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Founding Year 1923
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About Salomon, Lipschütz & Co.

The Salomon, Lipschütz & Co. Law Firm is one of Israel's most distinguished and leading firms. The Firm offers its clients complete and first-rate legal services, pertinent to the commercial, civil, and public fields. Over its nine decades of legal work, since its establishment in Salomon, Lifshitz & Co. is one of the largest and leading law firms in Israel, providing its clients with comprehensive legal counsel in the areas of commercial, civil, and public law. Over its 90 years of extensive and varied legal activity since its inception in 1923, the Firm has developed a professional worldview based on the human capital that it has nurtured, along with mental flexibility, thoroughness, and uncompromising dedication to its clients. 1923, the Firm has developed a professional outlook, based on the human assets it has nurtured from within. In this way, the Firm has succeeded in developing and maintaining an intellectual elasticity and diversity with uncompromising devotion to providing its clients with the utmost professional quality and personal care.


Jaacov Rivanowitch

Ofer Schweizer

Hanoch Morgenstern

Nitza Posner

Narda Ben-Zvi

Dror Timor

Eran Seraya

Almog Doron

Amit Gur

Einat Carmi-Barak

Noam Bar-David

David Schottenfels

Ori Kasir

Itamar Pantz

Merav Arad-Salomon

Ayman Sabbah

Chen Dastagor

Maher Dali

Efrat Rahamim

Moran Yossef

Dror Apfeldorf

Moran Lantosh

Key Practice Areas
Banking – The department works with leading financial institutions in Israel and abroad, and provides ongoing advice to bank managements, representation in insolvency proceedings of banks and other creditors, including bankruptcy, liquidation, receivership, and credit arrangements.
Real Estate – The department has established experience with many malls and commercial centers and their day-to-day operation, and represents the largest and most influential groups in this field in Israel.
Hi-Tech – one of the leading departments in its field in Israel. The department provides comprehensive legal advice to various start-ups, technology companies, pharma, software and hardware, biotechnology, communications, technology incubators, venture capital funds, and more.
Commercial Litigation – The department counsels leading banks, insurance companies, government and municipal entities, various companies operating in the fields of trade, industry, and services, foreign clients, and private clients.
Planning and Construction – the department provides ongoing legal advice and help in the preparation and submission of city building plans for projects in many and varied areas and representation before the various planning institutions and courts.
Intellectual Property – The Intellectual Property Department is well known and recognized in its field and has unique expertise in the areas of trademark infringement, copyright, theft of trade secrets, plagiarism, and other commercial wrongs.
Transportation – The department counsels companies that operate public transportation lines and companies that provide transportation solutions and services to the tourism industry, educational institutions, municipalities, local councils, and various workplaces.
Corporations and Commercial Law – Among the department’s clients are Fortune 500 companies, banks, public and private companies, start-ups, industrial plants, partnerships, cooperatives, and individuals, in merger and acquisition transactions, investment rounds, joint ventures, spin-offs, and reorganization.
Labor Law – One of the leading departments in its field in Israel. Represents the largest organizations in the economy and provides comprehensive legal services, from advice regarding day-to-day conduct in the workplace to representation in courts and complex processes.
Urban Renewal – The department accompanies projects for urban renewal both in representing tenants, representing entrepreneurs, and representing institutional factors in various areas of law such as real estate, planning and construction, taxation, banking and finance, and more.
Mergers and Acquisitions – The department counsels leading companies from various fields in the Israeli economy as well as international companies and advises them on an ongoing basis regarding mergers, acquisitions, and splits, including senior management and the Board of Directors, conducting negotiations, due diligence, drafting and signing contracts.
Anti-Money Laundering – The department provides ongoing legal assistance and is extensively involved in this developing and innovative field while implementing and embedding anti-money laundering laws and proper regulatory management in banks and other entities.
Energy and Natural Gas – This department specializes in the legal support of projects and companies in energy, infrastructure and natural gas, with particular expertise in the construction of private power plants, construction of natural gas infrastructures, and the marketing and distribution of natural gas in Israel.
Insolvency – The department has extensive experience in all stages related to liquidation proceedings, receiverships, freezing proceedings, and execution of debt arrangements by both debtors and creditors.
Class Actions – The department operates in all instances and represents most of the country’s public transportation activities and companies in hi-tech and pharma.
Municipal Taxation – The municipal taxation department has excellent expertise in examining and reducing the charges of local authorities and municipal corporations, including improvement levies, fees, and development levies (sewage, water, paving, and canalization), additional ancillary levies, property taxes.
Torts and Insurance – The department has extensive experience representing a wide range of insurance companies in Israel and abroad, corporations, ports, and even individuals. The department’s staff provides various legal services, including representation in courts, arbitration and mediation, and ongoing legal advice.
Tender Law – This department counsels partnerships, local companies, and international companies participating in various types of tenders and different public bodies, including submitting and managing administrative petitions to cancel tenders, stopping tender procedures, changing the terms of the tender, and more.
Competition Law – The department provides preliminary advice to prepare for acquisitions, mergers, or joint ventures to examine compliance with the law, receive approval from the Antitrust Commissioner, examine the law’s applicability regarding monopolies and their consequences, and represent clients in antitrust inquiries.
Crisis Management – ranging from advising and providing legal advice to companies and Boards of Directors, including bond arrangements and shareholder disputes, through purchase transactions, appointing officials on behalf of a court, and ending with representing controlling shareholders, debtors, and creditors.
Inheritance Law – The department advises and assists in managing lawsuits and disputes between heirs, drafting wills, agreements between heirs, submitting applications for an inheritance order and a will, opposing a will, managing estates, drafting a power of attorney, and administrative law.
Administrative Law – The department has extensive experience in representing and advising both bodies and individuals from the private sector and government and municipal bodies (such as local authorities and government companies) on a variety of topics, including tenders, planning and construction, public transport, local authorities and property taxes, environment, discrimination, freedom of information, and other constitutional rights.

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