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Insurance, torts, bodily injury, and property damage, long term care insurance


Founding Year 2000
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Shahaf Haiman, Adv., Warsha Asaf & Co., Law Office

Shahaf Haiman


Tomer Nahmani, Adv., Warsha Asaf & Co., Law Office

Tomer Nahmani


Sivan Keidar, Adv., Warsha Asaf & Co., Law Office

Sivan Keidar


Oshrit Yehoshua-Cohen Zedek, עו"ד, Warsha Asaf & Co., Law Office

Oshrit Yehoshua-Cohen Zedek


Eyal Bador, Adv., Warsha Asaf & Co., Law Office

Eyal Bador


Suha Younis, Adv., Warsha Asaf & Co., Law Office

Suha Younis


Asaf Warsha, Founder Manager, Warsha Asaf & Co., Law Office

Asaf Warsha

Founder Manager

Maya Shabi, Adv., Warsha Asaf & Co., Law Office

Maya Shabi


About Warsha Asaf & Co., Law Office

Warsha Asaf & Co., Law Office is a boutique law firm that practices only insurance and torts. This unique strength of the firm generates the added value from which the clients benefit when combined with the team's professional excellence with transparency and reliability in the personal legal service that is provided to the firm's clients. This dynamic firm was founded in 2000 by Adv. Asaf Warsha, Chairman of the Israeli Bar Association's Property Claims and Subrogation Committee, which is ranked as one of Israel's leading insurance law firms..

The firm is at the forefront of its practice area from the technological aspects, fully scans-based, with fully-automated and technological communication with the insurance companies, the courts and the Execution Chamber, which leads to fast results and collection while protecting the environment. The firm has an internal execution department, and also a direct connection with the Execution Chamber, to expedite the collection process for the benefit of the clients.
An additional unique strength of the firm is its integrated knowledge in its practice areas, which serves as a cornerstone for its numerous successes. The firm has in-depth and broad know-how in its field because its founder worked in insurance companies, Public Advocacy, and private law firms. In addition, since the firm represents both insurance companies and claims against them, it knows its ins-and-outs, including all of the overlapping insurance/torts aspects, such as policy interpretation and the application of a policy to torts claims.
The firm has a major department that practices bodily harm, including road accidents, long-term care claims, elders and young people who need to activate a long-term care policy and negligence claims for bodily harm that resulted from the responsibility of an external entity, such as falling or work accidents.

Adv. Asaf Warsha
Married and proud father of 4, Co-Chairman of the tort forum at the Israeli Bar Association and the Co-Chairman of the Israeli Bar Association’s Court Committee. Adv. Warsha also serves as a member of the Bar Association’s Insurance Committee.
Adv. Warsha has an LL.B. and an LL.M. from Tel Aviv University. He graduated from the Israeli Bar Association’s mediation course, is a certified mediator of the Israeli Bar Association and the Israeli Courts Administration and graduate of the arbitration course. In addition, he has been serving as a member of the Municipal Taxes Appeals Committee, Ramat Gan Municipality.
Graduated from the advanced training: Directors and Senior Officers of the Lawyer Training College and the Israeli Bar Association, certified mediator and arbitrator.

Practice Areas
Insurance – The firm has been representing both leading insurance companies and private clients in insurance matters for about two decades. It achieved great success in claims against insurance companies, even in cases where the companies rejected the claim and the lawsuit, in cases such as car thefts, non-coverage due to unauthorized driver claims, uncovered damages, lack of operative vehicle security systems, reduced accident compensation due to vehicle depreciation, floods, damage extent, fire, property damage claims in road accidents, liability and negligence claims, claims under insurance policies and more. The firm also represents leading insurance companies in hundreds of cases in a variety of insurance cases.
Bodily Harm – The firm represents both plaintiffs and defendants and has longstanding experience in the representation of road accident victims, including representing plaintiffs against insurance companies in claims under the Road Accidents Compensation Law. The firm also handles a variety of bodily harm claims including workplace accidents, student injuries in schools/facilities/institutions during school hours and in extracurricular activities, bodily harm due to hazards in the local authority’s jurisdiction, workplace accidents (vis-a-vis both the employer and National Insurance) and more. The firm handles the variety of claims from the initial counseling stage, through the medical and National Insurance committees, the negotiations with the insurance companies and the filing of lawsuits.
Property Damage – The firm has extensive experience in representing private clients vis-a-vis the insurance companies and the perpetrators.
In addition to vehicle damages, the firm handles a wide variety of property damages such as structure damage due to building defects, fire and flood damage, theft and more. The firm handles the variety of claims from the initial counseling and through the filing of court proceedings against the perpetrators and the insurance companies.
Litigation – As a firm that handles hundreds of cases in all of the courts and tribunals, all of the firm’s lawyers specialize in litigation, appear in the courts and are familiar with the relevant court regulations.
Long-term care insurance – The firm specializes in the long-term insurance field while handling the monthly compensation issue to assist in paying a caretaker or a nursing institute. The firm reviews whether the case is suitable for a long-term care claim, to enable its clients to age with dignity.
Execution – The firm has vast experience in collection and execution and has an internal execution department that carries out the execution process exclusively for the firm’s cases. The firm handles monetary claims and the enforcement of court decisions, notes and more. The firm has online access to the Execution Chamber’s data – and this enables taking immediate actions and monitoring until the fast collection.
Traffic and Transportation – The firm specializes in representing defendants before the traffic courts throughout Israel for road accidents and traffic tickets they received for traffic and parking violations and handles parking tickets vis-a-vis the local authorities. The firm is highly experienced in the traffic field including handling speeding tickets, license suspensions, traffic cameras, fines, nominating tickets, DUI, laser speed guns and points.

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