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Founding Year 1939
Address Tel Aviv Office :Azrieli Town Tower | 146 Derech Menachem Begin | P.O.B 33123 | Tel Aviv 6492103 ADDRESS Haifa Office: 1 Matam Towers, 9 Andrei Sakharov St., Haifa 3508409 - View Map
Phone 03-6931931, 04-8546666
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Doron Schweppe, Partner, S. Friedman & Co., Advocates

Doron Schweppe


Sarit Molcho, Partner, S. Friedman & Co., Advocates

Sarit Molcho


Itamar Anaby, Partner, S. Friedman & Co., Advocates

Itamar Anaby


Lily Doron, Partner, S. Friedman & Co., Advocates

Lily Doron


Amir Cohen-Dor, Partner, S. Friedman & Co., Advocates

Amir Cohen-Dor


Hadar Tal, Partner, S. Friedman & Co., Advocates

Hadar Tal


About S. Friedman & Co., Advocates

S. Friedman & Co., established in 1939, is one of Israel's most prominent law firms. The firm is committed to providing its clients the highest professional and dedicated service and maintaining its reputation for absolute integrity.

International Practice
Our international experience is long-standing and extensive. We maintain close professional ties with leading law and accounting firms in the US, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Several of our partners and associates obtain licenses to practice law in the US and have gained considerable experience practicing law in leading New York law firms. We advise large multinational corporations operating in Israel and assist them in penetrating the Israeli market, providing legal advice and legal support to their activities.

Practice Areas
Maritime, Aviation & Transportation – S. Friedman is the preeminent Israeli law firm in maritime, aviation and transportation law. The firm represents international corporations in connection with building, leasing and selling of vessels and aircraft, joint ventures, consortia agreements, logistic agreements, maritime insurance and international forwarding. In the aerospace sector, the firm advises manufacturers, owners and financial institutions in Israel and abroad in connection with the acquisition, finance and disposal of aviation assets in complex cross-border transactions.
Real Estate – The Real Estate department advises clients on major projects both in Israel and abroad, and is involved in cross-border financing, planning, and acquisitions projects. The department also handles a variety of real estate transactions, including purchase, sale and combination transactions, support for development and financing transactions and more.
Mergers & Acquisitions and Securities – S. Friedman is frequently involved in merger and acquisition transactions and leveraged acquisitions. The firm’s corporate department also handles matters such as private placements, issuance of convertible instruments and commercial papers to the public, as well as providing day-to-day legal advice to public and private companies.
Higher Education – S. Friedman is the only large law firm in Israel which specializes in this field and serves as external legal counsel to a large university in Israel. The firm also provides various legal services to other universities and institutes of higher education.
Litigation & Class Action – S. Friedman has extensive experience in representing clients before the Israeli courts, as well as in arbitration and mediation proceedings. The litigation department specializes in a wide range of fields, including commercial, corporations, tenders, real estate, antitrust, maritime, higher education, insurance and taxation. In addition, it represents defendants in class actions and has been involved in significant precedent cases.
Israeli and Global Taxation – S. Friedman provides first rate tax advice to domestic and international corporations and individuals, in relation to direct, indirect, real estate and municipal taxes. The firm’s expertise encompasses multinational tax planning, transfer pricing strategies, withholding tax minimization, international joint ventures and investment partnerships, as well as international aspects of VAT.
Commercial and Corporate – S. Friedman is involved in a wide range of commercial transactions on a daily basis and has a long-standing and thorough expertise in various aspects of companies and partnerships laws.
Labor Law – S. Friedman’s labor department has a long and thorough experience in advising large corporations, including internationally operating groups, on employment law and work disputes.
Antitrust & Competition – The antitrust department represents companies in a large range matters, including ongoing advice and opinions on antitrust matters, representation of parties before the regulator and tribunal (such as the declaration of monopolies, mergers, cartels, financial sanctions, etc.) and antitrust-related litigation proceedings.
Tenders – S. Friedman’s tender law team is very active. It represents clients from a diverse range of fields before the Israeli courts and has obtained very successful judgments for its clients.
Infrastructure – The Infrastructure department accompanies both public and private companies in their day-to-day operations and in the execution of large-scale projects and infrastructure related matters.
Intellectual Property – The firm’s IP department enjoys a vast experience and a deep understanding of the IP world, with a team that handles copyright, designs, developers’ rights, commercial injustice and more.
High-Tech – S. Friedman’s High-Tech department is one of the most prominent and most valued in Israel. The department accompanies technology companies through all stages of their development and growth. We guide our clients on all aspects of their company’s activities.
Banking, Finance & International Deals – The firm has extensive international experience and expertise in cross-border transactions, including in the interconnected discipline of finance and banking and international trade.
Torts and Insurance – S. Friedman represents major insurance institutions and handles various legal actions in this field. In cooperation with our Maritime, Aviation & Transportation department, we represent P&I clubs, lessees and owners of vessels in tort litigation cases involving injuries to seamen and vacationers on cruise ships.

For the Benefit of the Community
We at S. Friedman & Co. value community contribution very highly, and therefore, we regularly donate to non-profit organizations dedicated to the promotion of education, technological advancement, and culture. In addition, we often represent non-profit organizations pro-bono.

S. Friedman’s clients include leading institutions, private and public companies and multinational corporations such as: Zim, TIL, MSC, Maersk Line, XT Shipping, Israel electricity company, The Chamber of Shipping, The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Haifa and the North, NTA, Clalit Health Services, Israel natural gas lines, Tnuva, Haifa University, Weizmann Institute of Science, Tel Aviv University, Bar Ilan University, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Arko Holdings, Chromagen, Gav-Yam, Paz, Klil, Sumit group, Plasson, Pal-Ram, Super-Pharm, Ha-mashbir Lezarchan, Eldan, Luzon Group, Israel Railways, Milouot, Qualcomm, Openvalley, Rom Geves Casings & Coverings (1997) Ltd., Matam Haifa, Liberty Properties, RADA Electronic Industries Ltd., Poalim I.B.I.-Managing & Underwriting Ltd., Ralco Agencies Ltd., Plastopil Hazorea Ltd., Adidas Israel Ltd., Rekah Pharmaceutical Industries & Co., Taro Pharmaceutical, and many more.

Other Partners
Michael Safran
Tal Enat-Ben Arieh
Ifat Minzer-Koll
Gil Hagay
Gavriel Disegni
Nira Cory
Yaniv Kleinblatt
Arnon Mainfeld
Aviva Zigmond
Merav Gilboa
Oded Rehan
Maoz Rot
Amit Yinon
Roiy Cohen
Maya Shlomi
Assaf Irony
Roi Harel
Oren Sharon
Einat Wiener-Timsit
Nitzan Nishlis
Yoad Perets
Yonatan Fridman
Noam Rosenberg

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