Namora Building Ltd.

Construction and Management of Residential Construction, Public Building, Trade, and Industrial Projects


Founding Year 2012
Address Bilu Center (Tadmor Building), PO Box 67, Kiryat Ekron - View Map
Phone 08-9153641
Fax 972-8-6582469
Email [email protected]
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Eyad Namora, Chief Executive Officer, Namora Building Ltd.

Eyad Namora

Chief Executive Officer

Nabil Zaro, Partner, Namora Building Ltd.

Nabil Zaro


Issa Shandi, Vice President - Construction, Namora Building Ltd.

Issa Shandi

Vice President - Construction

Arnon Madar, Vice President - Engineering, Namora Building Ltd.

Arnon Madar

Vice President - Engineering

Natalia Haicov, Chief Financial Officer, Namora Building Ltd.

Natalia Haicov

Chief Financial Officer

About Namora Building Ltd.

Namora Building Ltd. has earned a reputation as one of Israel's leading companies in constructing and managing residential, public building, trade, and industrial projects. The Company has been noted for constant growth since being founded in 2012 by Iad Namora, a businessman and a resident of Dura Village. Iad began his career in construction formwork, then specialized in construction logistics, and from there, it was a quick path to opening his own company - Namora Building Ltd. Today, the Company is recognized as one of Israel's largest and most reliable in its field.

Iad Namora, the Founder and CEO, owns 50% of its shares, while the remaining shares are held by Nabil Zaru, Iad’s partner and right-hand man for years. Iad, a resident of Dura Village, is very active in his community. The Company is located in Bilu Center, Kiryat Ekron.

Most of The Namora’s Activity is in the Southern and Lowland Areas
Namora’s “fingerprints” can be found today mainly in Israel’s southern and lowland areas, where the Company is responsible for the construction of more than 1,500 high-standard housing units. Construction sites are located in Kiryat Gat, Modi’in, Beit Shemesh, Be’er Sheva, etc.

Veteran Customers Remain Loyal
Namora Building has been noted for constant growth since its inception. Its customers include large construction companies alongside leading Israeli entrepreneurs. Namora Building enjoys pronounced credibility in its field of activity and proof of this – most of its customers are repeat customers who prefer to return and work with it.
Its customers maintain their trust thanks to the high standard of performance, excellent customer service, and strict adherence to schedules.

A Mixed Staff Contributes to the Company’s Strength
Its skilled human resources, its human capital, is undoubtedly Namora’s most important asset. The Company currently employs about 350 Palestinian workers who bring their rich experience and extensive knowledge in construction, specializing in everything related to skeleton and finishing work.
The Company’s uniqueness is that among its employees and the management team, one can find men and women, Jews and Arabs, who work side by side in complete harmony and a warm atmosphere. Namora Building believes that this reality contributes significantly to its strength and success.

Notable Projects in Israel’s Southern and Lowland Areas:
• “Carmei Gat Community” project – the Company is building a new neighborhood in Carmei Gat, offering 22 residential buildings ground-level and saturated construction, including 364 housing units of 3,4,5-room apartments, cottages, garden apartments, penthouses, and garden-duplexes. The project is expected to be Israel’s national real estate project.
• “ELLA” project in Modi’in – built under the Government’s “Price per Occupant” project. The project includes four tiered buildings of 12-15 floors each, offering 155 housing units with rich specifications, and a mix of 5-room garden apartments, 6-room apartments, and penthouses.
• “Carmei Gat” project – offers 282 housing units in 6 low-rise six floor buildings, two 19-story towers and 4,000 square meters of commercial space. The project is marketed as part of the Government’s “Price per Occupant” project.
• “Beit Shemesh” project is in Beit Shemesh’s “D” neighborhood and offers nine high standard boutique buildings with 177 units. The project is marketed partly under the “Price per Occupant” project and partly to the free market. The project is located in a new neighborhood that will eventually offer 8,000 new housing units and impressive environmental development.
• “Sigaliyot” project in Be’er Sheva – The Company is now finalizing this project, which offers eight residential buildings with a total of 288 housing units. The new Sigaliyot neighborhood in Be’er Sheva is planned to be the Negev’s capital latest and most dynamic.
• “Givat Ha’ahava” project in Rehovot – Namora built a prestigious residential tower with a beautiful and innovative design in the unique Givat Ha’ahava neighborhood of Rehovot. The building has 17 floors, with 50 housing units of 3,4,5 rooms and penthouses with huge balconies. All professionals praise the project for its appearance, construction quality and unique design.
• “Touch” Project in Be’er Sheva – The “Touch” project in Be’er Sheva is a spacious and superbly designed residential complex, where 800 housing units of various sizes are planned to be built, with huge garden apartments and expansive and spectacular duplexes. The Company is working on this project along with other parties and is responsible for the construction of 4 residential buildings offering 143 housing units.
• “M TOWER” in Be’er Sheva – The Company has built a 33-story office and business tower in Be’er Sheva. The tower, one of Israel’s most prestigious and spectacular, is located close by Be’er Sheva’s government complex and was built in accordance with “green building” principles to a modern and international standard.

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