Orbond Gypsum and Gypsum Products Industries Ltd.

Development, Manufacture and Marketing of Gypsum Products and Advanced Systems for Construction and Industry


Founding Year 1993
Address 30 Ha'Charoshet St., Or Yehuda 6037597 - View Map
Phone 03-6342853
Fax 03-6342894
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Dominique Bossan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Orbond Gypsum and Gypsum Products Industries Ltd.

Dominique Bossan

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Udi Ben Uri, Chief Executive Officer, Orbond Gypsum and Gypsum Products Industries Ltd.

Udi Ben Uri

Chief Executive Officer


Orbond Gypsum and Gypsum Products Industries Ltd. provides solutions for a variety of gypsum applications. Because of Orbond's quality products, its professional knowledge, and its commitment to customers and to the environment, Orbond has from its inception to the present, been a leader in the Israeli market.

Orbond – The Israeli Gypsum Field Leader
Orbond was founded in Israel in 1993. In 1998, Orbond was acquired by the KNAUF Group, a German conglomerate, which is one of the leaders of the global gypsum industry. The KNAUF Group has about 300 factories, which are located in 65 countries on five continents. Orband’s plant is located in Afula’s Alon Tavor industrial zone, with about 100 employees. The plant is one the world’s most advanced, in terms of manufacturing technology and innovation.

Orbond – A Part of the KNAUF Group
The KNAUF Group has exposed Orbond to the world’s most advanced knowhow in the manufacture of gypsum products. The technological advantage of the mother company was applied immediately and contributed to an increase in production capacity, the purchase of new equipment and product improvement. All this allows for a control of production processes and making high quality finished product possible.

Orbond – Constant Growth
Orbond enjoys constant growth, and every year is able to launch new and advanced products, with an emphasis on providing unique solutions and systems for the construction industry. Orbond develops, manufactures and markets advanced systems and products according to the strictest of standards. In the field of gypsum board, the quality and standards of the raw material inputs have significant importance. In order to maintain absolute quality, besides the gypsum boards that it manufactures, Orbond also provides the related installations and fixtures required to build a wall system. Some are manufactured in Israel according to various Standards, while others are imported from the Group’s plants in Europe and comply with the most strict European Standards relating to safety, durability and maintenance, and the use of environmentally friendly materials.

The Standard borne by Orbond products, its ISO 9001 quality system management certification, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 and its products being made in Israel, are good reasons to work with Orbond products.

Orbond – The Most “Green” Gypsum
Building with gypsum is now seen as an advanced, efficient and most advantageous building method. Gypsum is considered a favored building material, which is winning support from environmental authorities around the world, and is considered a “green” building product. Gypsum is a natural material that does not contain toxic and harmful substances, is recyclable and construction with it produces almost no waste. Building with gypsum saves resources during the construction phase – savings in steel and concrete, material handling and relatively low construction costs.

Orbond offers a variety of boards and gypsum-based plasters that bear the Israel “Green” Standard for being environmentally friendly, without any hazardous substances.

Orbond – Activities
Orbond offers the construction industry a full range of products – gypsum boards and solutions for walls, decorated acoustical ceilings tiles, cement-based exterior wall boards, gypsum- powder based finishing products, designed gypsum profiles for niches, shelves, thermal insulation systems, systems for acoustic insulations of walls and ceilings, wet room sealing systems, fire proof systems; facilities for heavy load hangings on gypsum boards; mineral insulation (glass wool/rock wool):access panels; mechanization, accessories and tools.

Orbond and the Community
Orbond considers support for the community an integral part of the KNAUF Group’s strategy in general and Orbond in particular. Orbond supports and collaborates with community institutions, the IDF, etc. Orbond is an Israeli brand, thanks to its many years of reputation, based on its reliability, professionalism and personal service to the customer – these are Orbond’s values.

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