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Dor Liond, Partner, Zeev Liond & Co.,  Advocates & Notary

Dor Liond


Menahem Weizman, Partner, Zeev Liond & Co.,  Advocates & Notary

Menahem Weizman


Zeev Liond, Founder and Managing Partner, Zeev Liond & Co.,  Advocates & Notary

Zeev Liond

Founder and Managing Partner


Since its founding, more than 25 years ago by Advocate Zeev Liond, the firm has acquired a reputation in commercial litigation and legal support for businesses, including mergers and acquisitions, corporate control disputes, and complex transactions. The Firm is among the leading firms in the field of journalism and press law, particularly of libel claims and copyrights infringement claims. In addition, the Firm handles class actions suits, real estate law, purchasing groups, urban renewal projects, sports law, etc. The Firm headed by Advocate Zeev Liond employs ten advocates and interns. Among the Firm's clients are media organizations that are prominent in the print and digital media, companies involved in infrastructure development and content services for online media and mobile carriers, companies in the printing industry, buying groups and real estate developers.

Other Advocates

Alon Nadav

Lior Vignanski

Ram Preiss Sitton

Moran Halfon

Liron Bar Detra

Advocate Zeev Liond – Founding and Managing Partner
Advocate Zeev Liond completed his internship in 1976 by the late Shmuel Tamir, a former justice minister, who later became his partner. He has extensive experience in various litigation issues, and has handled complex cases involving commercial litigation, contracts, administrative law, corporate issues, liquidation of partnerships, antitrust, defamation, copyright, licensing, planning and construction, class actions and more. During his years of professional practice, he has counseled for large scale commercial activities in many areas, including acquisitions and mergers (including the communications and media fields), oil and gas, antitrust, real estate, mobile content companies, etc. He has also handled many real estate transactions and has also counseled for various planning and building issues in the courts and various judicial instances. Advocate Zeev Liond holds an LL.B. from Tel Aviv University.

Areas of Activity
Journalism and Press – The Firm has extensive experience in the field of journalism and press, including the providing of a full and personally oriented legal support to its clients on a strategic-media level. In addition, the Firm provides legal services in a variety of areas, ranging from representation in appeals in respect of gag orders, journalistic privilege and the freedom of information, libel suits, copyright and trademark claims, representation before the Antitrust Authority and Knesset committees, and legal counsel in respect of telecommunications, consumer protection laws, commercial activities, in the printed media, online platforms and digital media consulting projects.
Defamation – The Firm is regularly ranked as one of Israel’s leading law firms in the field of libel and has extensive experience in dealing with libel suits. The firm regularly represents publishers and media professionals who require close and pre-counselling in regard to any field on the spectrum of content, especially in the field of defamation, from the initial stage of formulating the journalistic content to the final stage of publication. The Firm also represents plaintiffs in the field, including prominent public figures, and provides them with close legal counsel in the private and media spheres.
Litigation – the Firm has a long tradition of providing litigation services and representation before all judicial instances, including representation before the Supreme Court, the Knesset committees, appeals committees and planning and construction committees. The Firm’s litigation practice spans many disciplines, ranging from commerce, corporate law and arbitration, power struggles between shareholders, antitrust issues, administrative petitions, planning and construction laws, as well as litigation in the fields of journalism, media and intellectual property, class actions, as well as other areas such as taxation, sport, inheritances and bequests, oil and gas.
Commercial Law – The Firm provides ongoing legal advice for variety of corporations and businesses in the fields of acquisition of companies, mergers, investment agreements, etc. The Firm also provides ongoing counsel advice to companies, businesses, and websites for various commercial transactions, particularly complex and extensive strategic investments. Counsel is provided from the initial stages of the transaction through to negotiations and due diligence up to the actual completion of all facets of the transaction, including representations before the Antitrust Authority.
Some of the agreements handled by the Firm include – the sale and purchase of corporations and their shares, founders’ agreements, investment agreements, marketing agreements and commercial partnerships, mergers, diverse commercial agreements in the fields of mobile media, mobile companies, content providers, computer services, print services, unique agreements regarding the Internet and digital fields, including websites’ launching, compliance with internet and digital regulation, and ongoing legal advice in connection with the management of online social networks platforms.
Intellectual Property – The Firm is one of the most recognized in Israel in the field of copyright issues. The Firm represents printed and online newspapers, various content sites, social networking sites, publishing companies, various artists and entrepreneurs. The Firm’s involvement in this field is reflected both in representation before the courts, and ongoing representation of clients, including contractual connections, complex content agreements, licenses for use and professional opinions for communications entities.
Real Estate, Planning, and Construction – In the real estate field, the Firm offers counsel for complex real estate projects, buying procedures, planning, marketing and the sale of hundreds of housing units, including bank financing, re-zoning procedures, registration of cooperative housing projects, etc. The Firm also is involved in urban renewal projects & TAMA, and represents clients in hearings before planning and construction committees, as well as appeal committees, administrative tribunals, etc.

Contributing to the Community
The Firm’s pro bono work is focused on the sports field and is coordinated by Advocate Dor Liond. Legal assistance is provided to various non-profit organizations engaging in community activities and education aimed at encouraging social leadership among youth and sports fans while striving to ensure good governance and promote transparency and public supervision in sport. In this context, following a petition filed by the Israeli umbrella organization of football clubs supporters, a precedent-setting ruling by Tel Aviv district court was reached recently in which the Israeli Football Association was required to publish financial statements of the clubs.

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