Termokir Industries (1980) Ltd.

Development, production, and marketing of plaster, thermal insulation, adhesives, sealants, acoustic products, concrete repair and grout


Founding Year 1983
Address Kibbutz Horshim, 4586500, Israel - View Map
Phone 972-3-9386300
Fax 972-3 -6333499
Email [email protected]
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Asher Greenbaum, Chairm, Termokir Industries (1980) Ltd.

Asher Greenbaum


Elie Cohen, Chief Executive Officer, Termokir Industries (1980) Ltd.

Elie Cohen

Chief Executive Officer


Termokir is a leader in providing solutions for cladding, flooring, bonding, sealing, insulation, and acoustics for buildings, concrete repair and grout and is at the forefront of the Israeli building industry's sustainability model. Termokir Industries (1980) Ltd. was established in 1983 at Kibbutz Horshim, is owned by the Kibbutz, and currently has 75 employees.

Other Senior Executives

Ariav Ninio

Chief Financial Officer

Lior mizrachi

Chief of Marketing and Business Development

Itzik yamin

Head of Trading Houses Sales Manager

Kobi Mizrahi

Head of Contractors Sales Manager

Felix Schwartz

Chief Operations Officer

Dr. Semeon Frimovitz

Chief Technologist Officer

Iris Feder

Executive Secretary

Hila Yahalom

Head of Purchasing

During its early years, Termokir’s production was based on European expertise. Simultaneously, Termokir began to collaborate with leading local bodies of knowledge such as the Technion, the Israel Institute for Building Research, Ben-Gurion University and the Standards Institution of Israel, to develop a successful line of products suited to the Middle Eastern climate. Since the late eighties and following the energy crisis, Termokir markets its ‘thermal plaster’, for energy saving. This solution quickly became popular with new communities or was used in existing buildings that suffered thermal problems. In recent years, plant operations have expanded into producing acoustic solutions based on the expertise, research, and development developed by the plant.
Over the past years, Termokir has significantly expanded and upgraded its operations through cooperation with SAKRET, an international network, and a global pioneer in advanced construction solutions. Joining SAKRET allows Termokir access to know-how and a wide range of content, allowing an expanded range of advanced solutions, tailor-made to the needs of the Israeli market. These are based overwhelmingly on blue-and-white production, along with joint product development with other companies in the SAKRET network and are already been marketed successfully. As a result of this cooperation Termokir took part in the railway project to Jerusalem A1, and designated products were developed to meet the special requirements of the constructor of the project MAX BOGL company.

Strict Quality Control
Termokir products undergo strict quality control tests at each stage of the production process. The company regularly improves its products and develops new products according to market demands and standards. Termokir products comply with the most stringent Israeli and European standards and are noted for their quality. As proof, the Standards Institution of Israel, for its adherence to the following seven standards, has from 2010, and without interruption, awarded Termokir: The Standards Mark; the Green Label; ISO 9001:2008 for quality management; OHSAS 18001:2007 for managing occupational safety and health; ISO 14001: 2004 for environmental management; ISO 50001 for energy management systems; and SEDEX for social responsibility.

Development Specifically Suited to the Climate and Security
Termokir focuses on the Israeli market ,in providing a complete solution for its unique needs. The products and systems are respond to the terms of the Israeli climate, but no less importantly –to security needs.

Using Raw Materials Produced Locally
The link with climatic conditions and security needs is reflected not only in characterizing the product line but Termokir’s gradual transition to the exclusive use of Israeli-made raw materials. This policy is enshrined in the 2003 company decision to give priority to any input, which is locally produced and adheres to international standards, in order to encourage Israeli industry.

Primary Products and Processes
Termokir produces a host of solutions for the building industry and offers many high-quality industrial products that comply with recognized standards in Europe and Israel.
Most of the company’s products are marketed in powder form and are delivered to the building site mixed, packaged and ready to use – all that is required is to add water. The company’s main products are:
• Thermal Insulation Plaster – an ideal plaster for insulating the building structure against heat and cold. This is the most efficient insulation solution and includes thermal bridges and concrete belts.
• Industrial Plaster – a plaster products series that complies with Israel Standard 1920 for indoor and outdoor use, natural environments, marine environments and as a substrate gluing hard coatings.
• Grout for anchoring and casting in different strengths.
• Concrete repair systems for walls, sealing and floors, class R3, R4.
• Coating Materials – decorative cement-based coatings, in a smooth or textured finish, produced according to the Standard’s requirements.
• Tile Adhesives and Joint fillers – cement adhesives for pasting ceramic tiles, porcelain, various types of mosaic, marble, nutural stone artificial stone and so forth.
• Clay Flooring – suitable for ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, and marble adapted to various uses and traffic volumes.
• Sealant Materials – powdered and liquid sealing agents, flexible hydraulic plaster for foundations, floors, walls and swimming pools.
• Certified systems for safety rooms.
• Acoustic Plaster – an acoustic solution for reducing reverberation in open spaces.
• Termostep – an acoustic insulation system, used in flooring between floors.

Strategy and Vision of Sustainability
Termokir’s strategy is based, inter alia, on the constant improvement of the quality of Israel’s construction industry, while implementing technology and tools at the forefront of current knowledge. This concept positions Termokir as a leader in its field, that meticulously develops innovative, high-quality products, while complying with the most stringent standards. At the same time, this strategy has led to adopting the concept of advanced service that places the customers at the center and providing a complete solution for their needs through a system – based perception that offers training services and technical advice in all phases of planning and building.

Termokir decided to position sustainability as one of the main components of its strategy and works to implement it in all organizational, marketing and operating processes. Thus, Termokir was the first in Israel to make a ‘Life Cycle Assessment’ of its products through advanced environmental tools, in order to examine the effects of economic – environmental-social activities throughout the life cycle of its products and systems. In addition, Termokir was declared a ‘Green Factory’ for its expanded use of recycled materials (most of Termokir’s products carry a ‘Green Label’) and the company takes care to promote green construction techniques in Israel, inter alia as a founder of the Israeli Council for Green Construction. These activities have earned the company a variety of awards and titles including the ‘2010 Cleantech Mark’ award, the ‘2012 Green Globe’, the 2013 Ministry of Environment Award’ for reporting of greenhouse gas emissions, and the ‘2015 Environment Industry’ award.

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