Yadar Group

Real estate entrepreneurship and construction, specializing in TAMA 38 projects in the Greater Dan Region


Founding Year 1999
Address 128 Begin Road, Tel Aviv-Jaffa 6701316 - View Map
Phone 972-3-5333033
Fax 972-77-5621481
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Tamir Ran, Managing Partner, Yadar Group

Tamir Ran

Managing Partner

Zion Otmazgin, Chief Executive Officer, Yadar Group

Zion Otmazgin

Chief Executive Officer

Eli Yosimov, Managing Partner, Yadar Group

Eli Yosimov

Managing Partner

About Yadar Group

Yadar Group is a leading construction company that specializes in urban renewal projects and the reinforcement of buildings according to TAMA 38 requirements. The Group has an excellent reputation built over two decades of planning and executing a variety of projects, including residential buildings, villas, the preservation of historical sites and other structures. The Group offers a range of services in the urban renewal field, all under one roof, and among its employees are the best engineers, architects, interior designers and other leading professionals in the field.

Yadar’s customers receive personal and professional attention at the highest level, along with a commitment to quality work and strict adherence to timetables. All projects offer full banking support, affording customers complete security and peace of mind throughout the building process.

Yadar Group is one of the first companies in Israel to upgrade older residential buildings and now specializes in TAMA 38/1 and 38/2 projects. Besides renovating and expanding existing apartments, Yadar also offers design and construction services at an attractive price along with uncompromising performance. Even though it is a “boutique” company, it can provide personal and close attention, and has the requisite resources and the ability to work on many projects at the same time, including projects at various stages, from planning onto construction and marketing.

TAMA 38 Projects – The Tenants are Full Partners in the Process

The Group boasts many years of professional experience with TAMA 38 projects. This is evidenced by the fact that many of its new customers are following the warm recommendations of their friends who have undergone the urban renewal process, under the Yadar Group.

Group management considers its tenants as full partners, and accordingly, members of management are exceptionally involved and readily available, lending full attention to every question and request, throughout the process.

The Yadar Group has many years of experience in identifying and initiating projects suitable for TAMA 38 and works well with the relevant bureaucracy and local authorities in promoting receipt of all relevant permits and approvals. The Group has experience with TAMA 38/1 projects, which involve the renovation and upgrading of existing apartments and the construction of new apartments above the existing building, and TAMA 38/2 projects, which involve the demolition of an existing building and the construction of a new building.

Comprehensive Service from the Group’s Specialized Departments

Yadar Group prides itself on its professional high quality staff. Its professionals and suppliers have extensive experience in the field and transfer their knowledge to the projects and the customers. The Group is loyal to its employees and suppliers and insists on professional excellence without compromise while maintaining competitive prices for its customers.

The Group has several specialized departments that work in full cooperation and synergy.

The Group’s construction department includes professionals working in the field, such as contractors, engineers, foremen, construction workers, and others.

The engineering and project development department specializes in ongoing customer care and enables all residents of the TAMA 38 project to receive a customized apartment according to their needs and desires. With this in mind, the department offers an in-house architect, who provides a professional solution for all customers, all in addition to the project’s external architect, who plans the project in its entirety. The Group’s architect coordinates all changes and additions to the project vis-à-vis the municipalities.

The Group also employs an interior designer as part of the tenants’ change department, who together with the residents, plans the apartments up to the most essential details in the new or renovated apartment. This department handles the needs of each resident after closing of the transaction and works with the tenant up to key delivery.

The Group also acts as a project manager responsible for promoting projects with the local authorities, to best advance the approval process. Besides the project manager, an engineer on behalf of the company is regularly in contact with the relevant authorities and with the various consultants in each authority, to ensure that Yadar’s affairs are handled promptly. The increased presence of the Yadar’s representatives at the various authorities is a significant advantage, enabling the rapid and efficient promotion of the Group’s multiple projects.

Yadar’s marketing department is in-house and monitors the market and experiences it in real time and in the field.

Selected Projects

  • Yadar complex on Negba-3,5 and 7 Negba, in Ness Ziona – a TAMA 38/1 project, which offers an additional ten apartments per building and more parking slots. Three buildings in one of the most desirable areas of Ness Ziona. The project is in a young and family-oriented neighborhood, nearby parks, public institutions, commercial centers, and public transportation.
  • Yadar complex on Aminadav, in Tel Aviv – 16,18 and 20 Aminadav in Tel Aviv – a TAMA 38/338/1 project, which offers more parking slots, through doubled underground parking slots. The building facades will receive a new, and an updated look incorporating high-quality and innovative materials. Three buildings in the newly developing Bitzaron district, with the addition of 22 apartments per building.
  • Yadar complex on Jaffa’s Ger Zedek Street – a TAMA project 38/1 involving building reinforcement, located in one of Jaffa’s most developing areas. The project has three buildings to which 13 new apartments will be added in each building, along with the upgrading of the existing apartments, infrastructure, the facades, and parking slots.

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