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Promotion and implementation of residential urban renewal housing projects


Founding Year 1971
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Tomer Reifman, Chief Executive Officer, Yaaz Entrepreneurship and Construction

Tomer Reifman

Chief Executive Officer

Abraham Yukiel, Owner, Yaaz Entrepreneurship and Construction

Abraham Yukiel


About Yaaz Entrepreneurship and Construction

Yaaz Entrepreneurship and Construction is a family-owned, and a firmly established Israeli company, with experience of more than 50 years. The Company has grown along with the country, and quite a few of its projects are milestones in Israel's history. Yaaz is one of Israel's few real estate boutique companies, and according to BDI and D&B ratings, is among its leading companies in the field. The vast experience gained over time, alongside the professionalism that characterizes its staff, has given Yaaz a strong reputation in the areas of entrepreneurship and construction, along with pronounced economic stability. Yaaz also holds the "C5" contractors' classification, which is the highest classification in the construction industry. Yaaz has espoused the concepts of quality – professionalism, employees, precision, and construction, in its daily work.

Yaaz initiates and promotes numerous projects and has robust planning and execution capabilities. It specializes in large, complex engineering residential housing projects and the preservation of buildings, working with municipal bodies in charge of preservation, and high-quality execution of urban renewal/evacuation projects.

Urban Renewal
Urban renewal projects, in their various forms, are challenging projects both for the building contractor and the homeowner. Urban renewal projects bring together different aspects and sensitivities not found in ordinary construction projects.
Yaaz which was chosen by the Tel Aviv Municipality and included its resource list of authorized construction companies to undertake urban renewal projects has made an in-depth study of the various urban renewal projects and has become a leader and expert in extracting the maximum potential for the homeowners.
As part of the partnership between Yaaz and the homeowners, the Company offers the maximum possible cooperation, while understanding that a project of such a nature, takes several years. Yaaz affords its personal and professional attention, from the decision-making process towards project implementation, while safeguarding the interests of all parties and maximum consideration of the homeowners during the construction phase, all the while maintaining high-quality standards and meeting deadlines.
Yaaz bring a significant advantage to its urban renewal projects – unlike other companies, Yaaz is also an entrepreneur and a contractor, so the homeowners are dealing with one professional party that manages and executes the entire project. As a boutique company, Yaaz is with the homeowner customer all along the way – from the first meeting to project completion, and no less critical – Yaaz brings exceptional financial strength, which ensures the homeowner peace of mind and complete confidence throughout the project, and a clear understanding that its project is being handled by a professional and well-experienced company

Focusing on Tel Aviv
Yaaz is an integral part of the Tel Aviv fabric. The Company, which is located in Tel Aviv, has a close connection to the Municipality and its planning and implementation boards, and building on its experience and reputation, can take a large part in building the city and improving it for the sake of its residents.
Yaaz is one of the few entrepreneurial companies selected by “Ezra U’Bizron,” a subsidiary of the Tel Aviv Municipality to be a franchisee for the development and implementation of urban renewal projects in Tel Aviv, after having complied with all required criteria.
Tel Aviv has many buildings slated for preservation, and Yaaz is one of the leading companies in the field. Through an elite team of engineers who bring their extensive experience in specific preservation work in Tel Aviv, Yaaz has been able to preserve many buildings in Tel Aviv, some of which are residential buildings (one of them was chosen as one of the five most beautiful buildings in the city) and many public buildings, such as the Sarona complex which houses 13 historic buildings that were preserved.

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