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Initiation, Planning, Execution and Management of Real Estate Projects, With Urban Renewal as a Specialty


Founding Year 2008
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Oleg Lukinsky, Partner and Chief Executive Officer, New Era

Oleg Lukinsky

Partner and Chief Executive Officer

About New Era

New Era began its operations abroad almost a decade ago, in the initialization planning and execution of a variety of residential, commercial and hotel projects, focusing on large-scale urban renewal projects, including conservation projects, as well as other highly complex projects. New Era uses its international experience in Israel in a variety of urban renewal projects – such as TAMA 38 and evacuation-construction projects. New Era's customers benefit from close accompaniment throughout, from the planning stage through to the final stage, and also from the highly professional and experienced staff in the fields of law, supervision, financial consultation, project management, development, engineering and design.

New Era’s Credo
New Era considers TAMA 38 and evacuation-construction projects as a valid solution to Israel’s increasing housing demand in Israel. These projects contribute to a renewal of cities, the influx of young populations to urban centers and promotes an opportunity for social equality.
The Company considers its customers – the residents – full partners, and effectively makes sure to offer updates and information sharing, with full transparency throughout the project.
New Era is committed to managing each project with reliability, professionalism and uncompromising quality always in mind, and thus, the residents will enjoy peace of mind all along the way, without any financial obstacles and within the predetermined time frame.

Oleg Lukinsky – New Era’s Partner and Chief Executive Officer
Oleg Lukinsky holds a B.A. in Economics and Communications from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and an M.B.A. from Tel Aviv University.
In addition to his studies in Israel, Oleg is a graduate of the prestigious Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, after studying management and strategy.
Oleg has international experience, accumulated over eight years in the management and supervision of complex real estate projects in many countries. Oleg has the proven ability to manage processes and complete projects, and during his studies and work life, has accumulated knowledge and experience in finance and business strategy.

Professionalism and Financial Strength
In its ten years of operations, New Era has already positioned itself as one of Israel’s leading companies in its field, having successfully and efficiently completed complex projects in Israel and abroad. The considerable reputation over the years was earned because of New Era’s ability to offer the best solutions throughout all stages of the project – from crafting the concept until construction completion and delivery to the final resident, all the while considering the environment, the engineering complexity, the planning and regulatory constraints for the district. In addition to its experience and high level of professionalism. New Era is characterized by financial strength and the ability to provide bank guarantees, which are required for the execution of all projects it promotes.

The Customer’s Consideration
New Era executes its projects with due attention to all details, small and large, strict adherence to timetables and minimization of disruptions to the residents’ way of life.
At the end of the process, the resident receives a bigger apartment, new and advanced infrastructures, a renewed and newly fashioned building and a significant increase in the value of their apartment.
Thanks to a team of leading architects and meticulous planning, New Era’s projects are unique in their design, including the exclusive design of the facades and common areas, and hence a quality residential atmosphere enjoyed by all customers.
New Era’s evacuation-construction projects promise the residents a new apartment, more substantial than the existing apartment, with sophisticated technical specifications in a new building, which includes all new and advanced technological systems. During the construction work phase, the residents are removed to alternative temporary housing, fully funded by the Company.

Comprehensive International Activity
New Era has international experience in initiating, planning, executing and managing large-scale real estate projects in the residential, commercial and hotel sectors, as well as in the Company’s flagship specialization – urban renewal.
Over its years of operation, New Era has established itself as a leading company, with an impressive backlog of over 350 complex projects completed in several Eastern European countries, covering a total area of 2.6 million square meters.
In the field of urban renewal, which is the core of the Company’s operations, New Era has successfully completed a large number of projects – from the identification of properties and complexes with potential for urban renewal, the completion of the zoning process, through the planning and execution stages, and the eventual successful marketing of the projects, including evacuation-construction projects as well as building conservation projects.
New Era’s business strategy is based on several critical principles, such as identifying business opportunities, managing risks, developing and fostering business cooperation and managing the projects throughout the project lifecycle.

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