SAREL Logistics Solutions & Products for Advanced Medicine Ltd.

Medical and Equipment Supplies to the Health Care System


Founding Year 1995
Address SAREL House, 8 Hagavish St., Sapir Industrial Zone, Netanya 4250707 - View Map
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Avi Buskila, Chief Executive Officer, SAREL Logistics Solutions & Products  for Advanced Medicine Ltd.

Avi Buskila

Chief Executive Officer

Shlomo Grofman, Chairman of the Board of Directors, SAREL Logistics Solutions & Products  for Advanced Medicine Ltd.

Shlomo Grofman

Chairman of the Board of Directors


The company serves as a one-stop-shop for the full spectrum of goods and services to hospitals and medical institutions. It offers a wide range of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, medical and laboratory equipment and disposables, complementary products and services, and also medical project management and medical supply chain optimization solutions. The company is owned by the "Public Hospitals for the Public" non-profit, which serves public purposes only

Company Vision
To be a strategic partner supporting a high-quality and advanced system, while combining quality services with economic efficiency. Also, to provide optimal quality solutions with economic and professional added values through centralized procurement and logistic solutions, enabling focusing on core medical activities.
Centralized Procurement (One-Stop-Shop) and Logistics

SAREL was founded in 1995, pursuant to a government resolution to serve as a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) for the Ministry of Health’s various divisions & hospitals. SAREL’s modern logistics center and distribution system are designed to deliver inventories directly to customers’ warehouses and points-of-use throughout Israel. SAREL’s catalogue includes over 70,000 items. SAREL employs about 145 workers. Its highly skilled, multi-disciplinary staff, comprehensive commercial and professional know-how, extensive experience, Quality Assurance System, and centralized procurement scopes, enable SAREL to offer its customers a wide range of high-quality products from Israeli and international manufacturers, at the best prices and availability. 2017 Sales turnover reached NIS 1,221 million. SAREL is a member of the AHA – American Hospitals Association.
SAREL in Emergencies and Wartime

SAREL is an approved emergency establishment, and its warehouses are available on 24/7 basis during emergency and peace, providing supplies on demand, medications and medical equipment.
Supply-Chain Management

Centralized customer service management, advanced inventory control and storage systems, QA supervision, a computerized warehouse, and an efficient distribution and transport system, enable the company to supply end-user customers with products on a “just in time” basis at the best price and with the highest level of service. Advanced CRM systems in-cluding RFID technology at point of use, installed by SAREL in hospitals, savings on inventory, ordering and tendering along with an online website tracing system, for suppliers and customers.
Professional Leadership

SAREL is committed to professional leadership and continually evaluates new technologies and products in cooperation with medical institutions as well as quality control systems for products and supply procedures. The company complies with international quality standards and is ISO9001-2015- and GDP/GMP-certified and has an Importer/Producer certification.
Business Divisions

Pharmaceutical Division – Experienced professionals pharmacy team direct a central center for the supply and distribution of vaccines under national vaccination programs, and life-saving drugs. Supply a wide range of pharmaceuticals like ambulatory and hospital medications, hospital disinfectants, anti-serum and blood products, IV solutions etc.
Medical Division – The division is at the forefront of technology, up-to-date on professional developments worldwide. Procurement and technical specialists provide a complete range of equipment and accessories for routine operations of the health care institutions, from basic products to the most sophisticated medical instrumentation, like surgical equipment, cardiology, angiography, orthopedics equipment and more.
Patient Surroundings, Technologies (Equipment and Laboratories) and Projects Division (STP) – The division handles the patient environment, capital equipment, medical technologies, leadership and management of medical projects.
The Patient Surroundings department provides patient environment supplies and solutions with attention to the safety of the patient and staff, innovative infection prevention solu-tions, medical textiles, hospital beds and other relevant products.
The Laboratories department provides comprehensive laboratory operational support and ongoing supply of accessories, reagents and consumables in a variety of working models and customized solutions.
The Capital Equipment department provides full range of advanced medical equipment, including imaging systems (MRI, CT, Nuclear Medicine, PET CT, Ultrasound, Catheterization rooms, and Accelerators), OR, Monitoring, Respiration, etc.
The Projects department offers a management platform for medical projects within budget limits and in accordance with the customer’s requests.
Medical Innovation

The company was the first to offer the robotized revolution to Israeli hospitals: automatic preparation of patient’s UNIT DOSE drugs – increasing patients’ safety and reducing manual work; Preparation of the Cytotoxic treatment using robots, design and enhancement of patient’s environment, etc.

High-Tech at the Hospitals’ Service

Sarel started implementing the MedManager patented Swiss technology in the “Assaf HaRofe” hospital. This is a simple yet lifesaving solution: an advanced inventory-management technology that shortens the replenishing procedures and saves precious time for the medical staff to the benefit of the patients.
MedManager are unique and particularly sensitive weigh scales based on a sound-vibration-sensitive string, which serve as the automated basis for the inventory management sys-tem. When a product is a removed from the shelf, the scales sense this and message the warehouse to send a new product immediately. In addition, the company added in recent months new inventory management technologies such as a button in each supplies drawer that enables to order new inventory with a simple click, and a new app for authorized employees that enables the shift manager to locate the required item and immediately know its inventory location, quantity and expiry date.

Excelling in Logistics
Sarel, together with the “Ichilov” medical center, won the 2017 Healthcare Logistics Excellence Award of the Ministry of Health, following its work to optimize the medical equipment supply chain to the operating rooms.
The company won “5 Beauty Stars” by the Beautiful Israel Council, consecutively, the 2008 “Beauty Flag”, “A Decade of Excellence” in 2009 and a “Beautiful Industry” certificate in 2014 in the “Beautiful and Sustainable Industry” competition.

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