Neto M. E. Holdings Ltd.

Import, production, marketing, and distribution of food products


Founding Year 1940
Address 5 Meir Ezra St., P.O.B. 655, Kiryat Malachi 8305919 - View Map
Phone 08-8608500
Fax 08-8503086
Email [email protected]
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David Ezra, President & Chairman of the Board, Neto M. E. Holdings Ltd.

David Ezra

President & Chairman of the Board

Ami Goldin, CEO Neto Holdings, Neto M. E. Holdings Ltd.

Ami Goldin

CEO Neto Holdings

Oren Avni, Chief Executive Officer, Neto Melinda Trade, Neto M. E. Holdings Ltd.

Oren Avni

Chief Executive Officer, Neto Melinda Trade


The Neto Group, founded in 1940, is one of Israel's five largest food groups. The Group imports, produces, markets and distributes a range of both kosher and home near food products") ("Palace"), with an annual sales volume of NIS 3.6 billion, of which NIS 1.0 billion, which is generated by Bikorei Ha'Sadeh is not included in the Group's consolidated financial statements. The leading brands of the Group include Neto (super brand), Tibon Veal (meat and meat products), Delidag (fish and fish products), Williger (canned and convenience foods), Three Bakers (frozen baked products), Magic (prepared meals), Bikorei Ha'Sadeh (fresh vegetables and fruit) and RICH'S (whipped cream and dairy products). The main offices, logistic center and some of its plants are located in the Kiryat Malachi Industrial Zone.

Group History:
The Neto Group was established in 1940 by the Late Meir Ezra and began as a meat importer authorized by the Mandatory authorities, during which time the Neto Group worked on developing, acquiring and accessing new fields of activity, as more detailed in the holdings’ structure chart.

The Group’s Main Activities:
Meat (Tibon Veal) – import, purchase of local produce, processing, distribution, and marketing of frozen, chilled, fresh and processed meats.
• Fish (Delidag) – Import, purchase of local produce, processing, distribution and marketing of frozen, fresh, live, and smoked fish.
• Canned and convenience foods (Williger) – production of canned tuna fish and the import of canned fish, vegetables, fruits and grocery products, such as rice and pasta.
• Frozen baked goods (Three Bakers) – production, distribution, and marketing of pizzas, burekas, malawach, jachnun, pasties, etc.
• Prepared meals (Magic) – production, import, distribution, and marketing of prepared meals.
• Fresh fruits and vegetables (Bikurei Ha’Sadeh South) – distribution and marketing of fresh fruits and vegetables through an independent system operating from a separate storage and logistics center located in Timor, near the Group’s center.
• Special Kosher (Milimit) – production, distribution, and marketing of select kosher products for the ultra-orthodox sector.

Additional Activities:
• Import, distribution and marketing of quality cheeses, San Dalfour fruit jams, and RICH whipped creams.
• Distribution and marketing of processed cheeses.
• Marketing and distribution of frozen vegetables (under the Bikurei Ha’Sadeh brand) and canned vegetables (under the Williger brand).
• Distribution and marketing of Halutza premium olive oil.
• Distribution and marketing of Chef Segev products.
• Production, import, and marketing of Palace near food consumer products.
• Production of RICH whipped cream products.

The Group’s Main Industrial Plants:
Tibon Veal – a complex of seven meat and poultry processing plants, that process some 1,450 tons of meat per month. The complex is located in the Kiryat Malachi Industrial Zone and operates under the ISO 9001: 2000 and HACCP quality standards, which certify exports to Europe and the US.
• Williger – a plant for the production of canned tuna, smoked salmon and grocery packaging, which operates in the Kiryat Malachi Industrial Zone and is ISO 9001: 2000 certified.
• Delidag – the plant, which is located in the Beit Sh’ean Industrial Zone, processes farmed fish and imported fish.
• Three Bakers – the production of frozen baked goods.
• Palace – production and marketing of candles, wet wipes, aluminum products, and other disposable plastic utensils.
• Rich – production of whipped cream products.

Marketing and Distribution:
The Group’s main distribution network is based on its employees and serves some 3,800 points of sale throughout the country. The distribution is made using 300 Group trucks according to the transportation conditions required for each product type (freezing, chilled, dry, and fresh). The Group’s main distribution center is located in Kiryat Malachi. In addition, there are specialized distribution centers in Tel Aviv, Jaffa, and Beit Sh’ean. In addition, the Group distributes its products throughout Israel through 25 independent distributors (Van Sale), who own their distribution trucks and purchase their products from the Group and bear the business results of their operations.

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