The Shimon Peres Nuclear Research Center - Negev

National nuclear and reactor research laboratory


Founding Year 1959
Address P.O.B. 9001, Beer Sheva 8419001- View Map
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Gil Dagan, NRCN Director, The Shimon Peres Nuclear Research Center - Negev

Gil Dagan

NRCN Director


The Nuclear Research Center – Negev was founded in 1959 at the initiative of Israel's first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, in the heart of the Rotem Plain in the Negev Desert. The NRCN is a national laboratory conducting nuclear and reactor research. The purpose of the Center is to conduct extensive academic, research and practical activities to deepen and expand fundamental knowledge of nuclear sciences and to provide the foundation for the practical and economical development and utilization of nuclear energy. The NRCN employs numerous scientists, engineers, practical engineers and technicians, who contribute greatly to the scientific and technological efforts in Israel. The NRCN maintains ongoing relations with communities in the Negev region and is extensively involved in matters of education and welfare. NRCN employees enjoy challenging work of the highest caliber, occupational security, fair wages and abundant opportunities for academic development and professional advancement in the workplace.

The NRCN’s spheres of scientific research
• Experimental/theoretical physics • Materials science and engineering, chemistry, machinery, electricity and nuclear science • environmental research • renewable energy • reactor research • robotics and cyber research • parallel computerization.

The NRCN constitutes an outstanding leading research and development center in a variety of disciplines. The Center employs a large number of senior researchers from diverse research spheres, placing considerable emphasis on the professional training and personal advancement of the NRCN researchers. Most of the researchers have advanced academic degrees. The Center encourages collaborative research studies and works in scientific and technological cooperation with universities and other institutions in Israel and around the world. Extensive, diverse activities are also being conducted at the Center in the field of engineering.
The NRCN has been contributing and continues to contribute greatly to the scientific and technological efforts in Israel, such as: developing and producing isotopes for industry and medicine, developing and producing some of the world’s most sophisticated radiation detection devices, and contributing to the knowledge base relating to the mechanical and metallurgical properties of magnesium.

NRCN – a great place to work
The NRCN has an esteemed reputation as one of the best and most challenging workplaces in the Negev and in all of Israel. The NRCN offers its employees fascinating professional challenges, while using advanced technologies, coupled with basic and practical research. NRCN’s employees enjoy excellent opportunities for academic development and advanced studies in Israel and abroad, funded by the Center; for managerial development, including structured tracks for those with managerial potential; for long-term planning of career paths; as well as fair wages, excellent fringe benefits, occupational security and personal attention to employees and their families. Work is performed in a safe environment, with stringent and meticulous care for employee safety. Renovations are currently underway at the NRCN, which include the construction of new laboratories among the most advanced in the world.

Employee empowerment
The NRCN management takes affirmative action to empower, train and cultivate its employees, to provide training in scientific and technological disciplines and to encourage excellence and leadership. Management has established career development and advancement tracks for a variety of professions at the Center, in order to ensure the highest level of professionalism, scientific excellence and superior management.

NRCN and the environment
The NRCN is committed to safeguarding the environment. In that context, it conducts environmental research studies in atmospheric sciences and geology, the researchers being experts in physics, Earth sciences and geology. The NRCN conducts collaborative scientific research studies on environmental issues with academic institutions in Israel and overseas, including the Geological Institute, the Geophysical Institute, the Meteorological Service, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, universities and research institutes.

NRCN and the community
Involvement in society and community are core values at NRCN. The NRCN is closely linked to the community and demonstrates this through groups of NRCN employees who volunteer and contribute their time and energy in strengthening and enhancing education and welfare systems in communities in the Negev region. In Yeruham alone, the NRCN is running three outstanding programs: enrichment classes in physics for high-school students; mentoring a robotics group; and promoting the study of chemistry. Additional groups of NRCN employees volunteer on a steady basis: conducting ongoing hydrotherapy sessions at Aleh Negev, a rehabilitation village for disabled children and adults; working at Amcha, a center providing psychological and social services to Holocaust survivors; in Sderot – tutoring high-school students prior to their matriculation exams in computers; in Dimona, at the Zinman High School – NRCN engineers are tutoring students from junior high through high-school graduation and their induction into the IDF. In addition, the NRCN, with some of its finest leading scientists, is running summer science camps for academically outstanding teens at the Rotem industrial park adjacent to the NRCN.
For some 40 years, the NRCN has been operating the vocational high school, ATID–NRCN, which has trained thousands of students to date. Many of our graduates have taken positions in various Negev-based industries, others have returned to work at NRCN after completing their military service, and have since advanced to senior management positions.

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