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Founding Year 2007
Address 5 Ha'narkasim St., Kfar Sirkin - View Map
Phone 972-3-5753385
Fax 972-3-5541272
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Julie Artzi, Office Manager, Nave Bagdadi Construction Company

Julie Artzi

Office Manager

Sharon Nave, Chief Financial Officer, Nave Bagdadi Construction Company

Sharon Nave

Chief Financial Officer

Nir Nave, CEO and Owner, Nave Bagdadi Construction Company

Nir Nave

CEO and Owner

About Nave Bagdadi Construction Company

Nave Bagdadi Construction Company was established in 2007. The Company specializes in construction projects and combination transactions and holds a "C 5" contractor's license for construction engineering work. The C-5 classification is the highest classification level, allowing the contractor to be involved in building projects of any scope and magnitude, without limitations vis-à-vis the project's financial or engineering scope. To date, the Company has completed many projects for public, private, and entrepreneurial clients throughout Israel. Nave Bagdadi has built hundreds of housing units for entrepreneurs, mainly in the urban renewal field, with an emphasis on saturated construction projects, placing particular emphasis on high-standard and "green" construction methods, compliance with deadlines and operating a customer service center to better serve the project's occupants.

The great advantage of Nave Baghdadi is that it is both an entrepreneurial and contracting company, o that its clients receive everything they need under one roof, from the time of signing the contract to the key delivery, with no external intermediaries. The Company has also received a Certificate of Excellence and was awarded third place in the finals of the Israel Center for Excellence in Service and Customer Experience (Israel Center for Management). In 2018, the Company was also cited in a construction competition under the auspices of the Israel Builders Association in urban renewal and construction. Nave Badgadi is also recognized for its financial strength by various credit rating agencies.

The CEO Oversees all Projects
The owner and CEO of the company is Nir Nave, who was trained as a construction engineer. Nir Nave holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, and will shortly receive his LL.M (Law) from Bar Ilan University. Nave is his family’s second-generation in the construction industry. Nir Nave’s father was a veteran and renowned renovation contractor whose passion for the profession also stuck to his son. Nir Nave’s professional experience in construction includes a role as an independent building supervisor for luxury villas in Israel’s central area, where he learned upfront about the high levels of performance and the importance of attending to the smallest of details. Nave is involved in every project of the Company, from the conceptualization stage, onward to the planning and supervision of the project as its chief executive. Today, the Company trains engineers to oversee and manage the projects according to Company work standards.

Management Practices that Ensure Early Completion of Construction
The Company applies hi-tech management tools and methods to the construction world. Nir Nave has developed unique software for the Company he owns, which enables professional and thorough management of quality control, performance control, budget control, customer relationship tracking, supplier tracking, and more. Using the software is matched by systemic work methods with clear procedures. One of its significant achievements, unprecedented in the construction market in Israel, is that the Company completes and delivers most of its projects, before its intended delivery deadline, with most being delivered some four to five months before the time set for work completion.

Building Quality and High Standards
At all project sites, the Company adheres to a high standard of construction from the planning stage to the final execution of each project. Construction supervision and quality control are conducted in accordance with systemic work methods and full compliance with requirements of the Planning and Building Law, legal standards and procedures. As part of this program, the Company takes care of full contractor insurance for all its projects. Nave Baghdadi is recognized for its adherence to work schedules, high-quality construction and comprehensive service. To support its projects, the Company employs many professional and experienced construction workers, as well as consultants, engineers, site managers, safety specialists and sub-contractors, all of whom have extensive experience and knowledge.

A Service Center for the Occupants’ Welfare
The Company operates a service center that handles occupants’ complaints and faults in buildings that have already been delivered. The service department offers a call center, and a unique button on the Company’s website that the Company’s residents can use on a 24/7 basis, to report on faults, including faults requiring an immediate and urgent response, thus unburdening the original entrepreneur. In addition, one year after occupancy, the Company contacts the new occupants to ensure that there are no faults or deficiencies that are unknown and have not been answered. This service offers peace of mind to the entrepreneurs, who can move on to the next project knowing that there is someone who cares about the project’s occupants.

A Contracting Company that Replaces Contractors
Today, the Company is also involved in providing contracting solutions for sites requiring a replacement contractor where the original contractor has stopped operations, and for projects that are stuck in the middle of the contracting process without a contractor. Nave Baghdadi provides a complete diagnosis of the situation and readjusts the construction to plans, procedures, requirements, regulations, stringent safety considerations, high-standard development along with green building procedures and compliance with time schedules, all according to the Company’s estimation of the work project from the time of its entry into the project.
Company headquarters are in Kfar Sirkin.

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