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Founding Year 1973
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Einat Weidberg, Partner, Shibolet

Einat Weidberg


Adi Zaltzman, Partner, Shibolet

Adi Zaltzman


Yoram Raved, Partner, Shibolet

Yoram Raved


Michal Gottesman Barak, Partner, Shibolet

Michal Gottesman Barak


Joseph Benkel, Partner, Shibolet

Joseph Benkel


Ofer Ben-Yehuda, Partner, Shibolet

Ofer Ben-Yehuda


Gadi Ouzan, Partner, Shibolet

Gadi Ouzan


Hillel Ish Shalom, Partner, Shibolet

Hillel Ish Shalom


Lior Aviram, Partner, Shibolet

Lior Aviram


Moshe H. Ne’eman, Partner, Shibolet

Moshe H. Ne’eman


About Shibolet

Shibolet, established in 1973, is one of Israel's largest, full-service multidisciplinary law firms with a strong emphasis on corporate transactional work and commercial litigation. Based in the heart of Tel Aviv, Israel's commercial and financial center, and affiliated offices in New York and Shanghai the firm offers its clients legal services in all fields of commercial/corporate law on a worldwide basis, combining high professional, personal service and a deep understanding of client affairs.With the expertise of more than 220 professionals, the firm's areas of specialization are M&A, high-tech, litigation, capital markets, IP, project finance, real estate and infrastructure, tax, employment, antitrust, banking and finance, media and telecom. With over half of its practice being high-tech related, Shibolet's High-Tech and Venture Capital practice is among the largest and most recognized in Israel.

Corporate, Commercial & M&A
We have exceptional cross-border transactional skills, particularly in advising Chinese, US, European and Israeli investors (acquirers, targets, sellers and financial institutions) on high-end M&A deals worldwide. Our team is composed of highly-skilled specialists in areas such as high-tech, antitrust, securities, regulation, intellectual property, environment, employment and taxes, guiding our clients throughout a transaction.

High-Tech & VC
We deliver consistently high-quality hands-on legal services in all areas of high-tech, across all sectors worldwide – from start-up to exit. We represent entrepreneurs, emerging companies, mature technology companies, multinationals, academic institutions, venture capital funds, angel investors and corporate investors for all their transactional and corporate financing needs.

Securities & Capital Markets
We are at the forefront of the most complex issues in international capital markets and securities law, and renowned for providing innovative advice on new and existing financial structures and financial products. We act for many dual-listed clients in highly complex international matters. We pride ourselves on driving the latest developments in the field as well as on knowing the business of our clients inside out.

Our experienced team of litigators represent both foreign and domestic clients before all courts and tribunals, including arbitration and mediation. We represent a broad spectrum of foreign companies involved in litigation in Israel, both as plaintiffs and defendants.

Real Estate
We have vast experience in residential and commercial real estate transactions for Israeli and foreign clients, and represents some of Israel’s largest construction companies.

Infrastructure & Project Finance
We are intricately involved in establishing private energy projects, with an emphasis on gas-fired, hydroelectric and renewable energy (photovoltaic, concentrated solar power and wind energy) power plants, both in Israel and overseas.

Labor & Employment
We provide on-going legal advice to the management echelons on a wide range of employment related issues, including labor and employment aspects of complex M&A transactions, APAs and IPOs, as well as drafting, reviewing and interpreting collective and individual employment agreements and human resources policies.

Our top-level tax department has vast expertise regarding domestic and international tax issues, including tax planning and tax rulings.

We provide legal services in banking, financing, regulatory issues, formation of banking institutions, branches and representative offices.

Environment & Cleantech
As a pioneer in this field, We have been involved in significant litigation, representing plaintiffs in class actions against entities failing to comply with the environmental codes as well as entities accused.

We advise clients on a complete range of antitrust, competition, regulatory and trade issues, including merger control, licensing and distribution, franchises, and restrictive practices, which permeates all aspects of the firm’s business practice.
Telecommunications, Media & Internet
We are- considered amongst the leaders in this field in Israel, representing top-tier global and Israeli companies that include major Internet portals, cable and satellite companies and media owners.


Adereth Saul Dozetas Adam Karplus Tal Ouzan Gadi Sternhell-Zaltzman Orit
Adler Karin Dvash Rinat Kellner Itay Pappo Iris Vigdor Liat
Afori Tamir Elgrably-Goldman Keren Koubi Bara-nes Maya Peled Limor Weidberg Einat
Agmon Nati Elia-Kush Miri Kubovsky Roy Raccah-Dvir Hadas Yehezkeli Chezi
Alshech Raviv Nilly Feinberg Nir Larisch Ofer Raved Yoram Yisraeli Yaacov
Atir Jonathan Fisher Amir Less-Gross Tirza Raz Inbal Zaltzman Adi
Aviram Lior Frankl Amir Magriso David Roberts Richard Zaltzman Joseph
Avtalion Nirit Galinka Shmuel Maimon-Sandler Keren Ron Eyal Ziv Alon
Awawdi Nedal Gilboa Eyal Manor Ofer Rosenberg Gil Zuzovsky Ofer
Balint Eran Golan Barak Manor Yoav Salomon Yair
Bar Calanit Gottesman-Barak Michal Marciano Inbal Schreiber Victoria
Barad Batia Graus Gadi Margolis Naama Shachar Amir
Ben-Artzi Revital (Tali) Greiner Elad Marom Albeck Orit Shamri Nir
Benkel Joseph Hadar David Meller Vered Shapira Ofer
Ben-Yehuda Ofer Hess Shlomit Mutai Doron Shapiro Shiri
Ben-Zvi Omer Hollander Orit Ne’eman Moshe Shibolet Amnon
Bickel Miri Iliescu Amir Nusel Chen Shomrony Ido
Blatt Zak Shelly Inbar Ben Ofer Galit Soulema Ron
Cohen Eli Ish-Shalom Hillel On Amir Spektor Ram
Cohen- Yehonatan Itshak Kalifi Beni Oren Meyrav Sprecher David









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