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Shlomi Weinberg, Proprietor and Manager, Shlomi Weinberg, Law Firm

Shlomi Weinberg

Proprietor and Manager


The Shlomi Weinberg Law Firm specializes in consulting and legal representation in the field of defamation and privacy protection, as well as in the domain of commercial - civil litigation, including focusing on the field of real estate, tort and labor laws.

Adv. Weinberg, the founder of the firm, has appeared before the majority of jurisdictional instances and judicial tribunals in the State of Israel and has represented his clients in hundreds of commercial, civil and administrative cases. As such, Adv. Weinberg has, over the years, handled many and varied procedures in the commercial as well as the civil domains – including various interim procedures that involved the interrogation of witnesses regarding temporary remedies, such as temporary injunctions, temporary execution orders, attachment processes and such like. Some of the firm’s clients are building contractors, real estate developers, industrial plants, importers, retailers, technology and service companies, public personalities, public officials, media personalities, business people and private clients.

Fields of Endeavor

Defamation – Adv. Weinberg is one of the best known litigation attorneys in the field of defamation. Some of the case files represented by Adv. Weinberg have even been widely reported in both the printed as well as the video media. As a result, Adv. Weinberg was appointed as the Chairman of the National Defamation Committee of the Israeli Bar Association. Adv. Weinberg authored the prestigious book “The Guide to Defamation Law Suits”, published in March 2015. The book is the most up to date and comprehensive paper in the field of Defamation. Adv. Weinberg regularly gives lectures at conferences, symposiums and advanced study courses at various forums, including to attorneys, to organizations and to the general public.

Over the past few years, Adv. Weinberg even expanded his activities in the field of defamation, by editing and publishing a number of widely recognized, significant, in – depth research papers on the matter of compensation under the Defamation Prohibition Law. The consulting and representation provided by the firm in the field of defamation, focuses on the representation of publically elected officials, civil servants, companies and corporations, businesses, employers as well as employees. Adv. Weinberg represents both sides in defamation suits resulting from employer – employee relationships, in suits related to the various online social networks including forums, blogs, What’s App, email, etc. Some of the aspects of defamation handled by the firm are: Representation of capital intense business corporations occasionally immersed in bitter business disputes with any of their competitors, employers and employees – in defamation cases sourced in employment relations, public servants and emissaries who were the target of uncalled for slurs, attorneys involved in legal disputes, professionals (doctors, architects, engineers) who were the objects of slander, as were business people, media personalities and journalists. The firm represents both plaintiffs and defendants in libel cases, including cases involving significant financial claims.

Commercial Civil Litigation – The field of commercial – civil litigation (appearances in court in the commercial as well as in the civil domains) is one of the major aspects of endeavor upon which the firm’s activities are based. Over the years, Adv. Weinberg has appeared before various judicial instances throughout the country and has represented a broad range of clients in a broad range of cases. The firm represents both plaintiffs as well as defendants in a broad range of financial and tort legal actions, as well as partners, shareholders and directors in business legal actions, both as plaintiffs as well as as defendants.

Labor Laws – Over the years, the firm has represented a long list of entities in a broad range of labor laws cases. The firm represents both employers as well as employees in private labor law.

Land and Real Estate – The firm represents both as plaintiffs as well as defendants in various contractual legal actions in the field of real estate and represents building contractors and real estate developers in various contract based legal suits.

Tort and Insurance – The firm represents both employers as well as employees in legal actions lodged under the power of the Tort Ordinance and in various types of negligence suits, inter alia related to business disputes.

Retainer Services for Companies – The firm provides retainer services for private companies and for business people who require ongoing accompaniment and consulting.

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