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Tzlil Goldrat, Partner, Noa Talbi & Co., Law Firm

Tzlil Goldrat


Noa Talbi, Founding Partner and Owner, Noa Talbi & Co., Law Firm

Noa Talbi

Founding Partner and Owner


Noa Talbi & Co. is a boutique firm that offers legal solutions to businesses at points of contact with the local municipal authority, and municipal issues such as business licensing, municipal taxation, planning and construction. The Firm strives to promote business rights in Israel, and its goal is to simplify the complexity of bureaucracy and regulation involved in licensing procedures and construction approvals, and to reduce property taxes. Noa Talbi & Co. was established in 2006 and has maintained its portfolio of clients, which includes both businesses and local authorities. All this while maintaining a 20%-80% ratio between business and local authorities (respectively) to guard against any conflict of interest. Our clients combination provides us with a unique dual-perspective of both sides. This comparative advantage enables us to identify conflicts between the authority's requirements and business needs and enables us to create unconventional legal solutions.

The Firm’s Credo:

Noa Talbi & Co. believes that a business that invests considerable resources in its establishment, infrastructure and environment needs long-term solutions with the local authority under which it intends to continue to reside. That is why the Firm looks for solutions that will continue to benefit its clients even after the legal victory. For each case, a strategy is adopted which examines all local authority considerations and strives for holistic solutions with the various departments and their requirements.

In 2019, 88% of our firm’s cases that were concluded ended with a victory or a settlement to the benefit of our clients.

Fingers Always on the Pulse:

In the State of Israel, new laws and regulations are issued regularly, precedent judgments are passed every week, and the legal domain is regularly updated. There are many upheavals in the urban area as well, and in recent years the fields of business licensing, planning and construction have undergone radical changes, which have not yet been adequately applied in the field.

Noa Talbi & Co. believes that in order to provide our clients with an effective solution to their interactions with the local authority, the Firm must be well aware of any changes in the legal horizon.

Israeli legislators often provide reliefs or cancel prohibitions in an attempt to support the business sector, while in reality such attempts fail due to a lack of knowledge or a lack of motivation to carry out the implementation of said changes in practice. Occasionally, our success in creating a fertile dialogue results directly from superior familiarity with the legal amendments. Therefore, our constant monitoring provides us with the knowledge to assist businesses on a daily basis.

“Not In My Back Yard” (NIMBY):

Local government in Israel consists of 256 different authorities and each of those local authorities is the sole arbiter for varied fields including business licensing, planning and zoning, municipal taxes et cetera. Therefore, if a certain business is unwelcomed by the local government it might find that it’s suffering in various ways, from increased city tax, through changes in its license conditions, to cancelation of construction permits and more.

The NIMBY phenomenon leads many businesses to relocate to other cities at tremendous costs, an outcome that can only be avoided by creating a communication channel with the local authority and achieving a comprehensive long term solution.

Practice Areas:

Business Property Tax: Noa Talbi & Co. focuses on the Municipal Property tax niche, and is at the forefront of the field. We specialize in reducing fees for software companies in particular. Unlike most western countries, Israel’s Municipal Property tax laws are archaic and complex. As a general rule, certain businesses, such as software companies, multi-purpose facilities and industrial factories are supposed to benefit from reduced tariffs. However, since business city tax is the local authority’s main source of income, businesses that apply for a reduced-tariff classification often encounter refusals and difficulties. For example, a reduced rate for a high-tech company will be granted under draconian conditions such as comparing the share of the R&D expenses to those of sales and marketing and examining a unit’s size dedicated to the development alone out of the rest of the occupied property. Our firm has expertise in cracking complex cases and managing applications, appeals and petitions in order to maximize the businesses’ ability to benefit from the reduced rate to which they are entitled.

Business Licensing: Noa Talbi & Co. is one of the few Israeli offices specializing in business licensing. Business licensing in Israel is a field that has been neglected for many years and has been affected by various interests, which perpetuate information gaps between authorities and business owners. Despite many attempts at reform in the field, many changes have not yet been implemented, which would have facilitated temporary business permits, varied approvals in planning and construction and the like.

The Firm has the ability to check whether the decisions of an entity within the municipal or a governmental office were made within their authority and were implementing any reliefs entitled by the latest reforms. Our work in the municipal sector enables us to interact directly with the relevant entities and avoid lengthy legal proceedings. The Firm represents some of Israel’s largest companies and provides a unique product of legal letters of opinion in regards to business licensing law, which makes the facilitation of operating a business more efficient without resorting to legal proceedings.

Planning and Construction: The Firm’s ability to identify the general enforcement limits of an authority and its organs creates a significant advantage in supporting businesses that face difficulties in receiving the approval of engineering departments for their business licenses.

Over the past year, our firm has been operating to implement innovative reliefs in the field under Amendment 34 of the Business Licensing Law and Amendment 110 of the Planning and Zoning Law, thus making requirements that ignored the reliefs and were demanded from our clients completely obsolete.

Groundbreaking Legal Achievements – A few Examples:

  • Achieving a classification as 100% software company for a company which sells a software product and profits from it, on the basis of the (true) claim that the profits are used for developing another software product.
  • Cancelation of a requirement to issue a business license for a complementary operation of a national commercial company, without legal proceedings and with significant time and costs savings for the client.

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