Planning, execution, and initiation of significant contracting projects; provision of system maintenance services; green environment and waste management


Founding Year 1974
Address 24 Ha'Plada St., Emek Sara, P.O.B. 596, Be'er Sheva, 8410402, Israel - View Map
Phone טל'03-9537111073-2534900
Fax 03-9628602 08-6270453
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YSB - Ya'acobi Brothers Group is a leading holding company in Israel's operating in the fields of infrastructure, environment, and urban technologies.. The Group is a "ONE STOP SHOP" for diverse solutions and projects of various scopes in Israel, focusing on the design and execution of contractutal projects in several key areas: electromechanics, traffic, control, security and cyber, facility maintenance services, advanced parking solutions, environment, waste treatment, construction and real estate.

YSB Group operates through its’ group companies while creating the synergy and best utilization of the knowledge, experience, technology, and the unique advantages of each. The combination of its various competencies, technological capabilities, and knowledge, together with its financial strength, ensures a comprehensive turnkey solution for the Group’s customers, and complete response to their various needs, all under one roof. The success and reputation the Group in the local markets stems from the quality and excellence of execution and service. This is evidenced by the wide range of clientele, which includes the largest and leading organizations in the market – customers who require the highest level of professionalism, the ability to provide sophisticated solutions, alongside an elevated level of reliability and responsibility.
Menolead Herut Systems: execution and maintenance of complex out-door electrical and communications infrastructure projects, in-door electro-mechanical systems, and maintenance services. Menolead Herut, is among Israel’s leading companies. The company ensures strong professional execution and continues to justify its position as the right choice among project developers in the industry. The company serves as lead contractor for large organizations/institutions in Israel, under the most stringent standards.
Menobuild FM Engineering Solutions: integrated system operations and maintenance; including buildings and several of Israel’s most complex electro-mechanical systems, with three dedicated control and service centers providing unparalleled nationwide availability.
Pika Infrastructure Development Works: infrastructure contracting, drainage, development, construction, laying of communications lines, electricity, and paving. The company has a reliable team of employees with extensive experience in various fields, ensuring simple as well as complex project execution – professionally, reliably and at a high level of quality.
Green Net Recycling and Waste Treatment: Green Net is a leader in the waste management market. Green Net designs, constructs and operates plants for sorting, separating, and recycling of all waste types – including waste treatment plants and other plants. The company operates the most advanced plant in Israel, and one of the most advanced plants in the world, for sorting and separating all municipal waste in the Jerusalem metropolitan area.
Dekel Green Soil: Israel’s leading company that provides biological treatment for contaminated soil and hazardous sludge.
Ariel-Wimasor Traffic and Parking Control: is the leading technological company In Israel operating In the field of construction and maintenance of traffic-light control intersection and advanced parking systems, including supervision and control systems for traffic lights and for tunnels, that enable priority for public transportation and emergency vehicles. The company is deployed throughout the country and provides service and maintenance for the main market share of traffic light systems in Israel.
Ariel Wimasor is also a leader in the parking field, including unique LPR-based vehicle access control systems that enable single-value identification of the vehicle while correlating driver data, and which are integrated into large car parks with manual or automated pay-on-foot pay systems, as well as green parking systems (parking guidance systems). The company also works on the installation of street furniture and advanced electronic signage.
Exelerate Smart Traffic: a leading software company in Israel a leader in its field, Exelerate develops a traffic control system for traffic light controlled intersections in the urban environment. Exelerate’s systems are in 6 cities, 2 light rail systems in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and in 50% of the traffic light controlled intersection of Netivei Israel. The company is currently in significant growth and expanding its activities abroad.
Lead Control: The company specializes in the most advanced technologies, including integrated computerized systems, as well as automation, control, security, and very low voltage systems. The company is active in Israel and globally in chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, oil and gas, electricity, lighting, infrastructure and water, and sewage systems industries. Its services range from consultation, planning, management, and implementation, to the maintenance and control of complex projects. In addition, Lead Control provides intelligent lighting control and monitoring systems through the “menolinx” brand where it specializes in the development, manufacture, and distribution of lighting control systems, digital cities, and smart grids. Its technology combines the capabilities of radio, landline, and cellular communications along with reliable, cost-effective hardware and software.

S.P.I. Parking Solutions – S.P.I is involved in the design, import, marketing, sale, and installation of advanced parking solutions for vehicles and bicycles. S.P.I. works with various entrepreneurs, contractors, and corporations that required to increase the number of parking slots on a given lot. Among its customers are Ayalon Highways, Israel Railway, entrepreneurs in the field of urban renewal, and companies that operate car parks and contractors. S.P.I. works with its customers from the planning and permit phase, through the on-site installation phase to service and maintenance.
D & I: specializes in providing comprehensive solutions in the management of water entities, water, and energy infrastructures. The company specializes in a variety of services including infrastructures detection (water, fuel, and gas), monitoring leaks using advanced solutions, as well as the rehabilitation of water pipes and sewage using with non-destructive technology.

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