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Founding Year 2006
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Yifat Ben-Arie Steinberg, Adv Head of the Planning Construction and Litigation Department, Tzvi Shoob Law Offices

Yifat Ben-Arie Steinberg

Adv Head of the Planning Construction and Litigation Department

Tzvi Shoob, Adv Owner and Managing Partner, Tzvi Shoob Law Offices

Tzvi Shoob

Adv Owner and Managing Partner

Amir Dremer, Adv Head of the Real Estate and Urban Renewal Department, Tzvi Shoob Law Offices

Amir Dremer

Adv Head of the Real Estate and Urban Renewal Department

About Tzvi Shoob Law Offices

The Tzvi Shoob Law Firm is a leader in all aspects of real estate, including planning, construction, transactions, urban renewal, taxation and litigation. The Firm has the requisite expertise in the promotion and management of planning procedures, zoning change, land improvement, promotion of plans, objections to real estate consolidation and distribution plans, regulatory land plans, preservation, handling of improvement levies, compensation following plan impairments, land expropriation, licensing procedures, as well as legal representation at various regulatory bodies

The Firm has expertise in handling real estate-transaction combinations, TAMA 38 plans, evacuation-construction plans purchase groups, Israel Land Authority transactions, wills, and land taxation. The Firm also has expertise in real estate legal proceedings, including claims for partnership dissolution, evictions and settlement, endowments, tort claims, bequests, inheritances and more. The Firm has extensive experience and expertise in conducting legal proceedings before the various judicial instances such as appeals committees, civil courts, administrative affairs courts, the Supreme Court and the High Court.
The Firm is headed by Adv. Tzvi Shoob, a specialist in the legal and commercial aspects of real estate planning and construction. Adv. Tzvi Shoob established the Firm in early 2006. Previously, he worked for many years in real estate in his father’s office – the Late Adv. Moshe Shoob. Adv. Tzvi Shoob is an affiliate member of the Appraisal Bureau, a member of the Institute of Appraisals, as well as a lecturer at professional conferences, frequently writes articles in the professional press and the media, Editor-in-Chief of “Real Estate,” a bi-monthly for real estate matters and participates in writing and editing “Advocate on Real Estate” – an Internet newsletter compiled by the Ministry of Real Estate Planning and Urban Renewal and distributed to the Firm’s clients, to interested parties in the real estate industry, and various other professional entities, etc.

Firm Vision
Providing professional, thorough and in-depth boutique service to all its clients, with an emphasis on comprehensive solutions for all real estate issues, based on a comprehensive understanding and unique expertise in the field, representation of clients before the various authorities in the best possible manner, while drawing on the knowledge of the Firm’s various professional departments, all leading to comprehensive coverage and vision of all that is required for the promotion and implementation of the real estate property, from the unplanned land status to the listed rights.
The Firm’s services are provided by two departments – the Planning, Construction and Litigation Department and the Real Estate and Urban Renewal Department, with the following areas being addressed:

The Planning, Zoning and Litigation Department:
• Promotion and improvement of real estate properties before planning institutions, authorities, and various courts.
• Consulting clients on reducing or canceling betterment levies.
• Legal representation of parties opposing offensive plans, handling expropriation and compensation claims due to impairments caused by the approval of an offensive plan (Section 197 of the Planning and Building Law).
• Handling litigation of complex legal cases involving various disciplines relating to land.

The Real Estate and Urban Renewal Department:
Advising and providing legal counsel in real estate transactions of all kinds; from the advisability of the transaction to preparing cooperation agreements between landowners, commercial negotiations, comprehensive counsel for agreements of various types, financing agreements and dealing with the various authorities in all issues associated with the transaction, up to finalization of the transaction and rights registration.
Providing counsel for developers, construction companies and private clients in various real estate transactions, including, inter alia, urban renewal, complex real estate transactions involving private land/Israel Land Authority land as well as residential/commercial/industrial transactions, investment agreements, gifts contracts, wills, building permits, etc.
Real Estate Taxation and Municipal Taxation (betterment levies), representations before the various real estate taxation authorities, and representation in municipal taxation issues primarily involving complex improvement levies, all in respect of private land and land owned by the Israel Land Authority, leasing, development areas, etc.

The Firm’s Clients
Giora Rubinstein, Reality Investment Fund, Amot Investments Ltd., Gindi Migdalei Ha’Leum Ltd., The Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel, The Teachers Union, Europe-Israel Ltd., Insurance and Pension Fund, Bonei Hatichon Ltd., Rothman Avraham & Partners, The Philharmonic Orchestra, Inter-Colony Towers Ltd., Reisdor Towers Ltd., Partam Building Company under the control of Mr. Yigal Ahuvi, Carmeli Yuli Ad, owned by the Ofer Brothers and Mr. Ya’acov Abada, Olympia Ltd., Ravad Ltd., Tzemach Hammerman Ltd., Magen Gil Construction Company, Bar Yehuda Engineering, Ofer Kaufman Construction, Yuvalim Ltd., V’Lenny Group Ltd., Ashtrom, the Chanan Mor Group, The Israel Builders Association, Effi Capital Ltd., Avraham Amram Ltd., Namdar Projects Ltd., Almog CDAI Ltd., City Partner Ltd., Kafo-Zan Company, Melet Har Tov Ltd., Chevra Kadisha Kfar Saba, Zili Properties Ltd., Sharona Plantations Ltd., Salit Ltd., Alon Gardens Ltd., Lyrex Capital Ltd., the planning team for a national outline plan for the Ministry of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water, Shahv Remet Trom Development & Construction Ltd., S. Giora Management and Investments Ltd., as well as other organizations, contractors and entrepreneurs.
In addition, many private and corporate entities are clients of the Firm, including rights holders to Kikar Hamedina in Tel Aviv, Herzliya B, Segula, and Yarkonim in Petah Tikva, Sayarim Junction in Holon, Hadera, the Israel Military Industries Complex, Rishon Le’Zion, the New Tel Aviv Bus Station, owners of function halls, hotels, protected residential tenants, owners of properties designated for preservation in Tel Aviv, owners of land designated for construction throughout

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