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Planning, construction and Entrepreneurship


Founding Year 1985
Address 18 Ha'mesilah St., Nesher
Phone 972-4-8202660
Fax 972-4-82026578
Email [email protected]
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Moshe Miller, President and Owner Chief Executive Officer Shoval Residential Complexes, The Shoval Group

Moshe Miller

President and Owner Chief Executive Officer Shoval Residential Complexes

Shai Nahshon, Partner and Owner, The Shoval Group

Shai Nahshon

Partner and Owner


The Shoval Group is one of Israel's leading groups in the fields of construction and entrepreneurship. The Group was founded in 1985 by Moshe Miller, and has flourished thanks to a management culture that emphasizes long-term relationships with its customers through the precise, high-quality and reliable execution of projects, highlighting the needs and interests of the entrepreneur and strict adherence to schedules and budgets. The Group is now building Shoval House, its new head office, which is constructed according to the highest standards of green construction.

Other Senior Executives

Moti Popovich

Chief Financial Officer, the Shoval Group

 Ishai Roth

Vice President – Marketing and Business Development – Shoval Residential

In all its activities, the Shovel Group emphasizes caution and stability – with regard to the financial aspect, while maintaining its financial strength and in-depth project scrutiny, as well as with regard to the safety and security aspects of work and operations, with the Group attaching the utmost of care for its employees, its contractors and its customers. The Group’s activities are carried out through two leading companies, the entrepreneurial arm – Shoval Residential Complexes Ltd. and the execution arm – Shoval Nahshon Execution Ltd.

Group Strategy
Shoval’s strategy is based on applying its two main strengths – large-scale quality planning capabilities and long-term relationships with satisfied and loyal customers. The synergy between the two strengths creates a positive cycle of rebalancing – with the Group’s successful projects and quality of service leading to loyal customers and a strong reputation, which in turn lead to new projects and winning tenders – which supports long-term growth and prosperity. In order to execute this strategy, the Group strives to always remain at the forefront of industrial construction technologies (including professionalization, and the development and identifying building technologies in Israel and worldwide), maintain a high proportion of extensive and complex projects when compared with all other projects, and to ensure that the projects are executed at the highest level of quality while respecting the time frames and budgets, to the fullest satisfaction of the end-customer.

Shoval Residential Complexes Ltd.
Shoval Residential Complexes Ltd. specializes in residential and urban entrepreneurship, including evacuation-reconstruction, and TAMA 38 projects, as well as the development of residential neighborhoods, from the initial acquisition of the land, through planning and construction, and finally to the delivery of the residential and commercial buildings, as the case may be. The Group’s projects are managed within strict time frames, high-quality building standards and full involvement in every facet of the construction process, thus eliminating the need for additional upgrade requests by customers. Shoval Residential has a skilled and attentive customer service team, which provides information and solutions for every buyer problem at every step of the way, including any repair work required.
Over the past few years, Shoval Residential has leveraged its years of experience, knowledge and reputation for carrying out “Mechir Le’Mishtaken” projects (effectively, government price-controlled residential projects), based on its belief in the economic and social efficiency of this solution for all parties involved. Thanks to its experience and reputation, Shovel Residential enjoys over-demand for projects it offers under this framework and a smooth and secure process vis-à-vis statutory and governmental bodies.

Selected Entrepreneurship Projects:
• Be’er Sheva Touch – 800 housing units and 3,500 square meters of commercial space in Be’er Sheva’s Park neighborhood.
• Shoval al Ha’Reches – 124 housing units in the Rechasim settlement.
• Shoval Touch – 38 housing units in Kiryat Bialik.
• Shoval b’Carmel – 11 luxurious housing units in a boutique building in Carmel, Haifa.
• Yokne’am – construction of 360 housing units and a 2,500 square meter commercial center in Yokne’am’s Sha’ar Hagai neighborhood.
• Various Projects in Jerusalem – Arnona, Ramot and the Talpiot Neighborhood – 350 housing units.
• A Villa Park Project In Be’er Sheva – 155 ground-level villas in Be’er Sheva’s Park neighborhood.
• Shoval b’Moshava – 27 housing units and commercial space in the heart of Pardes Hanna-Karkur.
• Aloni Zoran – 30 prestigious housing units in Zoran’s more established district.

Shoval Nahshon Execution Ltd.
Shoval Nahshon Execution Ltd. focuses on the design-build of logistics centers, integrated multifunctional buildings for small craft industries, micro-industry, storage and commerce, public buildings, commercial centers, industrial buildings, underground car parks and offices. Shoval Nahshon holds a “C-5” Contractor’s Classification, which is the highest possible of classification levels. Shoval Nahshon has many years of experience in the construction of complex buildings and provides its customers with a comprehensive solution to realize their vision – which includes design, handling all administrative aspects from the statutory stage, including approvals and permits, initial planning to final planning, execution to completion and preparation of “Form 4”. The extensive experience of Shoval Nahshon in planning and execution in a dynamic and unpredictable construction market, enables it to prepare and deal with a wide range of unplanned events to achieve the meticulous realization of the customer’s vision with effective execution solutions at the agreed price and schedule.

Selected projects in the field of execution
• Ramat Siv – an office building built using a design–build method that includes three underground car parks, a commercial floor and an office building, covering a total area of 35,000 square meters.
• Shop Time – a building with a 30,000-square-meter underground car park, two commercial floors and two office floors, which marks the beginning of a 30-story tower.
• Yuka Park – an industrial structure under the design-build method of 48,000 square meters, with four industrial buildings. The buildings are divided into 12 units, each with storage and industrial galleries. The project was built for a purchase group.
• Kfar Saba Triangle – an office building under the design-build method of 50,000 square meters. A building with five underground car parks, a commercial floor and 20 office floors.
• Zim Urban Life Kfar Saba – a project under the design-build method of 100,000 square meters.
• Ashdod Logistics – A logistics center under the design-build method of 13,000 square meters located at the Ashdod port complex.

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