Ofek Aluminum Ltd.

Manufacture and Installation of Aluminum and Glass Railings, Retractable Clotheslines, Pergolas, Aluminum Fencings and Wall Claddings


Founding Year 2010
Address 1 Eshel St., Sderot - View Map
Phone 972-8-9309311
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Ofek Maakot Aluminum is a manufacturer of glass railings for balconies, retractable clotheslines, pergolas, shading solutions, aluminum wall claddings, and fencings. The Company has been active for over ten years across the country, in large-scale operations and with the highest of standards. Ofek is a leading company in its field, as it employs dedicated, reliable, and well versed professional professionals. The Company's advisors are attentive to client needs from the beginning of the process to the end and provide full guarantee even after project completion. This commitment to excellence, along with extensive and high-quality product offerings to Israel's best construction companies, positions Ofek as the leading company in its field.

Ofek’s “I believe” -Excellence in Product Quality and Service:
Ofek takes pride in its customer service department, which is committed to almost immediate accessibility and response, with over 20 installation teams offering their comprehensive training and advice, nationwide, throughout the project process. Each client benefits from close and attentive support by the company’s professionals, allowing for high customization for unique needs.
Even after the project is completed, Ofek’s comprehensive warranty assures service and quality.

Areas of Activity:
Balcony Glass Railings:
Balcony glass railings have become very popular in recent years. In almost every residence, duplex, and even ground-floor homes, one can see balcony railing made of glass. Beyond the beauty and luxurious feelings that a glass railing contributes to a balcony, it is also a security asset, especially on balconies on upper floors.
Many consumers are afraid to install a glass railing on their balconies, fearing it will fall, or break up. Ofek notes that a balcony glass railing is one of the most sturdy and robust railings available today. Ofek’s professionals ensure a quality and safe installation so that the railing can be used for years to come. Its railings are resistant to all weather conditions, including water penetration and moisture, and above all – are very safe, and very convenient for regular maintenance.

Retractable Aluminum Clotheslines:
Retractable aluminum clotheslines help to maintain privacy, as well as to protect clean laundry from dust particles, scorching sun, and bird dirt. These clotheslines can hide not only dirty laundry but also air conditioners, garbage shafts, elevators, escape routes, and more. Retractable aluminum laundry clotheslines also have design roles.
A client can choose from a variety of sizes and designs. Ofek’s clotheslines comply with the required standards of quality and materials, are made of galvanized iron and are aluminum finished. A client can add roofing for protection from pigeons and dirt. An Ofek clothesline affords a uniform look to the entire home and blends well with any design style.

Aluminum Pergolas and Shading Solutions:
Aluminum pergolas have become especially popular in recent years. They are noted for a variety of benefits and practicalities, aesthetics and beauty, all in one product. In recent years, they have increasingly become common in balconies, gardens and private homes, as well as at a variety of businesses and complexes. Aluminum pergolas are used for shading and roofing, but also closing spaces and building extensions. Aluminum pergolas come in a variety of designs, shapes and colors.
Durability – Unlike wooden pergolas, aluminum pergolas are resistant to insects and pests and to climate impacts such as rainfall, winds, intense sun, dryness, humidity and more. Maintenance of aluminum pergolas is minimal, and they are noted for strong sealing and insulating ability. In other words, an Ofek pergola can provide optimal protection against the weather throughout the year.

Aluminum Wall Claddings:
What was perceived less than a decade ago as an innovative architectural trend in the field of wall claddings is now being used in many of Israel’s commercial and industrial parks, as well as around the world. Aluminum wall claddings help create a uniform appearance of building facades, upgrade neglected buildings, and afford the entire industrial area an image of a hi-tech industrial park. The innovative architectural trend of aluminum wall claddings has gradually begun to penetrate as well to the private sector. In addition to a perfect finish and aesthetic appearance, professionals note the thermal insulation capacity of the claddings that contribute to the building’s insulation against cold and heat, moisture and dampness, but also to significant energy savings in green buildings. The claddings can be selected from a wide and varied color fan, inter alia, a client can ask for a tree-like aluminum cladding. Ofek imports exclusive raw materials and manufactures the aluminum cladding at its manufacturing facilities at the client’s request.

Aluminum Fencing for Yards:
Until only a few years ago, wooden fencings were considered being of the highest quality, but the trend has sharply changed, with the ready availability of aluminum. Aluminum fences have many advantages, such as resistance to difficult weather conditions, rust and corrosion resistance as well as against various fertilizers and sprays. Another advantage is the light weight of aluminum in comparison to the other raw materials, allowing for easier, simpler, faster and cheaper installation. In addition to its technical advantages, aluminum is a very flexible and easy-to-use metal, which allows for a variety of elements and shapes, and colors such as black, white, beige, brown and more. Aluminum fences can be combined with other raw materials such as glass, wood, polycarbonate and more, and profiles are also available for a variety of different cuts. Aluminum fences are marketed in many shades, and can be designed in a wide range of variations that transmit elegance and prestige.

A Partial List of Ofek’s Clients:
Tidhar, Prashkovsky, Electra, Zarfati Zvi & Sons, YH Dimari, Abyssror, the Gabbay Group, Arzi Negev, Assum, Coral Group, Afridar, Zarfati Shimon, Peretz Bonei Negev, Ram Aderet, Y.B. Nir Construction, Bonei Ha’Tichon and more.

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