Yehuda Group Yehuda Welded Mesh Ltd., Yehuda Steel Ltd., Yehuda Fences Ltd.

The manufacture and processing of steel and fencing products


Founding Year 1974
Address 6 Hayozma St., Northern Industrial Zone, P.O.B. 4117, Ashdod 7714002 - View Map
Phone 08-8515757
Fax 08-8521932
Email [email protected]
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About Yehuda Group Yehuda Welded Mesh Ltd., Yehuda Steel Ltd., Yehuda Fences Ltd.

The Company is named after the Tribe of Judea, one of the 12 tribes of ancient Israel that settled in the area. In 1974, Yehuda Welded Mesh began operations with just 19 employees Today, the Yehuda Group consists of 10 factories located throughout Israel, with 750 employees, and is one of Israel's largest steel producers and processors for the construction industry.

The Yehuda Group includes three companies:
• Yehuda Welded Mesh
Yehuda Welded Mesh processes steel for construction purposes according to customer specifications, as well as manufacturing steel cage pilings and other complex prefabricated reinforcement elements for customers in the construction and infrastructure industries. The production of complex elements is the way forward for fast and accurate construction with a limited labor force. Its factories are located in Ashdod, Beit Shemesh, Acre and Hod Ha’Sharon. This geographical spread enables the Company to provide excellent customer service in all parts of the country. The Company’s mesh plant in Ashdod manufactures welded mesh for reinforced concrete, as well as standard mesh and special sized mesh to order.
• Yehuda Steel
Yehuda Steel was founded in 1995 and recycles ferrous scrap, which is melted and casted into steel billets, which are then rolled and turned into steel bars for use in reinforced concrete. Since 2002, Yehuda Steel has been the franchiser for the Ministry of Defense for the collection and processing of metal scrap and non ferros from the I.D.F.
• Yehuda Fences
Yehuda Fences, is located in Beit Shemesh, has pioneered the idea of welded mesh fencing. The Company manufactures, sells and installs decorative, safety, security, sport, gates, and mobile fences, in Israel and worldwide. The Barzelan factory, which is located in Beit Shemesh, also manufactures fences and fencing products such as braided barbed mesh and barbed wire, and also sells construction products such as poles, binding wires, etc.

Professional Commitment
All Yehuda Group companies are committed to a professional code that stresses uncompromising excellence, efficiency and professional service, alongside adherence to the most demanding Israeli and international standards.

Environmental Standards
The Group’s recycling plant is Israel’s largest and recycles over 300 thousand tons of scrap metal each year while maintaining the highest standards to protect the environment. The Group is constantly investing capital and resources in dust filtration systems. All Group activities are carried out with an awareness and concern for the environment and in strict adherence to the standards and demands of the Ministry of the Environmental Protection.

All manufacturing and logistical processes within the Group are supported by the most advanced computer systems available. This facilitates delivery to customers of products meeting the highest standards of accuracy, due to excellent pre-planning and attention to customer needs.

Investments and Development
The Yehuda Group continues to develop, with the intent to continue leading the Israeli steel industry. The Company built and operates a new innovative and advanced scrap processing plant. Recently we started producing in the new rolling plant, which is based on the most advanced continuous process technology that will meet the new standards as well as the requirements of the environment.

Human Resources
The Yehuda Group attributes its success to the excellent human relations at all its plants. A warm relationship prevails between workers and management, based on mutual respect, the joy of creation and, above all – loyalty to the Group and its customers. The Group is known as an employer of new immigrants. The Group’s employees and management are involved in community activities and contribute mainly to the advancement of education for children and young adults.

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