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Founding Year 1995
Address 38 Keren Hayesod St., Jerusalem 9214915, Israel 77 Haenergia St., Advanced Technologies Park, Beer Sheva 8470912, Israel - View Map
Phone 03-6075000 ,02-6511919,08-3720372
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Tulchinsky Stern Marciano Cohen Levitski & Co. was founded in 1995 by Menachem Tulchinsky and Doron Stern and is a leading firm in commercial law. Since its establishment, the firm has become renowned for its know-how, expertise and excellence in commercial transactions and other legal activities and has significantly grown in its capabilities, reputation and customer base. Today the firm represents major commercial clients from Israel, North America, Europe and the Far East and enjoys a close relationship with leading law firms in North America, Europe, China, India, Japan and other countries in the Far East, enabling the provision of seamless international legal services.

Senior Partners
Menachem Tulchinsky
Head of Tel Aviv office

Doron Stern
Head of Jerusalem office

Amir Levitski
Senior Partner

David Cohen
Senior Partner

Isaac Marciano
Senior Partner

The firm represents Israeli and international companies, investment funds and multinational organizations as well as smaller business entities and private clients. The firm assists clients in executing complex and innovative financial transactions, including private placements and public offerings in local and overseas markets. The firm has been involved in some of the largest private placements in Israel and in M&A transactions ranging from the acquisition of private companies through cross-border mergers, acquisitions and sales of assets between public companies.
The firm represents and plays a role in resolving and handling commercial disputes and complex disagreements, and handles all aspects of litigation from rendering expert legal opinions through crisis management and managing large-scale and complex legal cases.
The firm has a proven ability and recognized reputation in the handling of, and consultancy regarding, intellectual property, including technology licensing agreements and matters related to funding from the Chief Scientist, taxation law, VC funds (formation, portfolio investment and other activities), early stage and mature high-tech and life science companies, securities law, environmental law, representation and appearances in court including complex commercial litigation, labor law, tenders law, IT systems and computerization, technology and telecom, real estate, hotels, arbitration and mediation. Several of the firm’s lawyers are also qualified accountants, which provides a deeper understanding of the complex transactions handled by the firm.
The firm gives all clients, large and small, personal, quality and uncompromising attention and a senior lawyer supports clients throughout the firm’s representation. The firm has branches in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Beer Sheva, which provide an accessible response to clients.
The firm’s range of clients includes companies in the forefront of the Israeli and world economy, among them companies in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical devices and high-tech sectors, VC funds, investment banks, private investors, computer companies, hotels, insurance firms and telecom providers. Tulchinsky Stern Marciano Cohen Levitski & Co. has 17 partners, 39 associates and 9 interns.

Areas of Expertise
• Companies, Securities, High-Tech, M&As, VC – The firm provides routine commercial consultancy, including in respect of securities and corporate law, to leading companies in international deals, and has been involved in a wide range of large scale capital raising and M&A transactions around the world, including some of the largest to occur in Israel. The firm has extensive experience in acting for VC funds, both in their investments in companies, and in advising them regarding the structure and internal management of the fund, and the firm counsels its clients on all aspects of company management and financing. The firm also supports the adoption and implementation of employee option and benefit plans and a range of cooperation agreements. The firm has unique and extensive expertise in handling pharmaceutical, high-tech, medical device and biotechnology companies from their establishment through growth and expansion, including IPOs and M&As.
• Biotechnology – The firm has extensive experience and a deep knowledge of IP and biotechnology – from the initial research phase, through commercial agreements and licensing to cooperation agreements with large companies in Israel and abroad.
• Life Sciences – The firm has extensive experience advising both local and multinational pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the licensing, development and commercialization of many innovative pharmaceutical preparations and medical devices. The firm is well equipped to address the complex intellectual property aspects of such transactions as well as the legal implications of emerging regulation in this dynamic field.
• Taxation – The firm considers the taxation sector as central and advice to clients stresses various aspects including international taxation in complex transactions, consultancy on income tax, capital gains tax, real estate and other tax matters. The firm also handles various civil and criminal tax appeals.
• Environment – The firm counsels Israeli and multinational companies in the field of environmental law, including governmental regulation, crisis management and representation in administrative, civil and criminal procedures. The firm’s environmental law department represented the Ministry for Environmental Protection for many years and provides clients with complete solutions.
• Commercial Litigation and Handling of Disputes and Crises – The firm specializes in crisis situations, disputes and complex litigation supported by a team of lawyers both in and outside the court system at all levels, including arbitration and mediation. The firm has extensive and proven experience in commercial disputes and various tax cases.
• Real Estate – The firm is engaged mainly in the commercial real estate sector and handles all aspects of a wide range of transactions. The firm supports many real estate developers in Israel including in setting up residential neighborhoods, industrial zones and commercial centers, while handling the full range of legal issues related to establishing these projects. The firm has extensive experience in supporting hotel projects including financing, construction, management and sale agreements.
• Labor Law – The firm’s Labor Law department counsels a variety of clients, including some of the leading and largest companies in their respective fields. The department provides on-going legal support in various aspects of labor relations, including establishment of organizational workforces, setting policies, procedures and guidelines, providing support during organizational changes and employee lay-offs, providing comprehensive legal opinions on labor relations, managing the process of procuring permits from the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs And Social Services and handling dispute resolutions, including litigation in Labor Courts and arbitration proceedings.

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