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Civil-commerciallitigation, construction and accompaniment of large-scale transactions, receivership and real estate transactions, Commercial dispute arbitrations, representation of executives in labor disputes


Founding Year 2001
Address Moshe Aviv Tower, 7 Jabotinsky St., 35th Fl., Ramat Gan 5252007 - View Map
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Tal Benenson, Founding and Managing Partner, Tal Benenson & Co., Law Firm

Tal Benenson

Founding and Managing Partner

About Tal Benenson & Co., Law Firm

Tal Benenson & Co. Law Firm is one of Israel's finest and leading boutique law firm in the civil-commercial litigation and real-estate fields, and has been ranked as a leading firm in its practice area in various rankings, including BDI, DUN's 100, for several consecutive years.

The firm was established in 2001 by Adv. Tal Benenson, that has been practicing these fields since 1995 and accumulated extensive experience through the representation of both private clients and corporates in complex disputes and conflicts and in the construction and facilitation of mega-transactions.
In Tal Benenson & Co., “Everything is Personal”. The firm considers each client as a family member, and provides them with personal service from the founding partner, with full availability and with the support of an experienced, leading and proficient team of attorneys. Every bit of energy is invested in each case, while leaving no stone unturned, in order to efficiently achieve the best results for the client.

Adv. Tal Benenson
The firm’s founder, Adv. Tal Benenson, has been representing private clients and corporates in complex disputes and conflicts since 1995.
Adv. Benenson also serves as an arbitrator in complex commercial disputes and served two terms as a member of the Israeli Bar Association’s disciplinary court.
In addition, Adv. Tal Benenson lectures in academic forums and in the Israeli Bar Association’s lawyer training institute.

The Firm’s Practice Areas
Tal Benenson & Co. is a boutique firm of which the core occupation is in complex and extensive commercial litigation cases of all types, which are held in various tribunals, including courts and labor courts. The firm’s success is reflected in precedents and rulings that were set in cases which were managed and won by the firm (including in the supreme court) as also in the high achievements for the benefit of its clients. It is no coincidence that the firm’s managed cases are often extensively publicized, due to their broad effects and implications not only in the financial aspect, but also and in particular in the public aspect.
The firm has an extensive reputation due to the determination, power, creativity and integrity in which it implements its legal expertise, all with consistent and uncompromising ascertainment towards achieving the best results for the clients goal’s and purpeses. The firm specializes in complex legal proceedings that require strategy and tactics, with an emphasis on the business-financial perspective, including crisis and dispute resolution.
The firm also specializes in the field of disputes and power ploys between partners, shareholders, holders of controlling interests and also between owners of real estate’s rights, all within proceedings under the corporate or partnership laws, under the real-estate laws, and family law proceedings concerning the commercial and corporate aspects of the dispute. another unique specialization of the firm is in the representation of entrepreneurs and tenants in urban renewal projects, a field where the firm leads in precedential rulings, and also in proceedings against professionals (including lawyers and accountants); complex real-estate proceedings (evacuation and constructing projects , acquisition groups lawsuits) and representation of executives in the labor court.
The firm’s work relies on professional expertise, in combination with creative and original thinking and actions, which lead to extraordinary success in cracking complex situations. The combination between creative thinking and in-depth business understanding serves as a basis for original, effective and innovative solutions and even turns difficult legal proceedings into productive busines deals for all the involved parties.
The firm’s attorneys are longtime lawyers, with extensive experience in managing intensive legal proceedings while utilizing a variety of legal tools, including temporary reliefs such as foreclosure and restraining orders, seizures of computers, safes and assets in Israel and abroad etc.
The firm and its founder, Adv. Tal Benenson, are trusted and esteemed by colleague attorneys who reputedly request representation both in their personal and professional matters and also refer complex and difficult cases to them.

Partners’ Disputes – Resolving disputes between partners, shareholders controlling interest holders, including in divorce proceedings – a field requiring legal expertise and proficiency in corporate law, locatingproperty concealment and rights seizure and execution.

Groups and Class Actions – The firm specializes in representing groups of plaintiffs in the real-estate (including acquisition groups and rights-holders claims) and commercial (shareholders and/or various investors) fields in various courts.

Transaction Outlining and Facilitation – The firm handles and facilitates investments, M&As and particularly real-estate transactions, with on-going support throughout the transaction and implementation stages, and with an integrated perspective of all of the legal and business aspects.
Real-Estate – The firm’s real-estate practice provides comprehensive services to its clients, both in management of complex proceedings and in projects’ management and facilitation from the business and commercial aspects. The representation of significant players in the Israeli real-estate market, including developers, constructors and purchasing groups, assists in tailoring creative solutions for especially complex problems, from partnership breakups to Pinui-Binui processes.

Hotels – The firm provides complete and ongoing legal services to the Crown Plaza hotel chain in Israel (Tel-Aviv, Eilat, Jerusalem) which includes 1,700 rooms and 1,480 employees, and also provides complete and ongoing legal services to Be Hotels Eilat, La Playa Eilat, Metzitzim Beach Hotel in Tel-Aviv and more. The representation in the hotels field begins from the stage of initiation the transaction, throughout the entire negotiations, the preparation of the agreements and up to closure and even an ongoing support for all of the operations afterward. This is a unique specialization of the firm, that requires interdisciplinary legal expertise that encompasses the fields of commercial law, labor law, corporate law and financing, and integrates them into a cross-systemic view that enables a comprehensive and efficient legal counsel.

Professional Liability Claims – The firm is one of the very few firms that specialize in the unique field of legal proceedings against professionals, including accountants, assessors, tax consultants, engineers and professionals who support and/or advise the operations of companies, and public and private corporations.

Counseling and Support of Commercial Aspects of Family Law – It is no secret that family disputes often involve matters that require commercial law expertise. Tal Benenson & Co. counsels Israel’s leading law firms in the field of family law, on the commercial and corporate aspects of family disputes including in property concealments, corporate control, and derivative claims, as well as disputes concerning control and division of property and rights embodied in Israeli and international corporations.

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