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Dafna Zinger, Managing Partner, Shnitzer, Gotlieb, Samet & Co.

Dafna Zinger

Managing Partner

Nir Milshtein, Partner, Shnitzer, Gotlieb, Samet & Co.

Nir Milshtein


Dudu Ben Yaish, Partner, Shnitzer, Gotlieb, Samet & Co.

Dudu Ben Yaish


Ori Gotlieb, Partner, Shnitzer, Gotlieb, Samet & Co.

Ori Gotlieb


Nir Sabarov, Managing Partner, Shnitzer, Gotlieb, Samet & Co.

Nir Sabarov

Managing Partner

Tomer Segal, Partner, Shnitzer, Gotlieb, Samet & Co.

Tomer Segal


Yoav Shnitzer, Partner, Shnitzer, Gotlieb, Samet & Co.

Yoav Shnitzer


David Gotlieb, Partner, Shnitzer, Gotlieb, Samet & Co.

David Gotlieb


Haim Samet, Partner, Shnitzer, Gotlieb, Samet & Co.

Haim Samet


Yaron Eliasi, Partner, Shnitzer, Gotlieb, Samet & Co.

Yaron Eliasi


Pninit Cohen, Partner, Shnitzer, Gotlieb, Samet & Co.

Pninit Cohen


Vered Geifman-Klein, Partner, Shnitzer, Gotlieb, Samet & Co.

Vered Geifman-Klein


About Shnitzer, Gotlieb, Samet & Co.

Shnitzer, Gotlieb, Samet & Co. (SGS LAW) is one of Israel's leading civil-commercial law firms. The lawyers employed in the firm's various departments represent entities and ompanies from the business and the public sectors.

The firm’s clientele includes leading corporations in Israel and abroad, public traded companies in Israel and abroad, government companies, municipal corporations, banks and financial institutions. The firm operates through a number of departments which have unique areas of expertise operating in synergy between them, and are regularly ranked as top leading departments in their field by various rating companies in Israel.

Commercial Litigation and Class Actions
The firm’s commercial litigation department has a great reputation and been ranked in recent years as one of the top leading departments in its field in Israel. The department’s lawyers specialize in complex, difficult and unique disputes, with a specific aptness for civil-commercial-administrative litigation areas including disputes over infrastructures, contractorship, tenders, securities, class actions, derivative suits, control disputes, administrative petitions, arbitration, banking, insolvencies and stays-of-proceedings. The department’s lawyers represent many public companies, directors, officers and executives, public and/or dual entities, foreign clients, insurance companies, banks and financial institutions, retail chains, contractors, high-tech companies, accountants, consultants, manufacturers and distributors. Furthermore, the commercial litigation department has acquired considerable expertise and reputation in handling complex procedures, including class actions and derivative claims proceedings. In doing so, our firm accompanies class action lawsuits to both plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of areas, including insurance, antitrust, banking, consumption, corporate law and more.

Capital Market
The firm’s capital marker department is ranked as one of the most outstanding top tier departments in its field in Israel. The capital marker department’s expertise in capital markets, companies and securities law is reflected in accompanying various types of capital raising, including complex public and private offerings, handling the issuance of diverse and innovative financial instruments, supporting and accompanying party-at-interest deals and purchase offers, assisting in the preparation of periodic and immediate reports, and providing ongoing counsel to dozens of publicly traded companies and representing investors, issuers and underwriters.

Real Estate and Urban Renewal
The firm’s real estate department has extensive experience and its lawyers specialize in conducting a range of comprehensive real estate transactions such as combination and financing transactions, supporting the real estate aspects of public offerings of real estate companies, handling the sale of different properties, including yielding real estate, marketing and leasing of properties, accompanying purchase groups, representing real estate owners in dissolution proceedings, handling assisted living properties and handling of taxation aspects concerning real estate transactions. The department is also experienced with urban renewal projects (demolition and constructions projects and the National Outline Plan 38 (TAMA)) and it represents both developers and tenants in such projects. The real estate department also regularly accompanies the firm’s capital market department in the issuance and capital raising procedures of real estate companies, and provides the professional support in these fields as required for the success of these issuance and their implementation.

Commercial and International (M&A and Joint-Ventures)
The commercial department has extensive experience in providing comprehensive legal services for commercial and holdings companies, handling complex transactions such as collaborations and joint ventures, handling shareholders, financing, management, service provisions, distribution and licensing agreements and accompanying complex purchases and mergers transactions, etc. The firm’s international commercial department handles all areas of commercial law and provides ongoing and skilled solutions to the firm’s Israeli clients who have international operations, in addition to foreign clients that operate in Israel. Many of the transactions handled by the international commercial department are mergers and acquisitions transactions (M&A), private capital raising and commercial transactions of various types such as shareholder agreements, share acquisitions, joint ventures, franchises, consulting and suchlike.

The firm has extensive experience in preparing public tenders (public, closed, invitation to bid, online tenders, PFI / BOT tenders and more), both for the state and for privately owned entities. The firm advises and assists its clients (tender offers) in drafting the tender documents, drafting threshold conditions, drafting criteria, holding bidders’ meetings, conducting negotiations, etc. In addition, the firm advises and assists entities participating in tenders and provides them with legal advice in this area. It should be noted that the firm has special expertise in accompanying government and municipal companies in the field of tenders

Labor Law
The firm’s labor law department provides ongoing services to companies and individuals in a variety of areas relating to labor law and labor relations.
The labor law department provides its clients with legal services in all aspects of labor law, including employment of employees and their rights of employment, employment through manpower contractors, contracts with service contractors and other contractors, termination procedures, streamlining and reorganization procedures, defining work procedures, employee rights in merger and acquisition transactions, etc. Moreover, the labor law department represents its clients in legal proceedings, including in mediation and arbitration proceedings.

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