"Totach" Air Conditioners

Air conditioners supply, installation, accessories and spare parts for the professional market


Founding Year 1998
Address ADDRESS IN NETANYA - 9 Ha'Rechav, Old Industrial Area TEL 972-9-882-9340 ADDRESS IN HADERA - 3 Ba'alei Ha'Melacha, Northern Industrial Area TEL 972-4-624-9340 ADDRESS IN PETAH TIKVA - 21 Ben Zion Galis St., Sgula Industrial Area TEL 972-3-913-4341 ADDRESS IN HERZLIYA – 92 Sokolov St. TEL 972-9-951-4340 ADDRESS IN RISHON LE'ZION – 42 Derech Ha'Macabbim, Old Industrial Area TEL 972-3-609-9341 ADDRESS IN NAZARETH – 3 Ha'Ma'Ayan, Har Yona Industrial Area TEL 972-4-643-5641- View Map


"Totach" Air Conditioners is Israel's most significant and leading air conditioning chain with six branches nationwide. The company was founded in 1998 by Shmuel Daboosh, and is unique because it deals with imports, manufacturing, and execution in its field for the professional market - giving it a relative advantage in expert knowledge, cost and availability in all areas of air conditioning in Israel. The company markets, installs and provides support for many air conditioners and all needs. The hundreds of thousands of clients it has gained during its years of operation are "Totach" air conditioners best business calling card.

Senior Managers

Shmuel Daboosh

Chief Executive Officer

 Isaac Daboosh

Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer

The “Totach” Motto–”High Standards and High Service Consciousness”
“Totach” has some 100 permanent employees, who are experienced, skilled professionals with an expressed high service consciousness. These qualities also speak for the factory workers who manufacture the metal ducts for the air conditioning unit and ventilation ducts, and for the sales, installation and support staff. Each employee is well is trained, versed and committed to providing the most professional, fast, reliable service and the highest of standards.
Since its inception and until today, the company has adopted a working method that is based on a thorough understanding of the Israeli air conditioning industry, enabling it to provide unique, diverse and professional solutions.
These attributes combine to give the company its reputation and position it as Israel’s most significant and leading chain.

Company Clients
“Totach” clients are air conditioner installers, air conditioning technicians, installation companies, government entities, entrepreneurs and contractors. “Totach” is the exclusive supplier to over 600 air conditioner installers who come to “Totach” branches daily and purchase air conditioners, spare parts and related accessories for their private and commercial clients. “Totach” is responsible for installations at over 150,000 homes and has registered a fantastic and unique achievement of over a million customers in 12 years!

Company Departments:
Marketing and Trade Department
“Totach” has six branches nationwide, in the Sharon and Northern region, which are the exclusive home and supplier to thousands of regular clients from the professional market segment who visit its branches daily.
At its branches, clients can purchase air conditioners, installation accessories and spare parts, and receive advice and guidance from a professional team that knows how to respond and even design solutions by synching with the company’s other departments. “Totach” clients enjoy the highest level of service and a vast selection of air conditioners, including the best brands such as Tadiran, Electra, LG, Samsung, Tornado and more.

Production Department – Combining Winning Forces!
Understanding that “Totach” success is directly related to the success of its clients in winning jobs, has led it to the development of the “winning forces” strategy. Its primary focus is on reducing brokerage costs, enabling the purchase of products directly from the manufacturer and providing professional solutions for every request.
The manufacturing department produces the complementary products for special projects and shelf products, which the company markets nationwide for stores and air conditioning wholesalers.
In doing so, “Totach” has established two air conditioning accessories plants:
An aluminum air diffusers manufacturing plant – owned by “Totach” the plant manufactures and markets aluminum air diffusers and complementary products for decorative air conditioning solutions.
A plant to manufacture ducts and metal fitting – also owned by “Totach”, the plant specializes in manufacturing metal ducts and fittings for air conditioning.

Execution Department
Airconditioning for private and commercial buildings.

Import Department
This department oversees the import of complementary products and air conditioning accessories, such as aluminum blinds for air conditioners and complementary products for decorative air conditioning solutions.
When a client purchases a product from “Totach” in most cases it purchases directly from the manufacturer/importer and, as a result, “Totach” can sell its air conditioning brands at wholesale prices.

Project Department
“Totach” operates one of the largest installers in Israel, and its team has many years of experience in project execution and implementation in the most spectacular, high quality and professional manner!
“Totach” believes that every stage of the project is essential and therefore strict control is clear from preparing the infrastructure to the final finish.

The future is here, and it’s “Totach”!
“Totach” specializes in VRF technology, which is now considered the future of the air conditioning world.
VRF technology allows for very significant energy savings – up to 70% of electricity consumption. The company provides its clients with an interactive display room to illustrate the product. In the showroom, “Totach” clients receive a real-time illustration of the system’s performance and test it. There are 25 internal units in this room connected to one external unit to which the complementary products such as metal and aluminum are connected, to illustrate the decorative ideal. Air conditioners operating under this unique technology maintain a stable temperature and are quieter, more advanced and more affordable than air conditioners now in the market. These are the future air conditioning products.
In the Sharon area, “Totach” now controls about 90% of the market !!!

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