Matzlawi Construction Company Ltd.

Promotion and development of real estate projects (including urban renewal) and income generating properties


Founding Year 1977
Address 1 Moshe Aviv St., Or Yehuda 6037119 - View Map
Phone 03-5384100
Fax 03-5338437
Email [email protected]
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Sami Maslavi, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Owner, Matzlawi Construction Company Ltd.

Sami Maslavi

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Owner

Clara Matzlawi, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Co-Owner – Head of Bank Relations, Matzlawi Construction Company Ltd.

Clara Matzlawi

Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Co-Owner – Head of Bank Relations


Matzlawi Construction Co. Ltd. was established in 1977 by Sami and Clara Matzlawi, and is under their control. The company's activities concentrate on the areas in demand in the center of the country, for the medium-to-high market sectors, and since its founding, has made a mark on the construction and real estate industries in Israel. The company specializes in "Clearance and Construction" (replacement of existing housing with new, enlarged construction) and is the first one in Israel to have completed significant projects in this field. Matzlawi Ltd. employees some of the best architects, engineers and the best-trained teams in all the construction and real estate sectors. The varied and innovative means of production that are owned by Matzlawi Ltd. allow it to be independent in carrying out projects and to keep to the highest standards of quality. Every year, new residential, industrial, commercial and public projects are added to Matzlawi's many success stories. Since 2007, the company has been a public company that is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.