represent both Israeli and foreign clients involved in international disputes.
The Firm specializes in managing complex legal proceedings such as class actions, derivative claims, complex commercial claims, debt arrangements, etc. The Firm’s uniqueness in litigation is its correct analysis of each case, with a long-term view of the client’s needs, preventive planning, getting down to the smallest of details, knowledge of the law and rulings, ability to appear and convince, thoroughness and understanding that those engaged in litigation must be at the cutting edge of the legal profession. The Firm specializes in a broad spectrum of legal disputes including commercial and corporate litigation; tax litigation; real estate litigation; representation in class actions and derivatives, disciplinary proceedings, insolvency proceedings, labor disputes and arbitration and mediation proceedings.
Commercial Law and Corporate and Partnerships Law: The Firm provides a wide range of legal services in the fields of commercial and business law, including accompaniment of transactions, ongoing consultations for corporations, drafting commercial agreements, including: sales agreements, founders’ agreements, distribution and marketing agreements, investment agreements, partnership agreements, etc. Inter alia, the Firm advises in the fields of retail and wholesale trade, industry, construction, communications, technology, cosmetics, food, and finance and its advantage is expressed in the ability to provide broad commercial legal advice that combines other aspects such as tax, litigation aspects, aspects of corporate policy and labor law, etc.
Insolvency: The Firm handles applications for liquidation, the filing of applications for receiverships, the filing of applications for stay of proceedings or proposals for creditor arrangements, corporate rehabilitation, debt settlement, and bankruptcies.
The Firm has extensive experience in representing creditors in the course of insolvency proceedings, from the filing of debt claims, appearance at creditors’ meetings, reaching debt arrangements, and receiving dividends. The Firm’s advocates serve as officers on behalf of the courts in insolvency proceedings, and as court-appointed trustees in stay of proceedings and creditor arrangements.

The Partners
Adv. Yaron Zeevi is a founding partner and heads the tax and commercial fields and was admitted to the Israel Bar in 1999. Adv. Zeevi has extensive experience and expertise in tax law and provides clients with a variety of tax services, including, inter alia, written legal opinions, tax planning, representation before the tax authorities, and at legal instances in tax proceedings.
In addition, Adv. Zeevi provides clients with legal advice and counsel in broad areas of commercial law, including accompanying and drafting commercial contracts, establishing business ventures, resolving and managing disputes between shareholders and/or partners, counsel to companies regarding, both local and international transactions.
Adv. Zeevi holds an LL.B and a B.A., in Accounting, all from the College of Management.

Adv. Jacob Battash is a founding partner and heads the litigation field and was admitted to the Israeli Bar in 2009.
Adv. Battash has extensive experience and expertise in commercial and economic litigation, including expertise in managing complex legal proceedings such as class actions, derivative claims, claims against directors and shareholders, partner disputes, etc. In addition, Adv. Battash has extensive experience in corporate liquidation and rehabilitation proceedings, receiverships, bankruptcy proceedings, and complex debt arrangements.
Adv. Battash serves as an officer on behalf of the courts for various insolvency proceedings. He also serves as an Arbitrator on behalf of the Arbitration Institute of the Israel Bar Association and as a Prosecutor the Disciplinary Committee of the Israel Bar’s Tel Aviv District.
Adv. Battash holds an LL.B. and a B.A., in Business Administration, all from Herzliya’s Interdisciplinary Center.

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