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Founding Year 1996
Address 39-41 Ha'Magenim Blvd. Haifa 6 B T'fusot Yisrael, Givatayim TEL 972-77-6040676- View Map
Phone 972-4-8512612
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Elad Didi, Partner, Nissim & Cohen - Nissan,  Advocates and Notary

Elad Didi


Zohar Nissim, Founder and Partner, Nissim & Cohen - Nissan,  Advocates and Notary

Zohar Nissim

Founder and Partner

Mordechai Cohen-Nissan, Founder and Managing Partner, Nissim & Cohen - Nissan,  Advocates and Notary

Mordechai Cohen-Nissan

Founder and Managing Partner

About Nissim & Cohen - Nissan, Advocates and Notary

"…Try Not to Become a Man of Success but Rather Try to Become a Man of Value…" (Albert Einstein) Nissim & Cohen-Nissan is one of the leading firms in the civil-commercial field and the municipal sector in particular. The founders of the Firm, Advocates Mordechai Cohen-Nissan and Zohar Nissim, began their careers with private law firms and in the civil service, and now manage the Firm and are active partners in its success. The Firm was founded in 1996 by Adv. Mordechai Cohen-Nissan and for over two decades the Firm has gained vast expertise and experience in representing diverse and well-known clients, including government ministries, public bodies, major government corporations and entities, municipal authorities, non-profit organizations as well as private clients.

The Firm has a unique specialization in transportation infrastructure, which was gained after dealing with municipal authorities and various other bodies in the State of Israel. The Firm provides its clients with close and professional legal advice and support in a wide range of sectors, including civil law, commercial law, administrative law, torts, libel, real estate, taxation, municipal government law, tenders law, litigation and notary services.

Professional Staff:

Adv. Mordechai Cohen-Nissan is also a Notary and a graduate of the law faculty of UEL University in London, England and, since 1996 a member of the Israel Bar Association. Adv. Cohen-Nissan heads the Firm’s civil department and has experience in representation in all judicial instances.

Adv. Zohar Nissim is a member of the Israel Bar Association since 1996 and is also a notary and mediator. Adv. Zohar Nissim graduated from Faculty of Law at the University of Sheffield, England, and also holds an LL.M., from the University of Haifa.

Adv. Elad Didi is a graduate of the Law Faculty of Sha’arei Mishpat College and a member of the Israel Bar Association since 2009. Adv. Didi specializes primarily in planning and construction, real estate, tenders’ law, complex infrastructure projects for government and public companies, litigation, monetary claims, contracts, and torts. The Firm has ten experienced and skilled practitioners who aspire to excellence, professionalism, and personal attention to all clients.

Most advocates work out of the Firm’s Haifa head office. As well the Firm has a branch office in  Givatayim.

The friendly and fruitful cooperation and synergy created by the team of advocates ensure the most professional, dedicated, and quality treatment for the Firm’s clients.

Main Areas Of Specialization:
Municipal Authorities – The Firm has unique expertise in providing counsel and representation on a range of issues related to municipal government – legal counsel for municipal authorities and corporations. Advocates Cohen-Nissan and Nissim serve as external legal advisors of many municipal authorities as well as of municipal entities, and offer ongoing legal support, regular participation at meetings at managing committees and board of directors meetings, litigation in the judicial instances, drafting and preparing tenders, preparing court documents, including administrative petitions, damages (property and body) suits, defamation suits, monetary claims vis-à-vis municipal taxes, parking and sanitation, and the provision of ongoing opinions.
Damages – The torts department specializes in the thorough and reliable handling of torts, including claims for bodily injury, property damage, work accidents, road accidents, nuisances, defamation, and reputation damage.
The Firm’s advocates have extensive experience and knowledge in the field, providing professional service at the highest of legal standards, all to secure the client’s social and financial rights and to strive for a common goal, that is, restoring the situation to its previous status and providing appropriate compensation. The Firm represents a wide range of clients in the field of torts, both private and institutional clients, government companies, and municipal authorities.
Real Estate, Planning, and Zoning – The Firm provides counsel for many complex real estate transactions, from the negotiations stage towards the drafting of a contract, onto the contract signing, and ending with the registration and transfer of legal rights to private commercial properties. The Firm’s advocates have extensive and diverse experience in real estate taxation in various aspects, construction defects, real estate transactions, and large-scale sales transactions. The Firm represents developers and tenants in the field of urban renewal.
Infrastructure Transportation – The Firm manages complex projects in the field of transportation infrastructure for some of Israel’s most significant public bodies in the economy.
The Firm provides legal services in the field of planning and construction to public and private clients in a wide range of subjects, while providing representation in the respective planning institutions and judicial legal instances.
Commercial Litigation – The Firm represents a wide range of private clients, commercial companies, public bodies, local authorities, and more.
Taxes – Much of the Firm’s work deals with complicated tax issues in both civil and criminal proceedings, including real estate taxation, value added tax issues, income tax, customs, capital gains, levies, etc.
Labor Law – Part of the ongoing work of the Firm revolves around disagreements that have are tied into employer-employee relations.
Contribution and Service to the Community
Nissim & Cohen–Nissan, Advocates and Notaries is proud to be involved in the community. The Firm contributes from its professional experience in a variety of areas, and represents, voluntarily, civil servants in disciplinary proceedings in the civil service court of the Civil Service Commission.

“…The Pessimist Complains About the Wind; the Optimist Expects it to Change; the Realist Adjusts the Sails…” (William Arthur Ward)

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