Sahai, Harel, Gedanian-Zohar & Co.

Commercial Litigation, Shareholder Disputes, Arbitration and Mediation, Insolvency, Entrepreneurship and Technology


Founding Year 2018
Address 28 HaArba'a St., HaArba'a Towers (Northern Tower, 5th floor) Tel Aviv 6473925- View Map
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Maya Gedanian-Zohar, Partner, Sahai, Harel, Gedanian-Zohar & Co.

Maya Gedanian-Zohar


Achiad Harel, Partner, Sahai, Harel, Gedanian-Zohar & Co.

Achiad Harel


Sharon Sahai, Partner, Sahai, Harel, Gedanian-Zohar & Co.

Sharon Sahai


About Sahai, Harel, Gedanian-Zohar & Co.

Sahai, Harel & Co. focuses on legal counsel, guidance, and solutions for growth-stage businesses, executives, and entrepreneurs. The Firm specializes in commercial litigation, including shareholder disputes, insolvency proceedings, and mediation and arbitration proceedings. The Firm was established by Sharon Sahai and Achiad Harel - both graduates of elite law firms having practiced in commercial litigation and commercial law – and both believe that growing businesses need distinctive legal guidance.

The Firm’s “I Believe”:
The “I Believe” credo of Sahai, Harel & Co. is based on four fundamental principles:
• Creating meaningful, long-term relationships with clients.
• Uncompromising professionalism.
• A unique service experience that includes personal, direct, and complete involvement of the partners in each case.
• Personal and attentive service, which also takes into account the business and personal consequences of the conflict.

Areas of Specialization:
Commercial Litigation:
The Firm believes that litigation is not just a skill. It’s an art – one that combines the aspiration to formulate an idea in the most precise and refined way, with the love of knowledge, creativity, and the ability to read and anticipate the opposite side’s moves. And thus, each case is considered as a gentlemen’s haute couture suit. The Firm designs the suit according to the client’s measurements and according to its unique needs and does not rest until the final suit is ready for wearing.
Sahai, Harel & Co. represents clients at all judicial instances, in a variety of commercial disputes, and in particular in complex disputes between shareholders, control struggles, business partner disputes, investor-entrepreneur disputes, and those related to corporate governance, and specializes in litigation relating to financial, contractual and proprietary disputes, securities disputes (including derivative and class actions), and intellectual property rights.

Insolvency is a specialty, and the Firm’s legal team is considered one of the most proficient and skilled in this field, representing and advising creditors and debtors, in Israel and abroad, in corporate recovery proceedings, liquidations, asset receiverships, freezing proceedings, and debt settlements. The legal team also serves in court-appointed roles in various insolvency cases.
Its uniqueness is also its ability to provide clients with a complete package which, along with excellent legal advice, also includes financial and accounting understanding. This is necessary for circumstances of financial rehabilitation and credit crunch management.

Arbitration and Mediation:
Firm Partners also serve as arbitrators and mediators in various commercial disputes, representing clients in arbitration and mediation proceedings. Attorneys Sahai and Harel are graduates of the David Rotlevi National Mediation Institute (which is under the auspices of the Israel Bar Association).
Using alternative dispute resolution procedures, the Firm has found that both arbitration and mediation have significant advantages over litigation. For example, arbitration constitutes a more efficient and faster process than a court hearing, the arbitrator usually specializes in the specific issue of the dispute and the process is more flexible and discreet, as compared to the court hearing.
As far as the mediation process is concerned, one of its key advantages is allowing the parties to control the outcome. Also, successful mediation arrangements often allow the “cake” to be enlarged instead of its distribution. This alternative is an infinitely short, inexpensive process when compared to a court process.
These inherent advantages of arbitration and mediation are added to the Firm’s extensive commercial experience, which allows it- whether as mediators or as representatives in the process – to lead to optimal arrangements in complex and contentious disputes.

Company and Commercial Law:
Sahai, Harel & Co. is experienced in providing ongoing legal advice to various types of corporate entities, including start-ups, public companies, government companies, and public authorities.
The Firm counsels investors, entrepreneurs and companies in investment and other commercial transactions, both in the hi-tech and traditional industries, from the negotiations stage to transaction finalization, and is accustomed to providing legal advice to directors and senior management with regard to corporate governance aspects, by-laws implementation, incorporation documents (as applicable), and the day-to-day activities of the corporate entity.

Entrepreneurship and Technology:
The Firm loves technology and innovation, and is pleased to help entrepreneurs put their visions into practice, accompanying the client from its very first days through the various investment rounds and on to the Exit transaction, and assisting them with all daily corporate needs, including drafting licensing agreements, pilot and Proof of Concept (POC) contracts, commercial agreements with suppliers and clients, privacy and cybersecurity issues, labor law issues and more.

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