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Urban Renewal Projects, Focusing on Evacuation-Construction and TAMA 38 Projects


Founding Year 2005
Address 23 Menachem Begin (Levinstein Tower, 5th floor), Tel Aviv 66182 - View Map
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Etiel Ben Porat, Owner and Co-Chief Executive Officer, Urban Renewal

Etiel Ben Porat

Owner and Co-Chief Executive Officer

Dor Raitman, Owner and Co-Chief Executive Officer, Urban Renewal

Dor Raitman

Owner and Co-Chief Executive Officer


Urban Renewal was founded in 2005 to be involved in the field of urban renewal projects. The Company's founders decided to professionalize and specialize in the field, and even lead the field among private apartment owners. Urban Renewal is one of the first companies in the sector to receive TAMA 38 building permits in the Gush Dan Region. The Company now focuses on evacuation-construction projects in Tel Aviv and large complexes in other cities.

You Can Depend On Us !!

The Company’s vision is now evolving, as the urban renewal sector becomes a significant growth engine for the real estate market. In fact, this sector is expected to fashion, almost exclusively, the future of housing units in urban centers.

Urban Renewal – First in Execution
Since its start in 2005, the Company has acquired considerable experience and know-how in the field of urban renewal in general, and TAMA 38, in particular. The Company was the first to receive TAMA 38 approvals from the municipal councils of Kiryat Ono, Givatayim, and Ramat Gan, the first to have worked on TAMA 38 projects, and the first to complete TAMA 38 projects in Tel Aviv, Givatayim, Ramat Gan and Kiryat Ono.
The Company has already completed several urban renewal projects. In fact, the Company is one of the few companies in Israel, which realized a real need for TAMA 38 projects, thus its extensive experience in promoting such projects with the various authorities, including municipal authorities, tax authorities and various other regulators.

Current Projects
On Ha’Zamir Street in Kiryat Ono, the Company is now focusing on one of Israel’s most significant urban renewal projects – the renewal of 9 existing buildings, with 144 existing housing units and the addition of 60 new housing units, as part of a sizeable evacuation-reconstruction project. The project is called “Nofei Reisfeld,” and construction on site continues, with most of the project already completed and the housing units already delivered. In addition, the Company has several other new projects underway in the Gush Dan Region – 3 Mitzpe, in Ramat Gan; 16 Sharett, in Tel Aviv, as well as 18-20 Sokolov, in Ramat Gan, and even more.

Projects in the Planning Stage
The Company is now advancing several other sites for eventual evacuation and construction, some as part of licensing procedures and some in the framework of promotion of specific plans. For example 17-23 Smuts Boulevard in Tel Aviv (88 housing units), the Peterson Wedgewood Compound in Tel Aviv’s Yad Eliyahu district (400 housing units), 92-96 Derech Ha’Shalom in Tel Aviv (192 housing units), the Gonenim-Nehorai Compound in Jerusalem (240 housing units) and more.

Focusing on Residents of Older Buildings
The Company considers the residents of older apartment buildings prime customers and therefore has put a priority on servicing them, with the understanding that this group is the heart of any urban renewal project. Accordingly, the Company is committed to total availability to the residents, to shorten the construction time to a minimum, and to full transparency of all project processes. The Company is proud of its reputation and considers it a significant part of its success.
The Company’s advantages, as noted below, reflect the experience and know-how acquired since its founding, and the best possible service it offers to its customers. These values have earned the Company a reputation over time and have made it into a leading and innovative company.
• Priority and Experience – The Company has already planned and executed many urban renewal projects for all Gush Dan Region local authorities and has overcome many administrative and bureaucratic hindrances. The Company’s experience, especially in Tel Aviv, is fully available to its customers. The proven ability to manage such projects and the connection of urban renewal to the field will save the Company’s customers precious time, unnecessary hassles, and inconvenience, and will allow them to enjoy their new property within a brief period. All this, in addition to the personal attitude, the close attention, and the professional response throughout the project, afforded by the Company to its customers.
• Professionalism and Expertise – The Company’s focus on urban renewal projects, including evacuation-construction and TAMA 38 resulted from a sincere belief that it could offer the public a better quality of life and save lives during earthquakes. This is the Company’s professional satisfaction, it does not make any moves without proper preparation, nor does it jump on the next real estate trend. The Company believes that it is here to stay, to gain the expertise and use it to serve its customers.
• Personal Empowerment – The Company believes that the owners of the oldest apartments in any particular building, are its most important asset, and considers them as the heart of the process. The customers are those who must be satisfied, and the Company works for them. Satisfied customers are the Company’s business card, and the Company makes every effort to satisfy its customer base so that they will return in the future. The partnership between the Company and the owners of the apartments is essential to the success of the entire project, and therefore the personal connection is above all. The hundreds of families that have chosen the Company to this day are undoubtedly its best sales promoters!
• Continuous Contact, Personal Attention, and High Service Awareness – Working with the Company, the customer will at once discover that it is working with people and not with a company. The Company’s owners and its senior managers, will manage the negotiations, sign the agreements, manage the execution, and maintain continuous contact during the work process. Moreover, customers can always contact the Company by way of its mobile phone lines at all hours of the day.
• Building Smart and Quickly – In any contract with the Company, the customer looks forward to a short delivery schedule, both in the planning stage and during the execution of the project itself. The vast experience that the Company has accumulated in earlier projects guarantees the customer savings of time and most importantly significant savings of money. Proper planning and first-hand acquaintance of the relevant municipal factors enable the Company to comply with the timetables that it has set, and to provide the customer, quickly and with confidence, the key to the newly upgraded home.

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