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Founding Year 2015
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Tehila Sasson, Owner, Tehila Sasson & Co., Law Office

Tehila Sasson


About Tehila Sasson & Co., Law Office

Tahila Sasson & Co., Law Office specializes in providing professional solutions in a wide range of tax issues, maximizing the financial results of transactions, companies, and institutions. The Firm was founded by Tehila Sasson, a Lawyer, and a holder of a license to practice as a Certified Public Accountant. Tehila Sasson also holds a degree in Business Administration and Accounting, a Master of Laws for practicing Certified Public Accountants, and an LL.B. degree. Tehila Sasson previously worked at the Israel Income Tax Authority and KPMG – Somekh Chaikin. At both, Tehila Sasson served in senior tax positions. Her specialization in law, along with an accounting understanding and the ability to analyze the implications for financial statements, all combine to generate optimized taxation solutions for the client and the business. Her experience, familiarity with tax authorities, and "out-of-the-box" thinking make it possible for her to offer the Firm's clients comprehensive planning and tax policy optimization.

Firm Vision

The Firm’s uniqueness is in providing personal, professional quality, reliable, dedicated, readily available, and creative services. The Firm’s vision is to provide its clients with far-reaching and ingenious services to be able to address the complexities of tax law and ease the tax burden while being professional, responsible, and client proactive.

Tehila Sasson, Lawyer, Certified Public Accountant, Owner, and Chief Executive Officer

The Firm was founded by Tehila Sasson, who holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Accounting, a Master of Laws (LL.M.) for Certified Public Accountants and a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) Tehila Sasson worked for five years at the Israel Income Tax Authority as a senior inspector at the Office of the Chief Assessing Officer for Large Enterprises, and at KPMG – Somekh Chaikin as Senior Manager at their Tax Department. Tehila Sasson is a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Israel’s Tax Committee and has also lectured and taught tax courses at several academic institutions.

The Firm collaborates with lawyers, accountants, and tax advisers who consider the Firm an address for solving complex tax issues or creative solutions. Among the Firm’s clients are holding companies, contracting companies, insurance companies, banks, hi-tech and biotech companies, industrial companies, as well as private clients.

The Firm’s services cover the entire realm of tax law issues.

The Firm also provides consulting, preparation, and tax planning services for transactions and ventures • written legal opinions • representation of clients before the tax authority and tax assessors, for all assessment procedures • Special arrangements and pre-ruling issues.

Fields of Activity

Income Tax – The Firm works with clients, companies, and individuals, in Israel and abroad, on all aspects of taxation, from the consultation stage, charting the outline of the transaction or venture and rendering an opinion on their fiscal implications, including annual filings, appeals, objections or holding internal discussions with the tax authorities, up to the point of obtaining the approval of the tax authorities and ending the litigation process in the courts.

International Tax – The Firm is available to provide comprehensive solutions for the activities of non-resident companies and individuals operating in Israel and residents of Israel operating outside of Israel. The Firm advises foreign and multinational companies operating in Israel on the appropriate structure of transactions recommended for taxation purposes, using optimal tax benefits available in the various multinational tax treaties. The Firm also provides tax services to Israeli companies operating abroad and advice on business decision making, with the intent of maximizing tax benefits and developing effective tax strategies.

Voluntary Disclosures – The Firm has led complex voluntary disclosure procedures, intending to reduce civil tax liability, while maintaining immunity and protection of the taxpayer from criminal prosecution.

Laws of Encouragement – In recent years, the importance of tax benefits available under the Law of Encouragement in Capital Investments has gained momentum, and hundreds of companies are benefiting to the tune of NIS billions each year, in such varied fields as research and development, rental buildings and renewable energy projects. The State also provides tax benefits in the industrial areas through its Law for Encouragement of Industry (Taxes) and tax benefits for Investors through the “Angels Law.”

The Firm works to maximize the tax benefits and incentives for its clients by thoroughly examining the eligibility for tax benefits in a variety of situations, taxation solutions to meet eligibility conditions, and support for requests for approval from the various state agencies.

Structural Changes – Structural changes allow companies to change the corporate framework in which they operate, including the nature of the holding structure, in accordance with business, legal and tax considerations, all the while reducing the tax liability at the time of the structure change. In this regard, the Firm provides advice, preparatory work, and planning of the building change, together with legal and taxation assistance regarding the structural change.

Real Estate Taxation – The Firm deals with real estate taxation and handles all applicable taxation aspects of various real estate transactions and tax events, including evacuation-reconstruction projects, real estate property exchanges, TAMA 38, the realization of real estate properties following the liquidation of real estate holding entities, etc.

Indirect Taxes – The Firm provides tax advice, and tax planning, transaction support, legal opinions, requests for income tax pre-rulings, etc. The Firm also represents its clients at tax assessment negotiations with Value Added Tax authorities. The Firm specializes in unique solutions to problems, dealing with the taxation of financial institutions and associated companies, including issues related to payroll tax and profits tax.

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