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Shira Shoef Dagan, Law Office and Mediator is a boutique law firm, and its exclusivity and uniqueness is based on an aura of intimacy. The Firm provides around-the-clock client service, guided by professionalism, with every effort made to get to the essence of the case at hand. The professionalism, personal attention, and confidence that the client receives and the excellent results that the Firm achieves in the client's favor are the main reasons for the client arrival. As a lawyer and mediator in family and inheritance law, for over 20 years, Shira Dagan has earned vast and diversified experience in dealing with family law cases. Over time, the Firm's clients have witnessed multiple successes, after closing complicated and complex cases. Clients who thought their world was destroyed, emerged strengthened, and began a new chapter in their lives. Clients who felt they had fallen into an irreversible abyss were able to gather strength based on the understanding that a well planned and professional approach can bring about successes and achievements. The Firm is precisely the office that knows how to stand with its clients, to plan, prepare, and conduct the legal process in the best strategic way.

Attorney Dagan specializes in handling large family cases with significant issues in child custody, alimony, and property. Attorney Dagan knows that when clients approach her, they are at one of the most critical junctions in their lives, and she understands how much responsibility they entrust to her. The experience, the successes and the clients that have become like family, are proof that the Firm is the right choice for its clients and will give witness to appreciation and respect that the Firm receives from its clients.

The Firm’s Motto – “Every Customer is a Special Personal Story”

The Firm believes that dealing with family law requires it to be attentive to the client, to understand it, and to be attentive to the particular situation in which the client is found. Even if the Firm has gone through thousands of similar cases in the past, each client is a personal and unique story, which is at the heart of the storm in his own life. The Firm is there to re-bundle him,  strengthen him, and set out together on a joint journey to ensure his future and his family’s future.

Maximum Results With Minimum Battles

Shira Dagan believes that any management of a family law case in general, and any case in which children are involved in the dispute in particular, requires the Firm to make every effort to bring the client, the children, and the family the maximum results. All this, with a minimum of battles, all the while trying to maintain a just dialogue, which will leave as few scars as possible in the future.

Collaboration With a Team of Consultants

In family law, the Firm is assisted by other professionals and experts on the subject. Attorney Dagan ensures that all consultants, experts, and other professionals who may be required to work on a case, will be among the leading and best in their field. The team of experts and professionals working with Firm is very senior and experienced, something which proves itself, time and time again in quality, professionalism, and contribution.


Over time, Attorney Dagan has been very successful in mediation proceedings, both in family law and in will and inheritance law. She has brought parties who were amid complicated disagreements, to agree and end disputes amicably.

Prenuptial Agreements

Financial agreements between spouses have gained momentum in recent years. Agreements of this type are tailored to each client. The Firm works with many parties on agreements. These agreements prove themselves and save disputes, quarrels, and resources, both between spouses in particular and within the family at large.

Leave The Kids Out of The Picture

Attorney Dagan is a mother of four and is deeply involved in the lives of her children, and so makes every effort to keep the children away from the disagreement between the couple. Unfortunately, there are many cases where children are a tool for biting and sometimes even to the extent of parental alienation. This phenomenon is now being treated very well in the courts, which make every effort to denounce it. In the management of the legal process,  the children’s interests are a top priority, and the Firm does everything possible to remove them from the range of disputes, to minimize the harm to their mental and emotional development.

Community Involvement

The Firm has decided to accept three full pro-bono cases in the field of family law each year. These files usually become the cases with the most substantial volume of activity, but also those that give it tremendous satisfaction!

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