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Founding Year 2013
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Eli Yanushevsky, Owner and CEO, Yanushevsky Engineering &  Construction

Eli Yanushevsky

Owner and CEO

Nir Yanushevsky, Deputy CEO, Yanushevsky Engineering &  Construction

Nir Yanushevsky

Deputy CEO

Elinor Yanushevsky Rozen, Director of Urban Renewal Projects, Yanushevsky Engineering &  Construction

Elinor Yanushevsky Rozen

Director of Urban Renewal Projects

Amos Rozen, Director of Green Building Projects, Yanushevsky Engineering &  Construction

Amos Rozen

Director of Green Building Projects

Gil Cnaani, Director of Marketing, Yanushevsky Engineering &  Construction

Gil Cnaani

Director of Marketing


Yanushevsky operates in the field of engineering execution, and development. The Company combines entrepreneurial, planning and execution capabilities alongside innovation, uncompromising professionalism, and creativity at the highest levels of quality. Moreover, it specializes in complex engineering and logistic projects, and is recognized for its ability to meet especially challenging deadlines. The Company also develops and executes urban renewal and green building projects, according to Israeli Standards. The Company holds the "C – 5, 100 Sector" Unlimited Contractor Classification, and is a contractor for government projects.

A High Standard of Professional Competence
The exacting standards of Yanushevsky are clear to all parties concerned, and the quality of projects it undertakes has received public and official recognition. In recent years, the Company was awarded, twice in a row, first place and honorable mention in a competition for excellence in the construction industry, awarded by the Israel Builders Association – effectively the Oscar of the construction industry. The Company is currently spearheading Israeli execution companies thanks to its capabilities, expertise, and quality of products.

A Wide Range of Projects
Yanushevsky has completed, during its decades of operation, a wide range of industrial projects such as office and commercial buildings, projects in the fields of the energy, pharmaceutical and clean industries, residential buildings and neighborhoods, hospitals, assisted living centers, public institutions, educational institutions, industrial kitchens, catering facilities, and a host of government and security facilities that cannot be detailed.

Challenging Engineering Projects
Yanushevsky excels in its ability to execute projects that are considered engineering-complex. These projects include projects for the defense, hi-tech, pharmaceutical and energy industries, public institutions, including primarily finishing work and complex systems. Thanks to its experienced professionals, skilled work teams, creative thinking, and meticulous attention to detail – Yanushevsky is a crucial partner in completing the most challenging and complex projects in Israel.
Ramat Gavriel- Power Plant – Yanushevsky is now working on, as its civil engineering contractor, the construction of a gas-powered power station for Siemens Israel and the RD developer at Ramat Gavriel, located in Migdal Ha’Emek. The plant covers an area of 6,000 square meters and is to generate 73 megawatts of electricity and will include construction of a base for gas and steam turbines, as well as generators, the construction of a four-story control and supervision structure, steel bridges for various pipes and a retaining wall that includes anchors and piles. This is a unique project that only a few Israeli contractors have undertaken and carries a particularly high environmental value.
Ashalim Solar Tower – Yanushevsky just recently completed, as lead contractor, the construction of a solar tower project in Ashalim for General Electric. The solar tower is to be the world’s tallest, and is part of the thermo-solar power plant project near Kibbutz Ashalim in the Negev. This 240-meter solar tower has a huge water heater that produces steam through 55,000 mirrors covering an area equivalent to 400 soccer fields and projects sunlight onto the tower. This unique, complex, and challenging project will provide 1% of Israel’s electricity and reduce the emission of 110,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Logistically Challenging Projects
Creativity, ability to anticipate problems and to find solutions in the field, professional experience of many years of dealing with outstanding challenges in various projects enables Yanushevsky to undertake projects in foreign countries, projects with stringent security requirements, and to work in populated buildings and locations that pose various challenges.
The Israeli Embassy in Paris – preservation, and construction of the Israeli Embassy building in Paris. The project included finishing work and systems in the building area of 500 square meters. Government works in a foreign country requires prior planning and preparation, and includes, inter alia, consideration of construction policies in a foreign country, security needs such as employees with security permits, construction equipment as well as “blue and white” building materials, forwarding, and logistics.

Projects with Tight Deadlines
Specialization in projects with exceptionally tight deadlines is possible thanks to forward and meticulous planning, substantial experience in construction engineering, familiarity with building technologies and innovative construction methods, as well as long-standing relationships of trust with consultants, contractors, and professionals.
Herzliya Medical Center – The “Herzliya Medical Center” is a private hospital that carries out various medical operations in all medical fields. This project was characterized by a particularly challenging schedule. Within only ten days, five operating rooms, a hospital floor, and a recovery floor were demolished and rebuilt, while the hospital continued to function normally. To meet the challenge, a work plan and an hourly schedule were prepared in advance. In addition, all materials stored on the site were pre-ordered before construction began, and the construction teams worked around the clock, including during the Passover holiday, to meet the deadline. The work was carried out while the hospital was still functioning, and required a sterile and quiet environment

Green Building Projects
Yanushevsky is a pioneer in urban renewal projects according to green standards and is considered an expert in complex green projects according to Israel Standard 5281,building in all sectors, industries, and scopes, without restriction and with remarkable success. In addition, the Company develops green building technologies which are the fruit of successful experience and offers creative and successful solutions in the field of green building.
Herzog Hospital, Jerusalem – The addition of a new wing at Jerusalem’s Herzog Geriatric Hospital. The wing covers some 25,000 square meters and includes a nine-story building, with technical use floors, a fortified floor for emergencies and hospitalization floors. The project also included a connection of the new wing to the existing hospital and the installation of systems that included medical gases. Yanushevsky completed all finishing works and building systems. The new wing was built according to Israel Green Standard 5281.

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