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Founding Year 1993
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Israel Shimonov, Partner, Shimonov & Co.

Israel Shimonov


Dudi Berland, Partner, Shimonov & Co.

Dudi Berland


Nir Cohen Sasson, Partner, Shimonov & Co.

Nir Cohen Sasson


About Shimonov & Co.

Shimonov & Co. is a leading and proficient Israeli law firm in the capital market and securities fields and is also regarded as one of its finest boutique law firms. The Firm, founded in 1993 by Adv. Israel Shimonov, one of Israel's most prominent lawyers in capital markets and securities, offers legal counsel on Initial Public Offerings, prospectuses, mergers and acquisitions, securities law, and corporate law. Shimonov & Co. is constantly ranked in the top tier by the top-ranking Israeli and international rating guides in capital markets, securities, insolvencies and debt settlements.

Areas of Expertise
Prospectuses and Initial Public Offerings
The Firm’s legal team has supported and continues to support hundreds of public offerings in both the primary market (IPO) and the secondary market of securities offerings in Israel, as well as hundreds of private placements with a general fundraising volume of more than NIS 100 billion. Shimonov & Co. is proud to be involved in the most significant IPOs on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Unique Specialization in Representing Foreign Companies In Israel
The Firm has a dedicated, experienced, and professional team that represents the vast majority of significant real estate corporations in the United States and well-known controlling shareholders ranked at the top of the list of wealthiest people globally (Forbes ranking). In 2019, the Firm worked on a unique IPO, in the framework of which an American Reit Fund (in the UpReit configuration) offered its shares only to the public in Israel.

Counsel for Public Companies
The Firm accompanies prominent Israeli public companies in all matters related to reporting corporations. This complex representation includes assistance in preparing immediate reports, transaction reports with a controlling shareholder, private allocations, assistance in preparing annual reports (Barnea), and participation in meetings at the executive forums (Board of Directors and Committees).

Mergers and Acquisitions
The Firm’s team handles mergers and acquisitions, with an emphasis on public companies. Over time, the Firm has handled hundreds of merger and acquisition transactions of public companies in Israel and many takeover bids of various kinds, as well as complex reorganization processes such as spin-offs, dividend distributions in kind and similar actions drawn from the Law of Centralization to reduce strata investments.

Capital Market Regulation
Considering the Firm’s uncompromising professionalism in Israeli capital markets and securities, the legal team has also become an authority in capital market regulations and more than once was asked for counsel on regulations and enforcement procedures by clients that are not regular firm clients. The Firm has a professional department managed by a senior lawyer (also an accountant by education). The department is involved in legislative and regulatory changes in the field, including changes in stock exchange guidelines relevant to the Firm’s core issues.

The Firm’s insolvency practice is managed by Adv. Amir Bartov, who in recent years has led most of Israel’s largest debt settlements. The Firm’s team handles companies in crisis, manages complex financing transactions, etc.

Firm Clients
The Firm’s client list includes many public companies whose securities are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, including the largest and leading groups in the Israeli economy in a wide range of areas of activity, leading foreign companies in their field and many controlling shareholders and business executives from Israel and abroad. In addition, the Firm’s team, works with corporations involved in real estate in Israel and abroad, hotels, industry, aviation, medical equipment, retail, food, fuel and oils, investments and finance, bio-med, hi-tech, venture capital, automotive, leasing.

The Professional Team
Shimonov & Co. is proud of its professional, high-quality and experienced legal team, which provides client service at the highest professional level along with adherence to uncompromising quality, exceptional creative thinking and in-depth business understanding.
Adv. Israel Shimonov, Firm Founder – one of Israel’s leading lawyers in capital markets, with over three decades of experience as a lawyer in commercial law and recognized as a leader in his field both among colleagues and various rating agencies in Israel and globally. Adv, Shimonov counsels his clients on a range of issues in corporate and securities law and represents them before the Israel Securities Authority and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Over time, he has represented a wide range of clients in hundreds of public offerings and hundreds of capital and private placements in the private and institutional market, totaling tens of billions of Shekels, has taken part in many precedent-setting processes and groundbreaking transactions in the Israeli capital market, such as highly complex mergers and acquisitions of public companies and participation in significant control struggles in the Israeli capital market.
Adv. Amir Bartov, Senior Partner – Adv. Bartov is recognized as an authority in corporate recoveries, debt settlements, accompanying companies in difficulties and managing companies in insolvency proceedings as a position holder. Adv. Bartov has over two decades of expertise, and has accumulated significant achievements in some of the most prominent debt settlement portfolios in the Israeli economy.
Adv. Dudi Berland, Senior Partner – manages the Firm’s foreign issuance field along with Adv. Benjamin Ben Zimra. Over time, Adv. Berland has gained extensive experience in representing public companies in prospectuses and issues before the Israel Securities Authority, the stock exchange, and institutional bodies. Adv. Berland provides ongoing legal advice to corporations on a variety of corporate policy issues and securities law, and other current matters.
Adv. Nir Cohen Sasson, Senior Partner – Adv. Cohen Sasson specializes in Israeli corporate and securities, the merger and acquisitions of public companies traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and accompanies public and private companies, IPOs and secondary market issuances, and various legal and commercial issues, including complex debt issuances.

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