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Founding Year 1969
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Royi Twizer, Chief Financial Officer Vice President  Business Development, Rotshtein Real Estate Ltd.

Royi Twizer

Chief Financial Officer Vice President  Business Development

Itay Smadar, Vice President  Urban Renewal, Rotshtein Real Estate Ltd.

Itay Smadar

Vice President  Urban Renewal

Ortal Leiber, Marketing, Rotshtein Real Estate Ltd.

Ortal Leiber


Reuven Orbach, Vice President - Engineering, Rotshtein Real Estate Ltd.

Reuven Orbach

Vice President - Engineering

Avishai Ben Haim, Chief Executive Officer, Rotshtein Real Estate Ltd.

Avishai Ben Haim

Chief Executive Officer

About Rotshtein Real Estate Ltd.

Rotshtein Real Estate Ltd. is an industry leader in Israel's private and public construction market. The company initiates and constructs large residential projects throughout Israel. In the beginning, the company built dozens of public buildings throughout Israel. Rotshtein has and continues to develop residential complexes in Netanya, Kfar Yona, Or Akiva, Jerusalem's Har Homa, Tel Aviv's Florentine, Be'er Ya'akov, Kadima – Zoran, Ramat Gan, Modi'in, Ramat Beit Shemesh, Rishon Le'Zion, Ashkelon, Kiryat Ha'Omanim – Matzliach, Migdal Ha'Emek, Kiryat Malachi and more. Rotshtein is a public company, and its shares are traded on TASE.

Creativity, Quality, and Reliability
For more than 60 years, Rotshtein has been involved in some of Israel’s leading high-quality construction projects. The company develops and builds with an emphasis on values of reliability, quality, and compliance with the highest standards. These principles are Rotshtein’s competitive advantage and are the basis for the steady expansion of the business. The company’s equity base allows it to accept large scale initiatives while maintaining its financial strength and stability.

Quality Control
Rotshtein attributes supreme importance to the quality of construction and service. The company has a quality assurance system that works according to the most stringent standard requirements, and conforms to the ISO 9002 Standard – the strictest standard available. Extensive resources are invested in incorporating the standard’s requirements in all phases of the project’s construction and service. The company is committed to a strict quality assurance system. The responsibility for the requirements applies to all of the company’s employees, with quality control managers, company employees and representatives available to the customers at all times.

Vision, Strategy, Green Environment
In Rotshtein’s vision, people are in the center, and the home is built around their needs, with maximum attention to the values of comfort and aesthetics. The company believes that a home should give its tenants the best residential experience possible. Therefore in planning the projects, the emphasis is placed on the personal needs of each homebuyer, their worldview, and lifestyle. Construction is carried out with attention to flawless design, along with quality materials and processes. In recent years, Rotshtein has been building under Standard 5281 – the Green Building Standard.

Selected Projects Now Being Marketed:
Rothstein is building quality projects around the country, and for example in:
Kfar Yona, Or Akiva, Be’er Yaakov (stages A – E), Netanya, Migdal Ha’Emek, Florentine in Tel Aviv, Lod, Ramat Gan and more.

The company is also working on the following projects:
• “Green Rothstein” in Be’er Yaakov – 900 housing units in a large and new neighborhood of Gush Dan, in a young, dynamic and developing environment with quick access to everywhere via Road 431 and the new train stations in the vicinity. Construction and marketing of Stage 1 are underway.
• “Carmi Ha’Nadiv” in Kiryat Malachi – bordering on Be’er Tuvia and Kfar Warburg. Private land for the construction of 3,000 new homes, commercial areas and offices. The marketing of Phase D is underway (the company holds 53% of the project rights).
• Rothstein Valley” in Tirat Carmel – between the green hills of the Carmel, and the clear blue skies of the Mediterranean, in the new and sought after “Ha’Hotrim” innovative and new residential complex, 15 boutique buildings are being built that offer 362 new homes with a variety of 3,4,5 garden apartments and penthouses. Construction and marketing are underway.
• FREE Pardesiya – In the northern part of Pardesiya, a project that offers 110 new homes in a private residential complex with a variety of 4.5 room homes, mini penthouses, garden apartments and penthouses. Construction and marketing are underway.

Urban Renewal Projects
As part of the company’s business strategy, Rotshtein initiates and promotes urban renewal projects (evacuation- reconstruction and TAMA 38/2). To this end, the company has established a special division – “Rotshtein Urban Renewal” which specializes in initiating evacuation-reconstruction projects in high demand areas in city centers, self-development, and in cooperation with various companies. Current and future projects include:
• 8 Golomb, Ramat Gan (TAMA 38/2) – a nine-story boutique project which offers 56 new homes of 3,4 rooms, garden apartments and penthouses with meticulous architectural design, rich specifications, a sun terrace, and underground parking, all in the quiet heart of the Ramat Gan, close by everywhere (the project is populated).
• Rotshtein First, Ramat Gan (TAMA 38/2) – 47 new homes on the seam line between Ramat Gan and Givatayim in a quiet and green area of Ramat Gan, with proximity and access to the business districts (construction and marketing is underway).
• Blue and the City, Bat Yam (evacuation-reconstruction) – This 35 story tower will house 137 new homes and commercial space with office suites. (the town building plan is binding and a permit for the tower has been requested).

• The “Geulim” complex in the Alon district of Ramat Ha’Sharon (evacuation-reconstruction) – 180 residential units, on the border between Ramat Sharon and Tzameret, in planning stages.
• 3 Melchett, Tel Aviv (*) – (TAMA 38/1), construction and marketing is underway.
• 18 Clay, Tel Aviv (*) – (TAMA 38/2), construction and marketing is underway.
• 7 Katzenelson, Tel Aviv (*) – (TAMA 38/2), construction and marketing is underway.
• 13 Soutine, Tel Aviv (*) – (TAMA 38/2), in planning stages.
• 19 Remez, Tel Aviv (*) – (TAMA 38/2), in planning stages.
• 12 Zichron Ya’acov, Tel Aviv (*) – (TAMA 38/2), in planning stages.
• 11-13 Pinkas, Tel Aviv (*) – (TAMA 38/2), in planning stages.
• 10 Modigliani, Tel Aviv (*) – (TAMA 38/2), in planning stages.
• 1 Bezalel, Tel Aviv (*) – (TAMA 38/2), in planning stages.
• 21 Remez, Tel Aviv (*) – (TAMA 38/2), in planning stages.
• 10-12 Amos, Tel Aviv (*), in planning stages.
• 19-21 Mica, Tel Aviv (*), in planning stages.
• 146 Jabotinsky, Tel Aviv (*), in planning stages.
• 4 Monir, Tel Aviv (*), in planning stages.
• 38 Sharett, Tel Aviv – (TAMA 38/2), in planning stages.

(*) The project is undertaken through the “City People” subsidiary, of which the company holds 51%). The company is promoting additional projects in the area of urban renewal throughout the country, and primarily in Tel Aviv.

Yielding Property Division:
Rotshtein is also active in the field of yielding properties:
• Be’er Yaakov Commercial Center – 10,000 square meters (**).
• “Carmi Ha’Nadiv” Shopping Center, in Kiryat Malachi – 30,000 square meters (***).
• Rotshtein’s Ramat Amir Kadima Zoran shopping center – 12,000 square meters.
• Beit Shemesh Commercial Center – 10,000 square meters.
• Alfei Menashe Logistic Center – 40,000 square meters (****).

Scope of construction per square meter.
(**) The company’s share of the project is 45% (of a total of 100%).
(***) The company’s share of the project is 50%(of a total of 100%).
(****) The company’s share of the project is 50% (of a total of 100%).

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