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Founding Year 2017
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Dr. Benny Calderon, Adv Accountant Partner, Yossi Elisha Calderon & Co.

Dr. Benny Calderon

Adv Accountant Partner

Yossi Elisha, Adv & CPA Foundig Partner, Yossi Elisha Calderon & Co.

Yossi Elisha

Adv & CPA Foundig Partner

About Yossi Elisha Calderon & Co.

Yossi Elisha Calderon & Co. is a leading Israeli boutique law firm in the field of taxation. The Firm provides consulting services, as well as guidance and representation to a wide range of clients in various tax areas - both in Israel and globally.

With its strong reputation for providing legal services and tax consultation to some of Israel’s leading and well-known companies, the Firm has an excellent reputation,  and is known as one of the highest quality tax firms in Israel, with high rankings in both international and Israeli legal guides, which rank the Firm as a leader in its field in Israel.

The Firm offers its clients a wide range of legal services in the various areas of taxation, particularly in corporate and individual Israeli and international taxation, real estate taxation and Value Added Tax.

The Firm is always involved in significant and prominent transactions in the Israeli economy and is responsible for setting many leading legal decisions and precedents, including issues which are regularly taught at law faculties as case studies in the field of taxation in Israel.

The Firm has extensive experience in managing complex tax issues and specializes in a wide range of activities in this field.

In addition, the Firm has many years of experience in receiving pre-rulings from the tax authorities, in tax litigation in Israeli courts and in the field of tax treaties that relate to avoiding double taxation between foreign countries.

Yossi Elisha Calderon & Co. is known for its unique expertise in real estate taxation and represents some of Israel’s leading real estate companies and entrepreneurs. The Firm provides legal counsel to some of the largest and most prominent real estate projects in Israel, estimated at billions of NIS, holds unique experience in urban renewal taxation, and assists with many TAMA 38 (National Outline Plan) projects, as well as evacuation-construction projects.

The firm’s heads,  Adv. Yossi Elisha (CPA) and Dr. Benny Calderon, (Accountant) are senior Israeli tax experts, with extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge in a variety of tax issues. Both previously headed the taxation department at Lipa Meir & Co., one of Israel’s largest law firms.

The Firm’s Founding Partner, Yossi Elisha also serves as the Joint Chairman of the Tax Forum of the Israel Bar Association and represents the Bar at the Knesset Finance Committee in all tax legislation procedures in Israel. He is also a partner in the process of formulating professional circulars and implementation instructions published by the Israel Tax Authority.

Advocate Elisha was recently appointed by the Director of the Israel Tax Authority to serve on various committees appointed to formulate legislative amendments and to formulate Israel Tax Authority policy, including:

  • A Committee for Examination of Bookkeeping Regulations;
  • A team to consider the reduction and efficiency of the bureaucratic burden in Israel;
  • A Committee to Examine Legislative Amendments in Value Added Tax Law;
  • A Committee to Examine Legislative Amendments in International Taxation.

The Firm’s extensive familiarity with complex taxation issues enables it to provide comprehensive and strategic tax consulting, and to develop efficient tax plans for commercial and project financing transactions.

All Firm employees hold extensive academic education and economic degrees in addition to their accreditation as lawyers. The combination of economic education and legal education provides significant added value, enabling the Firm’s clients to realize their business aspirations and needs in every transaction.

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