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Moran Meiri, Senior Partner, Matry, Meiri & Co. Law Offices

Moran Meiri

Senior Partner

Ronen Matry, Senior Partner, Matry, Meiri & Co. Law Offices

Ronen Matry

Senior Partner

keren Wacht, Partner, Matry, Meiri & Co. Law Offices

keren Wacht


About Matry, Meiri & Co. Law Offices

Matry, Meiri & Co. is a full service commercial-civil law firm, with expertise in insolvency, corporate law, securities, capital markets, hi-tech, international transactions, banking, real estate, civil and commercial litigation and sports law. With the Firm's highly skilled lawyers, it operates at the highest professional standards, offering its clients the direct, personal involvement of the Firm's partners, alongside high quality, efficient, effective and accessible legal services.


Kitty Brunner

Keren Wacht

Oren Knobel

Ido Levin

Rami Aharon

Dr Eyal Geva

Yossi Ben-Naftali

Raviv Tsifroni

Raz Ben-Dor

Shalom Mathalon

Yael Rubinstein

Insolvency and Banking Department:
For many consecutive years, Matry Meiri & Co. has received the highest rankings from professional rating companies. Headed by Attorney Ronen Matry, one of Israel’s most appreciated attorneys in insolvency and banking, the Firm’s Insolvency Department is involved in a many of the major proceedings conducted in this field in Israel.
The Firm’s Insolvency and Banking Department fields a highly professional, experienced team that provides representation in insolvency proceedings to financial, real estate and construction companies as well as entities engaged in infrastructure, telecom, retail, industrial and hi-tech industries, representing Israel’s leading banks and prominent corporations in large-scale insolvency proceedings involving significant public exposure. The Firm has special expertise in complex creditors’ arrangements incidental to stay of proceedings and mammoth insolvency proceedings addressing international aspects. The Firm also represents banks in debt restructuring arrangements and consults for banks regarding the provision of complex credit.

Real Estate Department:
Headed by Attorneys Ronen Matry and Kitty Brunner, the Firm’s Real Estate Department has gained extensive experience in advising on complex real estate transactions while representing a broad range of clients, including entrepreneurs, sellers and buyers.
Within this framework, the Firm represents institutional investors and leading real estate companies in acquisition and sale transactions of income-producing assets, entrepreneurial companies in residential, commercial, and employment projects, exclusive acquisition groups, and parties to TAMA 38 projects in Tel Aviv and its vicinity, and landowners in diverse transactions. Various professional ratings rank the Firm as a leading real estate law firm.

Commercial Department:
Headed by Attorney Moran Meiri, the Department provides ongoing legal services to Israeli and international public, private, government, and municipal corporations, renders legal advice to boards of directors, corporate services, representation with authorities, etc. The Department represents clients in merger and acquisition transactions, conducts due diligence investigations, engages in drafting agreements, provides legal services to international companies operating in Israel and overseas, and has particular expertise in sports law. The Department’s practical experience combines a high level of professional and legal expertise with a thorough understanding of clients’ business environment.
The Firm’s clientele includes companies from all sectors, including airlines, insurance, Biomed, medical, energy, consulting firms, security, entertainment and recreation, fashion and apparel, media and advertising, press, sports teams and associations, and more.

Hi-Tech Department:
The Department represents Israeli and overseas clients in the hi-tech industry, including founders, corporations, and investors (with particular expertise in venture capital funds). The Department provides legal counsel in various hi-tech fields, including software, internet, semiconductors, biotech, life science, and clean-tech. Attorneys Oren Knobel and Keren Wacht, who jointly head the Department, are considered leading counsels in the field and have extensive experience in representing both parties to acquisition transactions and companies in private and public offerings. The Department’s attorneys are highly proficient in drafting and leading negotiations on complex commercial agreements, including license, distribution, clinical trial agreements, and agreements for the development of certain medicines and medical devices. The Firm is ranked as a prominent leading hi-tech law firm.

Capital Market, Corporate and Securities Department:
Headed by Dr. Eyal Geva, the Department specializes in providing counsel and assistance in private placements and capital issuances on Israeli and overseas stock exchanges. The Department counsels on securities and corporate law, provides ongoing advice to boards of directors and board committees, advises on controlling shareholder transactions and tender offers, drafts officer compensation plans, administrative enforcement programs, and provides representation vis-a-vis the regulators. The Department specializes in complex mergers, splits and reorganizations, investment, sale, and commercial agreements.

Litigation Department:
Headed by Attorneys Raz Ben Dor and Shalom Mathalon, the Department handles all litigation issues and represents Israeli and international clients in courts and arbitrations. The Department is engaged in commercial and securities litigation, corporate power struggles and represents companies, directors, officers, and controlling shareholders in class and derivative actions. The Department has vast experience in labor law and Prohibition of Defamation Law. Among its clients are leading corporations, controlling shareholders and officers of public companies.

Labor Law Department:
Headed by Attorney Yael Rubinstein, the Department specializes in employment law and labor relations and provides ongoing counseling and litigation to local and multinational, private and corporate clients. The Department brings its rich experience to all issues related to complex labor relations, leading collective bargaining, resolving workplace disputes, strikes and stoppages, and execution of collective bargaining agreements.



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