Termokir Industries (1980) Ltd.

Development, production, and marketing of plaster, thermal insulation, adhesives, sealants, acoustic products, concrete repair and grout


Founding Year 1983
Address Kibbutz Horshim, 4586500, Israel - View Map
Phone 972-3-9386300
Fax 972-3 -6333499
Email [email protected]
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Asher Greenbaum, Chairm, Termokir Industries (1980) Ltd.

Asher Greenbaum


Elie Cohen, Chief Executive Officer, Termokir Industries (1980) Ltd.

Elie Cohen

Chief Executive Officer

About Termokir Industries (1980) Ltd.

Other Senior Executives Ariav Ninio Chief Financial Officer Lior Kedem Head of Marketing and Business Development Itzik Yamin Head of the Stores Division Kobi Mizrahi Head of Contractors Division Felix Schwartz Chief of Operations and Supply Chain Officer Semeon Frimovitz Chief Technologist Iris Feder Executive Secretary Hila Yahalom Head of Purchasing Leading Anchors in the […]

Other Senior Executives

Ariav Ninio

Chief Financial Officer

Lior Kedem

Head of Marketing and Business Development

Itzik Yamin

Head of the Stores Division

Kobi Mizrahi

Head of Contractors Division

Felix Schwartz

Chief of Operations and Supply Chain Officer

Semeon Frimovitz

Chief Technologist

Iris Feder

Executive Secretary

Hila Yahalom

Head of Purchasing

Leading Anchors in the Company’s Strategy

Termokir strives to continuously improve the Israeli construction industry, through three main anchors: technology, quality and sustainability. The combination of these three anchors has proven itself in the successful implementation of tools and capabilities, arising from the latest know-how in the construction industry and tailored to the local market, customers and sustainability needs.


Since its inception, the Company has been recognized as a local leader in technology and innovation based on European knowledge, in collaboration with leading local knowledge bodies such as the Technion, the National Institute of Construction Research, Ben-Gurion University and the Israel Standards Institute.

In recent years, Termokir has strived to close the gap between the capabilities of the traditional construction industry and the worlds of technology and innovation. An example is “Termokir AD 601” – a dedicated flexible cement adhesive, developed as a solution to changing market needs. In a specific test case, “absorbent tiles” (with a water absorbency greater than 10%) were curved at adhesive time, which led to their cracking. The product developed to solve this: a unique adhesive, with a “green label” that holds Israel Standard 4004, and that allows for interior coating with “absorbent tiles” on various infrastructures. During 2019, Termokir began marketing the “SAKRET AD 613 GEL” – a unique cement adhesive for large tiles, manufactured with innovative gel technology that gives the unique adhesive properties required for adhesive these tiles.

In recent years, the company has expanded and significantly improved its operations by collaborating with the SAKRET Group, which is recognized as a global pioneer in advanced Dry-Mix solutions. The collaboration with SAKRET affords Termokir know-how, accessibility to information and connection between worlds and content, which diversifies the solutions tailored to the needs of the Israeli market. The products, jointly developed by the two companies, are produced at an Israeli factory, under local quality control. Recently, unique products developed by the two have also been incorporated into the Israel Railways Project to Jerusalem, made by German MAX BÖGL, a project partner.


The company’s overall concept of quality is related to both product quality and service quality. In terms of quality of service, the company strives to place the customer at the center, with a full response to its needs, and promotes the “SYSTEM” concept, a holistic approach of the project – From the building’ skeleton till ready to use building.

In terms of product quality, the systems include treatment of the elements of the structure – from the infrastructure to the finishing layer – based on relevant standards in Israel and around the world, as well as construction methods accepted in Israel. The company’s products undergo rigorous quality control at every stage of their production process. The company continually improves its products and develops new products that comply with strict European and Israeli standards and stand out in quality. As proof, since 2010, the company has been consistently awarded the prestigious “Diamond Mark” by the Israel Standards Institute for its compliance with seven quality standards: the Standard Mark, the Green Mark, the ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management Mark, the ISO 45001:2018  Employment Safety and Health Management Mark, the ISO 14001:2018 – Environmental Management Mark, the ISO 50001 for Energy Management Systems Mark and ISO 27001 the Information Security Management Mark.


The sustainability anchor is embedded throughout the company’s chain of operations, including its organizational, marketing, and operational processes. The energy efficiency of production lines was expressed by multiplying production products per kilowatt, reducing the containers for landfills, and reducing loss by raw material recycling. In 2012, Termokir became the first Israeli company to use the advanced Life Cycle Assessment tool to thoroughly examine its products and the economic, environmental and social impacts of its operations. Since then, it already has 20 products that have undergone LCA report, and these days the company has completed the process for most of its products.

Today, most of the company’s products carry the “green mark.” Termokir leads field of green construction in Israel – as a founding member of the Israeli Green Building Council; Industrial Symbiosis – waste recycling of another company in its production process; in collaborations with the regulator, the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Energy, the Manufacturers Association, the Builders Association and more; and worldwide – with the  DOW + IOC concern in a carbon emissions reduction program. The holistic view of sustainability is also associated with social aspects: Termokir strives to strengthen the local economy by encouraging “made in Israel” product development. Domestic production under joint development with SAKRET achieves dual benefits: strengthening local economic resilience and transport savings, reducing ecological damage. As of 2003, Termokir has officially prioritized domestically produced products, provided that they meet international standards and are compatible with market prices. Because of this, Termokir has won the Outstanding Manufacturer Award for made in Israel Purchases.

Company Products

Most of the company’s products are marketed in powder form and brought to the construction site when mixed, packaged and ready to use.

The company’s main products are:

  • Thermal Insulation Plaster – an ideal plaster for fully insulating the building structure against heat and cold. This is the most efficient insulation solution and includes thermal bridges and concrete belts.
  • Industrial Plaster – a plaster product series that complies with Israel Standard 1920 for indoor and outdoor use, natural environments, marine environments and as a substrate for adhesing hard coatings.
  • Adhesives for tiles and grout for filling joints – cement adhesives for adhesing ceramic tiles, porcelain, various types of mosaics, marble, natural stone, artificial stone and the like.
  • Plaster for flooring – suitable for ceramic, porcelain and marble tiles, adapted to different uses and scope.
  • Grouts for anchoring and strengthening with different strengths.
  • Concrete repairing systems for walls, ceilings and floors of R3 and R4 classification.
  • Waterproofing & Sealant materials –for “wet rooms”, swimming pools, balconies, foundations, floors, walls etc’..
  • Certified systems for safety rooms.
  • Acoustic plaster – an acoustic solution for reducing reverberation in open spaces.
  • Termostep – an acoustic insulation system, used in flooring between floors.
  • Finishing coatings – cement decorative coatings, either smooth or textured, manufactured according to standard requirements.

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