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Development, construction and marketing of residential, commercial and industrial buildings and operations in the income-producing sector, and fitouts works in Israel and abroad.


Founding Year 1993
Address 14 Ha'Tidhar St., Ra'anana - View Map
Phone 09-7766111, 3604*
Fax 09-7766100
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Gil Geva, Chairman of Tidhar Group Director and Founder, Tidhar Group

Gil Geva

Chairman of Tidhar Group Director and Founder

Arye Bachar, President of Tidhar Group Director and Founder, Tidhar Group

Arye Bachar

President of Tidhar Group Director and Founder

Mark Weissman, Director, Tidhar Group

Mark Weissman


Rachel Lavine, Executive Vice Chairman of Tidhar Group, Tidhar Group

Rachel Lavine

Executive Vice Chairman of Tidhar Group

Udi Sharvit, CEO, Tidhar Group

Udi Sharvit


Tal Hershkovitz, Deputy CEO & CEO Tidhar Construction, Tidhar Group

Tal Hershkovitz

Deputy CEO & CEO Tidhar Construction

About Tidhar Group

By combining vision, values, management methods & advanced engineering, Tidhar Group has been transformed from an ambitious construction company, founded in 1993, into a leading and dynamic real estate group, which develops and builds many residential and commercial projects in Israel and abroad, while consistently creating a strong asset base.

The Group Activities
Tidhar operates in five main areas through specialized divisions, while stressing optimal cooperation and synergy. This achieves seamless management procedures and project construction and the best results while maximizing the group’s added-value and capabilities.
Tidhar Development & Investments: Operates throughout the entire value chain, from locating, purchasing and improving the land to design, permitting, marketing, selling and delivering apartments to end-users. The main strategic focus of the division is residential and office buildings, and it also operates in the hotel sector and builds commercial centers. Tidhar offers its customers a wide range of services such as marketing and project management, further, is a market leader as developer and constructor of urban renewal projects.
Tidhar Construction: One of the leading construction companies in Israel, expresses the Group’s outstanding core capability of building projects for Tidhar Investments and other developers. High capabilities enable the company to build some of Israel’s largest and most complex mega-projects. Tidhar has built over 250 projects in Israel and abroad completing over 16,500 apartments and over a million and a half sq.m of commercial space. Additionally, Tidhar has won an excellence Construction Business Award, in 2018.
Tidhar Assets: The Group owns over 280,000 sq.m of quality income-yielding assets in prime locations in Israel and abroad. These properties serve as a solid capital base for the Group, providing steady revenues and stability.
Tidhar Fitouts: A Major market leader in its own right and one of the group’s main growth engines. Tidhar specializes in business real estate and has carried out hundreds of thousands of meters of offices & commercial spaces for leading companies in Israel. While offering customers a unique and comprehensive “Turn-Key” packages, including coordination, planning and construction of the complete MEP and fit out works – up to delivery of a perfect business space for the end user.
Tidhar International: Tidhar and its stakeholders are also operating in Serbia, Bulgaria, the U.S, and Germany, building residential and commercial projects.

Leading Values
Tidhar’s leading values of reliability, customer focus, personal and corporate excellence, commitment to results, teamwork and strictly meeting deadlines support all the Group’s endeavors and are its organizational DNA. These are also the personal values of each and every manager and employee, leaving their mark on the Group’s products and services.

Group Vision
The Group’s vision was formulated by its employees, who make it a daily reality in the field: • To be Israel’s leading construction company with a worldwide reach, cultivating values of excellence and innovation and to be a role model • To be a growing, profitable and sound company that nurtures and rewards its employees – home and source of empowerment and pride • Tidhar strives to contribute to society and the economy through community outreach, creating jobs, and improving construction and management methods.

The Tidhar Spirit
As a strong, well-formed, amazing Group of quality individuals with common values, and a true spirit of teamwork, the Tidhar team has created a unique corporate culture referred to as “The Tidhar Spirit”, which serves as a corporate compass guiding the Group since its inception.

Service as a Key Value
Tidhar is a customer-oriented organization that sees its customers as its main asset. As such, Tidhar is motivated by the changing needs of its customers, to which it adapts its products and services. Peace of mind and positive, pleasant customer experience are a significant added value. The company sets customer satisfaction as an aim to be measured daily and operates a unique 24/7 call center in this sector. The Group’s unique customer service operations have been awarded a long list of prizes. Among others, Tidhar was awarded first place in The Excellence in Customer Service, for the sixth time, by The Israeli Management Center.

Management Capabilities
Over the years, Tidhar has developed a unique methodology for managing, planning and constructing projects based on a broad range of procedures, tools, and methods – known as the Group’s knowledge base.
• Through the Group’s ‘digital nervous system’ advanced IT, all the organization’s data is available to employees in offices and on construction sites • Tidhar is a learning organization and it encourages a culture of constant investigation and improvement • The Group has a dynamic, flat structure allowing maximum control, efficiency and flexibility.
Quality & Excellence
Consistently aspiring to excellence has enabled Tidhar to develop innovative tools, management, and construction methods, allowing the Group to meet the high standards set by its managers and implement quality projects on-time. Tidhar’s IT, planning and management systems are among the most advanced in Israeli construction sector and a model for imitation and study by competitors. Tidhar never compromises on quality to which it is committed in all areas of activity. For its outstanding achievements in Quality and Excellence the company was awarded in 2007 a citation from the Yitzhak Rabin National committee – and in 2009 won first place for small organizations in this prestigious award.
In 2019 the company won first place In Resource Excellence Competition by Human Resources Israel – Formerly Muffled for HR Management In the category cross-organizational change process.

Financial Strength
The Group’s financial data indicate its economic strength and solid capital base. In addition to its impressive financial record, Tidhar enjoys an outstanding reputation among financial institution and partners, both locally and worldwide. In light of this face, the group holds substantial capital raising capabilities that enable it to develop and build large-scale projects in record time and transform vision to reality.

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