Reisdor Enterprises Ltd.

Promotion of real estate projects; planning and construction of residential projects, commercial centers, and office space.


Founding Year 2005
Address 7 Masada St. BSR Tower 4, Bnei Brak 5126112
Phone 972-3-5185500
Fax 972-3-5185200
Email [email protected]
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Yaki Reisner, CEO, Reisdor Enterprises Ltd.

Yaki Reisner



Reisdor is a leading and successful real estate development company, with a proven reputation of successful projects in Israel and abroad, integrating residential and commercial properties.

In just a few years, Reisdor has logged significant achievements in the Israeli real estate industry, and in developing particularly sought-after areas, such as Givat Shmuel, B’nei Brak, Be’er Sheva and Harish, all of which have become success stories since their establishment. Reisdor is owned by Yaki Reisner, considered one of Israel’s most influential real estate developers.
In 2005, Yaki Reisner founded Reisdor, and has already completed the construction of various residential and commercial neighborhoods, unique complexes, including hundreds of residential units and thousands of commercial space areas, valued in hundreds of millions of New Israeli Shekels.
Reisdor is proud of its lean management ranks, a fact that enables it to provide a caring and devoted service to each client, matched with the active involvement of the companies management. Reisdor maintains a dedicated service department, which focuses on serving every clients need. The department considers the client’s best interest as its ultimate aim.

Special Projects
“Marom Shir” in Bnei Brak – a residential and commercial complex, offering 150 residential units and 5,000 square meters of commercial space. The complex was built to a high-quality finish, and the neighborhood is considered the most sought-after in the city.
“Reisdor Center” in Elad – an office and commercial project in Elad’s center. The project offers 6,000 square meters of commercial space and 4,000 square meters of office space. The Reisdor Center was successfully sold to Pama Investments in 2010 for NIS 70 million.
“Song Towers” in Givat Shmuel – a luxury project in the Givat Shmuel’s new Ramat Hadar neighborhood. The project offers three exclusive residential towers with 20 floors in each tower, along with 204 residential units and 3,000 square meters of commercial space. The project’s scope is approximately NIS 450 million.
“Shir in Harish” – Reisdor was early to realize the potential of the developing city of Harish and thus acquired land for the construction of hundreds of apartments. Reisdor seized this opportunity to invest in thousands of meters of commercial space on Harish’s main street, which will become the “Dizengoff” of Harish.

The Government’s “Occupant Price” Program
Reisdor is now involved in 5 projects as part of the “Occupant Price” program:
“Reisdor in Be’er Sheva” – in the Sigaliyot neighborhood of Be’er Sheva, the Company is working on 360 residential units. Project marketing is in full swing, with completion expected in October 2020.
“Reisdor in Kiryat Gat” – in the Karmi Gat neighborhood, the Company is now marketing 240 residential units and 8,000 square meters of commercial space. The project is located in Kiryat Gat’s most prestigious neighborhood.
“Reisdor in Jerusalem” – in the Ramat Shlomo neighborhood of Jerusalem, the Company is planning for 264 residential units and 600 square meters of commercial space. The project offers 11 buildings with astounding views of Jerusalem. Project marketing is expected in October 2019.
“Reisdor in Beit Shemesh” – in the new neighborhoods of Ramat Beit Shemesh, the Company is promoting 284 residential units and 1,200 square meters of commercial space. Project marketing is expected in July 2019.
“Reisdor in Rosh Ha’ayin” – In the new C-Rosh Ha’ayin complex, the Company is involved in 173 residential units and 3,000 square meters of commercial space. Project planning has begun.

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