.Maoz Daniel, Construction Contracting Company Ltd

Entrepreneurial, real-estate focused company, active in residential, hotel, industry and commercial construction. The company is also the holder of the "C-5" designation, the industry’s highest recognition for construction work.


Founding Year 1989
Address 11 Moshe Levy St., Rishon Le'Zion - View Map
Phone 03-9525859
Fax 03-9525861
Email [email protected]
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Itamar Malca, Deputy Director-General, .Maoz Daniel, Construction Contracting Company Ltd

Itamar Malca

Deputy Director-General

Daniel Malca, Deputy Director-General, .Maoz Daniel, Construction Contracting Company Ltd

Daniel Malca

Deputy Director-General

Rahel Malca, Founder, Owner, and Co-CEO, .Maoz Daniel, Construction Contracting Company Ltd

Rahel Malca

Founder, Owner, and Co-CEO

Pinhas Malca, Founder, Owner, and Co-CEO, .Maoz Daniel, Construction Contracting Company Ltd

Pinhas Malca

Founder, Owner, and Co-CEO

About .Maoz Daniel, Construction Contracting Company Ltd

Maoz Daniel Construction Contracting Company Ltd. is an entrepreneurial company and construction contractor, is a holder of the highest professional contractor rating in Israel - the "C-5", and is the oldest family-owned company in Israel. The Company was established three decades ago.

Along with the construction of thousands of housing units in Israel over the years, the Company has gained practical experience and skills that have helped it to venture into the field of urban renewal, in all stages. For the past 16 years, the company has been a leader in urban renewal projects and is the first company to have successfully initiated and built the first evacuation-reconstruction project in Ramat Gan – a tower which rises to a height of 30 stories with a total of 104 housing units.
The company is planning the construction of over 2,000 housing units in high demand areas in the center of the country, ranging from boutique-sized building projects of 21 housing units to neighborhoods of 500 housing units. The company has the proven ability to manage the licensing phase and amending the local community building plans while working with the best architects and consultants.
The company’s commitment to the owners of the housing units, stresses cooperation, skill, transparency, and reliability. Building upon the guarantees and collateral that the company is committed to as a condition for executing the project, and the company’s extensive experience in managing complex projects and executing them, the residents are afforded peace of mind. Maoz Daniel holds the ISO 9002 international quality standard, allowing it to execute projects for various Government factors.

The Company’s Motto
“Service, Integrity and Humanism – This Has Been Our Way from Our Earliest of Beginnings”. The company’s reputation has been built on challenging work, service, and reliability in dealing with thousands of buyers over the years. The company’s reputation was not built by different copywriters, but through challenging work with thousands of home buyers, who do not stop flattering the company because of its personal attention, caring, reliability, service, and social and personal connections, and especially the end result.

The Client Center – All Services Under One Roof
The Maoz Daniel company, which focuses on all areas of real estate, is the developer, planner, and most important of all, the builder. Access to the entire real estate chain affords the company full control over all stages of the project. The company decides on the quality, and essentially the best of all qualities, compliance with project and occupancy deadlines. All services and departments are under one roof, and the customer has one address for each request.

The response that the company’s customers receive from the customer service department is a function of the company’s overriding concept of the centrality of the customer and needs satisfaction, from meticulous planning, down to the smallest of details and up to professional workmanship and uncompromising product quality.

The Importance of a Well Established and Experienced Engineering Department
The company’s engineering department is its largest department. The department is always at the forefront of innovative technologies, with experience of over 30 years gained from many projects, professional training, guidance, seminars, knowledge, learning, innovation, and progress. Its managers and employees are careful to keep up to date on innovative construction methods, law, regulations, and the latest standards, at the same time, always upgrading the construction equipment to more advanced and modern equipment. All construction phases are concentrated and controlled by this skilled department – starting with engineering planning, construction planning and licensing, through the construction process itself and up to and including the warranty period, and repairs (if required). Oversight and strict quality control complement each step, using advanced control software, ensuring the final quality of the product, compliance with costs and of course, on time.

The company has an established and experienced engineering setup whose role is to ensure the safety of the site, and that the housing units are built with strict adherence to uncompromising standards.

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